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Chamisa Sends Christmas Hampers To Job Sikhala's Family

Chamisa Sends Christmas Hampers To Job Sikhala's Family

Citizens’ Coalition for Change’s “Change Champion in Chief” Nelson Chamisa on Friday handed out food packages to underprivileged people as well as jailed Zengeza West Job Sikhala’s family and the “Nyatsime 16”.

According to Gift “Ostallos” Siziba, the party’s deputy spokesperson, the food hampers were proceeds of the 2022 Presidential Charity dinner. He posted on Twitter:

Today President Chamisa handed over food hampers to the less privileged, people living with disabilities, and the elderly.

These are the proceeds of the 2022 Presidential Charity dinner which was held last week.

The Presidency does this as a gesture of love and solidarity.

… Today President @nelsonchamisa sent Christmas hampers to Hon Job Sikhala family and the Nyatsime 16.

We spent our day with these progressive Citizens as part of our practice of solidarity.

Thank you, Zimbabwe for the love and support. One day we shall be free. Together we can!

Chamisa also confirmed the development via his Twitter account. He wrote:

Christmas time is about loving, giving and sharing. We had such a special and wonderful time today as we distributed hampers to the elderly and deserving in society.

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Machiavelli 1 month ago

Do not lie to get political mileage. It is well known that you do not care about the well being of Hon Sikhala that is why we are leaving you and going back to the revolutionary party. You can Twitter all you like but you will never ever see the or smell the inside of statehouse.

Blue💙 1 month ago

Nero was born on Halloween, Mnangagwa was born on Christmas. What does this mean? One is a scarecrow the other is the saviour.
Vote Zanu PF

Zuze 1 month ago

This is controversial I'm now switching to Zanu Pf Academics4ED. No one in his right state of mind will vote for Chamisa it is suicide. I'm sick and tired of supporting a party of weaklings who constantly lie and complain. They have also abandoned Job Sikhala not a single day did Chamisa go and visit him, only to lie that he was refused access to see him. Now he is lying that he provided food hampers for the Sikhala family. As a lawyer as by profession why is he not representing Sikhala maybe it's also a lie that he is a lawyer as well.

Shop assistance for ED 1 month ago

Sad u choose to believe your own lies

1 month ago

He won't feel the smell of your vote not the china owned state house 😂😂😂 you don't decide that the citizens decide that

comrade 1 month ago

welcome to Citizens 4ED

5 1 month ago

chamisa is my President

pk 1 month ago

now the family is waiting for easter humper. plus mukadzi akudawo service


Tintin 1 month ago

merry christmas to all pindulians

$babez 1 month ago


lincoln kids 1 month ago

Merry Christmas to you 2 my most favorite commenter.thanx for the jokes throughout the year.God bless u

bhidzo 1 month ago

thanks kkk I will never forget your comment on the zrp article on the sapo games 🤣🤣🤣

ffxiv 1 month ago


The Analyst 1 month ago

Machiavelli, Zuze and Blue...this is one person using different names so as to make people believe that its different people with the same line of thinking

Jeremiah Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Thanx Nero, for yr thoughtfulness.
May the Good Lord bless yr kind ❤️.

ABCD 1 month ago

Job has 16 kids that need feeding, but he behaves like a spoilt child and getting himself arrested and it's bad . job needs to think about his kids who need feeding and concentrate on being a lawyer

Dofo 1 month ago

Presidential dinner kkk same na ED wema presidential bonus, presidential inputs vanhu ve politics so,,,by the way Sikhala haasati apuhwa 40k yake here

pk 1 month ago

40k being given in alphabetical order. tachangobva pana B for biti saka S achiri kure

Major 1 month ago

If you gave genuinely, Why then do you publish this CHAMISA... Wa feeder mhuri yaSikhala who should rather be protesting for his release... You haven't fed the nation.

The Sikhala case will turn. Against you soon or later your own Cdes will turn against to follow Sikhala which is the Goal of Zanu... Internal warfare always brings down the house.... Itai....
You are. No better than Zanu, MDC and hooligans.....

This country should never be led by anyone Campaigning right now... You are all the same, it's better we become a Free state with a new blood stream that has never been involved in your chases Zanu, MDC and Chinhu Chiya Chafa

Everything you do is trying to get attention.....
Sikhala is rotting In jail and you are busy sending a dish of Mazowe and Sunlight liquid.... Get away mhani Kiti dzevanhu

ndiwe wega 1 month ago

@zuze and michiaveli..ndimi mega murikuda zanu musabatanidza vamusingazivi...change is inevitable..

my 1 month ago

itawoka president kwete kuitirwao nevamwe

1 month ago


Lee 1 month ago

Thanks my president nehelp yenyu

1 month ago

Ma supporters echi part chinopa vanhu rwu T shirt rwune face yeumwe mdara so yemahara then vozadzwa murori votengerwa masuper vofamba location yese vachiita noise apa hapana kana dhiri rekutsvaga Mari rozikamwa chirombe chete apa wonzwa achiti pamberi ne.... Nekuda kwe super iroro 1 rawatengerwa apa chiona nharo dzavainadzo.

Bob 1 month ago

Well done Mr President

Lady t 1 month ago

Ko cde vanogovera macup etwumbeu potse unotwushaya .chamisa udzawo macounilor kungopinda matotanga saka change iri papi

@Chamisa 1 month ago

May God bless you , you have a heart


While citizens want policies which are progressive, ZANU PF is busy plunging people back into Rhodesia Front [RF] policies which people fought gallantry to free themselves from.

Today Zimbabwe is busy gazetting PVO and Patriotic Bill which are more draconian than the Ian Smith's [Law And Order].

New Presidents like Hakainde Hichilema is introducing progressive laws in Zambia. Zambians can now discuss about bad and good things about their President. This is different from Zimbabwe where citizens are required to say good things about His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa all the time.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

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