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Chamisa Castigates Government Over Free Home Solar Energy Systems For Top Officials

Chamisa Castigates Government Over Free Home Solar Energy Systems For Top Officials

The Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC)’s so-called Change Champion in Chief, Nelson Chamisa, has condemned the government’s decision to provide free home solar energy systems for top officials funded by taxpayers.

Speaking during an interview with on Sunday, Chamisa accused the country’s current crop of leaders is self-serving.

On Sunday, a local private weekly publication reported that at least 100 top government officials, including service chiefs, are having solar panels installed at their homes at the taxpayers’ expense to cushion them and their families from the inconveniences of rolling electricity outages.

Responding to the development, Chamisa said that it is the nature of bad leaders to have wrong priorities. Said Chamisa:

The current leadership has a mindset problem. It is self-centered and very primitive.

Such priorities are similar to those of a goat which simply chooses to eat where it is tethered.

Leaders must avail public goods and services for the people. Once you start arranging privileges for yourself. You will not see the problems around.

The reality is that our country is in deep problems economically, politically and socially.

The country needs a radical transformation, a reformation of manners and a value reset upon a moral revolution. Leadership is about ethics, public service, integrity, accountability and responsibility.

Wrong leadership always has wrong priorities. You cannot expect good priorities from bad leaders.

Leadership is about values. It is a matrix of ethics, integrity and morals. I don’t blame the tail or the senior civil servants.

The head leads. The tone is set at the top. We can’t blame the tail for a dysfunctional head. Leaders must be accountable.

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Vote Chamisa 1 month ago

The only man to solve your problems. Loadshedding will be a thing of the past

Maparamuro 1 month ago

His MPs who will be the ministers have been heavily compromised so dream on

ED 1 month ago

haahwine uyoo.ndakapedza masports kare

handei tinotsvaga huni takanyarara 1 month ago

hatidi muyedzo

Nahoreka 1 month ago

These are the problems of having regimes in power instead of democratically elected governments. Regimes always and inevitably brings problems and sufferings to the populace. Taifanirwa kudai tisina kupemberera kubvutwa kwakaitwa masimba navaMnangagwa kubva kuna vaMgabe. Munangagwa grabbed power illegally. After successfully grabbing power, Mnangagwa went on to steal again the 2018 poll, killing about 6 civilians in one day. Now that mnangagwa is in power, what else can we expect from a very unpopular mafia leader who is now leading us? We are to expect nothing other than corruption, violence, incompetence and abductions bcoz this regime is never for the people, it installed itself on us and it has no business working for the people..

1 month ago

We need change Im pretty sure change is inevitable.
We want a government that will have public interest on their hearts. We want to be heard.
We want promises with action not fake promises.

Hercules 1 month ago

It's an insult to the people of Zimbabwe. Tht the gvt is rewarding policy makers who are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in. How about millions of taxpayers who also happen to be registered voters. The people who can afford those solar kits are getting them for free. A gvt tht rewards failure. If those policymakers were so good at wht they do they d have rectified this crisis. Why reward mediocrity. ZESA has the capacity to produce plus minus 2500 MW but because the gvt interferes with its operations and pricing model it will never do so. Is it sustainable tht a unit of electricity costs 7 cents? Of course not considering tht money must be paid to get tht unit.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

The taxpayers have only themselves to blame for voting selfish people into office. Come 2023 the MPs who have pocketed $40k loans will be voted back in office

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Zesa is owed billions by gvt and top gvt officials, if everyone paid for the power they use Zesa would make huge profits from the current tarrifs. Zesa employees don't pay for power and have no limits to what they uses, they are rarely affected by these blackouts. In short its poor management that is affecting Zesa. They prioritise top of the range vehicles for top officials instead of upgrading the systems. A range rover cannot be used for maintenance of infrastructure yet Zesa has lots of these

BulletproofCar4Nero 1 month ago

So why didnt you redirect the people who were fundraising for your bulletproof car.You could have asked that the money be channeled to projects which help help the masses.

Dira wekwaJecha 1 month ago

Dear shallow minded...such is the responsibility of those in government who have access to public funds not the CCC.dont just comment for the sake of commending hauzive chnhu

Ethics 1 month ago

@ Dira wekwa Jecha
Ethical leadership is a must whether you are in government or not.

thrasher 1 month ago

do you know how much a bullet proof cars costs asi you think it's millions. That doesn't matter anywhere Chamisa could have burnt that money and I still wouldn't care.Maybe his using it for the 2023 elections who knows the money was for him it was not tax.

Ethics 1 month ago

@ thrasher : We are going nowhere fast with this type of thinking.You honestly think ethical leadership is only required when you are handling millions??

Dear @Ethics. 1 month ago

It does not work like that .To say that NC shud use donated funds towards something which is a responsibility of the goverment is a clear sign yokut munehusimbe hwekufunga apa mari dzake makapa Douglas mBonyora na Khupe.. Chaora Chnhu ichi.ZANU PF must be held accountable of whatever problem is bedeviling the masses.

Fred 1 month ago

@Bulletproof car4Nero you clearly dnt understand politics the money donated to Chamisa has nothing to do with taxpayers. You are making an excuse for people who abused taxpayers moneys. We can't account for something tht was donated. Whether the repicient bought wht is none of our business. Here we are talking about Billions of taxpayers money.


Maparamuro 1 month ago

Give me $40k loan today and I will install a very good solar system that will take me off the grid forever and even have lots of change.
MPs who got the loans will never oppose Idhi as he moves to cushion his people from the rolling blackouts because they too have been cushioned.
Nhamo ndeyedu isu ma taxpayer hatina anotimirira mu parliament. These people are only serving their own interests.

sickman 1 month ago

Mari dzakapiwa ministers,mps,generals,mwonzora (500k) it's golden handshake or parachute package for five years of destroying economy haisi loan iyezvino voisirwa free solar Mai nhiya makangoti vavava

E...D 1 month ago

tione ukazoenda kuConcourt ukahwinha, , , ndakapedza kare maelections , , , , , waitaa pwere iweee nyikaa ndeyangu iyiiii , , mota ndakavapa maD4D ndakuvaisiraa , , , , loan ndakavapaa maUs ndakapedzaa Nikuvu

handei tinotsvaga huni takanyarara 1 month ago

hatidi muyedzo

IGwee 1 month ago

@ Bulletproof car for Nero .cde bulletproof car yaNero inei nehurumende iripo irikukundika zviripachena .Maida Mari yebullet proof ka iende kupi ndiye aita Sei

MuSabatha(SDA) 1 month ago

Sometimes i feel sorry for Nero. He is fighting a near lone battle. Most of his so called leautenants are just pretenders who do not hesitate to abandon the masses whenever a chance arrises. We the masses need to up our game and know that we are essentially on our own. We shud make sure that we hold this regime to account for the sufferings we are going through as a natione..

patriot 1 month ago

ndiyo Africa yacho iyoyo

1 month ago

Currently the decisions that are being made by Zanu pf are those pple without hope of 2winning 2023 elections. Zuro vakapanana ma 500 000, mota to top officials and now ma solar obviously ndoaya ema 30 plus thousand anoita zvese chero muwinter apa vana gogo nana sekuru kwamuzarabani varikushaya kana paracetamol muchipatara.

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