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Chamisa Barred From Visiting Jailed Job Sikhala And Other CCC Activists

Chamisa Barred From Visiting Jailed Job Sikhala And Other CCC Activists

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa was Monday denied entry into Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison where he sought to visit jailed Members of Parliament, Job Sikhala, and Godfrey Sithole, and 13 other party activists.

The CCC lawmakers were arrested a month ago on allegations of inciting public violence which erupted in Nyatsime in the funeral wake of slain CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba said Chamisa was made to wait for three hours before being told that he is a high-profile political leader he was supposed to seek clearance first from the police.

Siziba said they were going to meet police commissioner general Godwin Matanga for a way forward. He said:

This behaviour by ZANU PF of trying to employ the prisons to act in a manner that is unprofessional and unpartisan is barbaric, inhumane, illegal, and uncalled for because we are Zimbabwean citizens and Zanu PF has no monopoly over the infrastructure of the state.

We must be able to have access to our champions who are in prison, they are there because they are victims of state sponsored and Zanu PF engineered charges.

Tomorrow we are going to meet with the commissioner general of the police to find out this new procedure that is illegal and not in the law about how Chamisa is going to access prisoners.

Meanwhile, the CCC spokesperson Fadzai Mahere told eNCA, a South African broadcaster that the arrest and continued detention of party activists was concerning especially considering that three of the 14 who were arrested had actually their homes burnt. She added:

Instead of the perpetrators of that arson being arrested, they are the ones being dragged to court. Two of them are just lorry drivers who were caught in the crossfire of this crackdown by the regime against opposition as if it’s a crime to be CCC and our organisation has been banned.

Sikhala and others have been denied bail and remain incarcerated at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison, now viewed in some quarters as a symbol of opposition leaders’ ‘persecution by prosecution’ by Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU PF government.

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Inspector Gadget 2 weeks ago

Whoever is instructing the prison wardens ,
is blind to the negative effects of his objectives as regards Zim's international relations .
The gaffe smells of bad bad publicity!
But who cares?
We died for this country!

mama Bee 2 weeks ago

regai muchitambiriswa mari isingatenge nekuti renyu basa ramakaforera hamusi kuita

Tozivepiko 2 weeks ago

Now guys is there any difference between Smith's Regime and the Coup Regime's behaviour of punishing political opponents with the help of compromised judiciary

job Sikhala 2 weeks ago

mutevereka Smith wacho kuBrirain kwete kuswerotinyangadza uchimisa zvimasvada zvako zvakasvava

Ghost protocol 2 weeks ago

Ian Smith was gud better than rapists he never raped .Aivaka .His money had real value yawanikwa nemunhu wese kwete ma coin Ayo .

Ghost protocol 2 weeks ago

We need not to fear stand tall ,rise above all Zanupf will never rule again .The end is here.Zambia style is here.Bhora musango team 2008 is here toona kueiku endwa ndopika nababa vangu .Handei tiwone kunotora chete Gore rino .Hamuhwini chero mvura ikanaya uchibva pasi ichienda kudenga tiripo .Hazviiti .Ooooooo

Ghost protocol 2 weeks ago

Viva change ,Viva Wiwa ,Wiwa forever .

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

I'm vakai majeri enyu muone vanhu venyu madiro ajojina. Follow protocol kuita president weka party hazvirevi wawenyika wakafana nechero munhu abva kwamupinyi wasvotoka



What is happening now in Zimbabwe boggles my mind. Since when have we had this law which requires that a high profile political leader must be cleared by the Commissioner of Police first to see a detained accused ?

Government laws are passed in parliament for all the people irespective of social standing in society.

There is no law for the elites, the down trodden, the poor or the rich.




Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

ti 2 weeks ago

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Job Sikhala 2 weeks ago

mwana wembwa unotiona sebank kwainowanikwa kubank haukuzivi

Kativhu 2 weeks ago

Endai unofa BHARANZI

GWEDU 2 weeks ago


ME MYSELF 2 weeks ago

I can't even have the correct words to describe the happenings in this poorest country

Ghost protocol 2 weeks ago

ko rape inobvumirwa here?????

job Sikhala 2 weeks ago

imbwa yemunhu bvunza mai vako

Farai 2 weeks ago

this government is taking law in to their hands

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

The basic tenet of Law is that you are Innocent until proven guilty. What we see in Job Sikhala's case is travesty of justice. Bastardisation of the judicial process. First and foremost only murderers are denied bail. Even Ndabaningi Sithole, Edgar Tekere, Morgan Tsvangirai who were charged with higher crimes of treason were accorded bail.

Sadly for Wiwa, 70 arrests and charges with no convictions. Now that's persecution not prosecution. To be denied bail on frivolous charges of inciting public violence is the pits.

The only consolation is that the sitting regime is digging its own grave, creating a mass of protest votes against itself. Now more than ever the international community, seeing travesty is now offering free legal representation. A first in this country. Previous international legal representation was paid for by the accused.

When the country gets isolated please don't cry foul. Wiwa, we are with you in spirit. We can't even present our moral support in person because your comrades are not allowed to visit you.

Wiwa, of the Indomitable Spirit, fight on.
To Mobby, I say, Famba Mobby Famba.

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

@VYBZ Ketero, you are entitled to your theories, but I notice you are impervious to reason and correction. Like I always say, it's your Constitutional Right to be STUPÌD

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

If he was genuine he should have razed a stick long time ago. Unfortunately he is being used as a political gimmick by Nero

Machiavelli 2 weeks ago

Is there a prescribed time frame to visit incarcerated or hospitalized people for that matter?

Are you aware that The Champion in Chief was at Wiwa's first bail hearing?
@VYBZ Ketero do not insult our camaraderie. Do yo know who has instrumental in getting legal representation for Wiwa while he was held incommunicado? Remember that even his wife wasn't allowed to bring him food.

We know you political affiliations @VYBZ Ketero, so don't judge us by your standards

VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

He is only going to see him now. What prevented him from doing it earlier. Not saying that he must rot in prison but your leader shows a little slowness in action.

Job Sikhala 2 weeks ago

chamisa unouya kuno kuzodii gara ikoko hausat warongeka iwe urikundikuvadzisa kuno kujeri gara kumba kwako

c 2 weeks ago

CCC real change

Ginimbi 2 weeks ago

Zim is a blessed country. A lot of minerals and resources are essential to the success of the country. Government yeZanu problem is they don't think. In our neighborhood they was this Zanu PF supporter pakarwara mwana wake akaita 6 days asina kana help ku Hospital ma nurse achiti we are incapacitated. He was forced to sell 3 mombe aendese mwana kaprivate doctor. Izvezvi arikuimba kuti vapfana register to Vote Nyika yaparara iyi

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