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Chamisa-led CCC Fields Double Candidates In Bulawayo

Chamisa-led CCC Fields Double Candidates In Bulawayo

The newly-formed Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa on Wednesday submitted double candidates to stand in at least two municipal by-elections in Bulawayo, exposing differences in the party’s top echelons.

The four candidates were accepted by the nomination court sitting in Bulawayo in Wards 9 and 26 ahead of the by-elections set for March 26.

Norman Hlabani, who was a councillor for ward 26 before being recalled by the MDC-T, successfully filed his papers but Mpumelelo Moyo was also accepted.

In ward 9, Donaldson Mabutho – recalled as councillor in September 2020 – was accepted as a candidate for the CCC as was Bekithemba Nyathi.

Hlabani and Mabutho had their paperwork signed by the party’s deputy national chairman Job Sikhala and secretary-general Charlton Hwende, while vice president Professor Welshman Ncube and Siphiwe Ncube reportedly approved Moyo and Nyathi.

While Hwende said he was “trying to find out exactly what happened,” Professor Ncube said:

The question you should ask is: who signed for the candidate who was overwhelmingly rejected by the people? It wasn’t me. You keep asking the wrong question.

Hlabani claimed there was an uneasy “power-sharing” arrangement in the party which was causing confusion.

Hlabani said he was concerned that the development will affect the party leadership’s chances of succeeding in elections.

Mabutho, meanwhile, accused Professor Ncube of saying he signed for the other candidates when Hwende and Sikhala had sigh=ned for the other two.

The CCC did not hold primary elections. Instead, the party’s leadership came up with a new mechanism where candidates are selected through “stakeholder engagement.” Candidates who held the seats before their recalls, meanwhile, felt they deserved another shot to reclaim the seats – creating conflict with the new candidate selection process.

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Beasty boy 5 months ago

There are 16 official languages in Zimbabwe, but some monkeys only speak 1 mostly the Shona and the Ndebele people.These are the same frogs who want to rule other dogs,as for me i will vote for a Cat who is able to speak many lingos..And you Donkeys who are commenting on your mother tongue,don't colonize this platform you tortoise.Stupid Ostriches who think they are Eagles,nxaa lambs who think they can kill the crocodile.They will go bananas,don't get me wrong.Im not ugly like Panganai Jwavha..I only speak the truth to the Paw Paws!Funny pigs.

Tinaye Chirimo 5 months ago

Ngaapinde zvake mukomana we are waiting


mufakosi 5 months ago

Nyaya iyoyi inondibata musangano taita mabutho pple they said havachamuda but National mushure tavapa mazita tamirira maprimary mangwana kumuka vakudzosera munhu akurambwa neward 9 zvichireva kuti havachatrisa zvido zvevanhu apa kuudzwa zvokunzvimbo yenyu nemunhu anogara ha rare zvakatibata
Ngapinde hake mukomana asi pane zvakawanda zvoda kuitwa nokuti kauori kapo

Munhumutapa 5 months ago

2022 March ccc, 2022 June ccc biti, 2022 October ccc ncube, 2023 February ccc sikala.hahahahaha chinhu chakaora chisati chabikwa ichi.Munhumutapa

Ediot 5 months ago

Ramai vako ndoorakaira iwe Mbwamutapa

, 5 months ago

CHINHU cheyellow chakaora

Hameno 5 months ago

Chinhu cheyellow ndochinonaka

Ben10 5 months ago

I said it pazvakatanga zve3c. Hakunaa kuri kuendwa bato iri harisi 1 rakazaraa vakuru vemapato akasiyana siyana saka umwe neumwe ane mutemo waanoda... If thatbl chamisa achida kuenda kumberi ngabvise jobho, biti, mahere, nawelshman type yevanhu vakadaroo ndovachamuurairaa 3c.. ukashanda nevanhu vasingakukudze zvonetsaa.. plus chamisa ngaashande nenandebele mushe haatonge Harare chete akaita zvekutambaa zvakataurwaa najava ichokwadi

Fman 5 months ago

The party is in the right direction only some few leaders needs to be fired before 2023

Even pasina kuitwa primary elections between those two candidates who have been fielded vanhu vachasarudza wavanoda according to voting criteria

Zanu pf supporters you are not even knowing what criteria CCC is using , during your primary elections we noticed fights ,acts of debauchery which l feel like the signs of a debilitating party ,in zanu pf they never come to a unanimous extend on how to handle their natural fights

Zanu pf never have peace and tranquility at all

Munhu waShe 5 months ago

Maitiro ayo ane chekuita neZanu ndomapindiro ayo kubato .Chavarikuda kuparadza musangano .Asi hazvichagona kunyange vakaita zvipi hazvichashanda nyika yatarisira shanduko.Akazodzwa vanomuziva mukomana weshanduko.

