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Chamisa Speaks Out On The Brutal Murder Of A Zimbabwean In SA

Chamisa Speaks Out On The Brutal Murder Of A Zimbabwean In SA

CCC president Nelson Chamisa has condemned the brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi, a 43-year old Zimbabwean father of four who was assaulted and set on fire by vigilantes in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday night.

Posting on Twitter this Friday, Chamisa said there is a need to resolve Zimbabwe’s crises in order to tackle uncontrolled emigration which contributes to Afrophobia. Pindula News publishes Chamisa’s Twitter thread below:

1/4 The brutal murder of Elvis Nyathi is a terrible assault on all human dignity raising the urgent need & necessity of collective leadership to resolve all issues affecting the region. The sanctity of life is debased when violence & Afrophobia become normalised in politics & society.

2/4 We mourn with the family of Elvis Nyathi, who like many compatriots was forced into economic refuge by a tragic failure of leadership in his country and the region. Nyathi was sacrificing to feed his family. He could have stayed in Zimbabwe if circumstances were different.

3/4 The brutal killing of Nyathi reminds us yet again of the need to resolve the human-made governance & leadership crisis in Zimbabwe. Many wouldn’t have to risk their lives in a hostile environment if Zimbabwe was working. Help to resolve the crisis to fix the migration challenge.

4/4 Fixing Zimbabwe’s political crisis will fix Zimbabwe’s economy and will also ultimately fix migration & pressures it brings on our neighbours. Zimbabweans won’t have to subject themselves to the indignities & risks of hostility. Africa is one & indivisible! We can’t be divided!

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