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Chamisa Speaks Out On The Brutal Murder Of A Zimbabwean In SA

Chamisa Speaks Out On The Brutal Murder Of A Zimbabwean In SA

CCC president Nelson Chamisa has condemned the brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi, a 43-year old Zimbabwean father of four who was assaulted and set on fire by vigilantes in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday night.

Posting on Twitter this Friday, Chamisa said there is a need to resolve Zimbabwe’s crises in order to tackle uncontrolled emigration which contributes to Afrophobia. Pindula News publishes Chamisa’s Twitter thread below:

1/4 The brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi is a terrible assault on all human dignity raising the urgent need & necessity of collective leadership to resolve all issues affecting the region. The sanctity of life is debased when violence & Afrophobia become normalised in politics & society.

2/4 We mourn with the family of Elvis Nyathi, who like many compatriots was forced into economic refuge by a tragic failure of leadership in his country and the region. Nyathi was sacrificing to feed his family. He could have stayed in Zimbabwe if circumstances were different.

3/4 The brutal killing of Nyathi reminds us yet again of the need to resolve the human-made governance & leadership crisis in Zimbabwe. Many wouldn’t have to risk their lives in a hostile environment if Zimbabwe was working. Help to resolve the crisis to fix the migration challenge.

4/4 Fixing Zimbabwe’s political crisis will fix Zimbabwe’s economy and will also ultimately fix migration & pressures it brings on our neighbours. Zimbabweans won’t have to subject themselves to the indignities & risks of hostility. Africa is one & indivisible! We can’t be divided!

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mangwani chaiye ndri kuno reguster vhota 1 month ago

ngaapinde haake mukomana

Chiurai 1 month ago

You don't prosper because nyika yachinja mutungamiri or wayambuka kunze.
Ungatoswera uchiti register to vote uri Zac here iwe.
Kubuda kwa anyone out of the country is an individual choice. Zvekuti vhotetai ini mudzoke izvo just a political stunt akutsvagawo kusarudzwa. Don't take advantage to politicize issue yekufa kwemunhu to gain political mileage.
Hatichemei mumwe wedu tidingati Dai zvakanaka Dai tingabude.
People have been working ku SA kubva kare. Madhara ewenera hamuna kuanzwa here People are all over the world and misfortunes happen. Leave Zimbabwe politics out of these killings. M. H. D. S. R. I. E. P.

Chiurai 1 month ago

Well said. You can only change the government uri muno. You will never solve a problem by running away from it. Unoda kuchinjirwa nesu tirimuno. Tikutokwatawo and with the past trends we are tired of doing the same think and getting same results. Read carefully between the lines


So what's your solution to whats happening to our brothers and sisters.People really want to come back and their going and staying in SouthAfrica is not about prosperity or richies kuno kunenzara,vanhu vakutiza nzara caused by corruption and a government that is not willing or not serious about stopping corruption.Changing the government is a better solution that is being offered by our brother,mari yakaenda exactly paikfanirwa kuenda nekuita exactly Zvaikufanirwa kuita zvinobatsira job creation and the business environment will be conducive enough to create sustainable businesses.

1 month ago


VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Iwe mfana iwe wakuda kutora rufu rwemunhu kuisa muhomwe mako ende shuwa haunyare

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

VYBZ haasi wembanje uyu.
Akarohwa nekambwa. 🤣🤣🤣

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Iwewe siya mbanje iwe

forty five 1 month ago

Nyika iyi mongoida henyu bt haaaaaaaa no this is not it ....these pple are evil ungati ndivo vanonyengera satan mazanu such broad daylight....and have you pple noticed kt Zimbabwe inobata maforeigners like eggs bt isu tikaenda kune dzimwe nyika toitwa yese yese.....zvkusvika pakti even in our own country tinosvika pakubatwa junkies with those in power and hu abuse it on us....Tts ndichiti ngaapinde hake for I have 2 good days thinking of how families and marriages have vanished, collapsed and deteriorated the numbers are so escalating, at the same time early marriages prostitution..robberies...that bond yaiitwa kudhara hakuchina pple are hustling muzvi *R* imomu....couples staying away (distanced) for more than 1yr be it new married or difference....the madalas are still working pension funds acho akadhakwa...kufa uchishanda sewachi.....we need our bread basket of Africa back....hatingaoneri life kunext door not this time....we are putting to much effort for our sustainability....if this effort was to be put on a well economy Zimbabwe would be far away developed and with plenty of riches *Canaan* milk and honey
Right now munhu ane degree reA/C ari padoor reZupco apa haasi kubhadharwa inokwana
Inflation is sky rocketing and you think printing new notes will solve we saw this in 07/08 it won't work actually you are catalysing inflation
Civil servant is going for side hustle vamwe arikumakomba muri ikuda kunodya
You pple took power wen evrything was in place and running bt ryt now mvura chaiyo toudza zvemaborehole are you for real 🤔
...olk fine lets say what you are saying is true which we know it's not of giving free education be it at watever stage...then what, right now with the number yekadzidza plus yacho ye free motiitisei zvimwe muchiti totamba
With the looting tts done in Zimbabwe as compared to the population..munhu wese anokwanisa kuva ne1million USD then the rest modya henyu bt problem they don't have pple at heart
So tikutsvirei 1 haisi tea,2.haina sugar, 3.kkupisa ft motipfekedzajuzi plus machira pmsoro *HAIKONA*
*sikuka mwana wezimbabwe, sukhuma t'ana wasekhaya, let all stand up Zimbabwe...*
New baby born 🐣🐥
Yellow nation


Jinx 1 month ago

Well said

😭😭😭😭😭 1 month ago

It's because of us Desperately
Who's Who in ZANUPF 💪

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

For a long time now Old People's Home has been denying that we have a crisis in ZIMBABWE. At one time South Africa sent a delegation to deliberate on the subject. The delegation was ignored and sent back packing with the massage that there was no crisis in ZIMBABWE. Let us vote wisely at Harmonised Elections in 2023 or suffer continues.

ChiMsoro 1 month ago

Zanu yodya vana vayo vari kutsvaka raramo mumasamgo ne udyire... Make Zimbabwe great again u zanoids and we wont hv such situations

👽 1 month ago


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