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Zvatodhakwa zvisati zvatanga Chakaora Chinhu Chiya will suffer a premature death✊✊✊✊

Hameno 5 months ago

Ngirozi dzaSatan kure nesu ngapinde zvake mkomana

Mephistophles 5 months ago

@Cde Zacharias Zvabhenda, I respectfully differ with your opinion on the basis of the following premises:

1)- It is too early for the CCC to show discord and disharmony over trivial matters such as candidate selection. It seems there is disdain for orders and disregard of the topmost leadership. Remember a resolution was passed to retain recalled MPs and Councillors as candidates as a show of solidarity and gratitude for their loyalty to NHM Chamisa.

2)- Multiple candidates are used to justify electoral theft. The excuse being that votes were split and divided amongst the numerous candidates from the same party. What ZPF & ZEC need is a simple excuse to defend electoral theft. Why give them any???

3)- The party leadership must keep their word. The recalled MPs & Councillors were promised uncontested candidacy in the by elections. Why should they be punished for for their loyalty after they risked everything for Murumbwana Chamisa???

4)- The recalled MPs and Counsellors have LEGITIMATE EXPECTATION based on the promises they were given to the effect that they would be uncontested. Legitimate expectation can be a basis for legal proceedings by any aggrieved party who feels that a promise was not honoured. We dont need anymore court battles.

Cde Zacharia Zvabhenda 5 months ago

The fielding of double candidates is a huge advantage for our party - CCC. Assuming one candidate was successfully nominated today and eventually dies before the election day in March 2022, the party could potentially go into the election without a candidate - much to the delight of our opponents !! I think the fielding of double candidates in elections brings along an "effective hedge" against unexpected things such as death of a candidate before the election day. I remember vividly (in 2018), MDC Alliance - the predecessor to CCC party - had two or more candidates contesting in certain wards. I am pleased to let you know that the MDC Alliance candidates trounced (kusvasvanga) their opponents hands down despite fielding multiple candidates. Our candidates came out 1st, 2nd, etc, in those ward elections. In fact, elections at any level is just a walk in the park for CCC party !! Fellow Citizens, don't worry about vote splitting associated with multiple candidates because we're the Citizens, we decide the vote through numbers - nekuwanda wedu !!

Mephistophles 5 months ago

Welshman NCUBE & Siphiwe NCUBE. Two Ncube's - are they related? Anyway, I never trusted Welshman since he broke ranks with Tsvangirai and divided the MDC Vote in 2005 & 2008. Now he is dividing the vote again in the freshly minted CCC Party. And if I may ask, is the CCC a single unitary political party or is it still a coalition of different parties that were in the previous MDC Alliance. I ask bcoz I haven't heard any of the principals renounce leadership of their previous political parties. I haven't heard any principal publicly dissolve their previous political parties in favour of CCC. If the PDP, MDC Ncube, MDC 99 et al remain intact then will this not cause fissures down the line over candidates selection and allocation of constituencies and wards?

YellowIsEverywhere 5 months ago

Zanu disappoints us





Thokozile Nyathi 5 months ago

Mpumelelo Moyo and Bekithemba Nyathi should STEP DOWN

WaveOfChange 5 months ago

Yah asifuni abantu aba confused,

MISHYTHERED 5 months ago

CCC kuzvambura vanhu 2023 apoo ndoisa bet Chamisa NELSON aruzotonga Zimbabwe uyoo...Ndini MISHYTHERED paChipinge ndadaro kana mune nharo huyayi ndogara pazasi apooo priii CCC PFEEE🖕

Mujumba 5 months ago

Saka Zanu yakarongeka papi arikudiwa nevanhu trikumuziva

Mai Tee 5 months ago

This should not be open for debate because its just straight forward: Let the recalled candidates claim their seats,I Executive ingadlali ngathi like they did in 2018 Where the party fielded 2 candidates per constituency, akudlalwa lapha kufunakala amaVotes

WaveOfChange 5 months ago


MBAngwa 5 months ago

Kupinda paiko? Mukai mubike doro

Purse 5 months ago

Ngapinde zvake mkomana taneta nekunyautswa nemi Ana my fellow Zimbabweans

MBAngwa 5 months ago

Madofo enyu atanga kusarongeka yatopindira ZANU pakaPARTY kakatanga zuro Uno . In 6mnths to come Ccc1,CCC2 neCCC3

Hameno 5 months ago

Ndozvinoita dofo harioni chakanaka ngapinde zvake mkomana

Nyore 5 months ago

Mukomana ngapinde..yebo yellow yebo Zimbabwe..ccc God bless🔥🔥🔥

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