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Chamisa Asks Fellow Africans To "Support Zimbabweans In These Trying Times" - Chamisa

Chamisa Asks Fellow Africans To

Nelson Chamisa who leads the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has pleaded with fellow Africans in South Africa to support Zimbabweans “in these trying times.”

Chamisa, a former Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services during the Government of National Unity (GNU) speaks as some South African officials are expressing frustration over the presence of Zimbabweans in that country.

Most recently, Dr Phophi Ramathuba, the Member of the Executive (MEC) of Health for Limpopo Province, was captured on camera refusing to discharge a Zimbabwean patient over an outstanding bill. She also told her that Zimbabwe should get medical treatment in Zimbabwe, a statement which has sparked controversy.

In a Twitter message seen by Pindula News, Chamisa promised that the Zimbabwean crisis was coming to an end in about a year’s time. He said:

Fellow Africans in South Africa, we note your frustrations and economic constraints. I kindly ask for your support to Zimbabweans in these trying times. Help us as we do our best to fix Zimbabwe for a prosperous future. In less than 400 days our fights will be a thing of the past.

We need free and fair elections to permanently resolve our politics and the economy. Many are not in your country out of mischief but on account of poor leadership, bad governance and deadening poverty. Zimbabweans mean no harm to you. After all, we are decent and great neighbours.

Responding to Chamisa’s post, a South African politician, Mmusi Maimane who formerly led the Democratic Alliance (DA) said the ruling ZANU PF was the source of the socio-economic and political crises in Zimbabwe. He said: 

The cause of the crisis in Zimbabwe is known, it is the repressive regime led by @edmnangagwa. The role of the SADC region will be to ensure a free and fair election season, election day and count. South Africa and other SADC countries cannot afford to subsidize Zanu anymore.

There are estimated to be between 800 000 and 3 million Zimbabweans in South Africa. Zimbabweans migrated to the neighbouring country following the collapse of the economy two decades ago. The decline was mainly attributed to corruption by political elites.

Pindula News

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Gafa 3 months ago

That Thabo Mbeki is a culprit in this Zimbabwe fiasco he accomodated Mugabe wen he Lost elections to Tsvangirai.That was the only golden chance waited Mnangangwa lost to Chamisa what else election are we hoping for.SADC is there to protect their fellow thugs in power who is not aware of that.

3 months ago

800 000 to 3 million people inumber yakakurisa chaizvo iyoyo,vakadzoka tikabatirana zvofamba.nguva ichiripo iyi ngavauye tivhote

ZEC dont deny them a chance to vote 3 months ago

ZEC might come up with a strategy to deny the returnees a chance to register. Remember ZEC plays in ZANU s corner

clueless 3 months ago

you know what guy's that's the way politics work's do not follow what they really talk or think they don't change your lives but they will change they're life & reach there goas. yes they mite change little things to convince you to support them so on my on opinion this political parties and politions are destroying you bcse nyika vanhu ngatibatanei kwete kuswera tichirovana tichiroverana vanhu varimudzimba dzavo huyai tivake nyika isina politics

stray dog 3 months ago

nyora **** yako neshona, engrish yako iri kunzwisa husimbe iyi ah😈

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

@Clueless you are very clueless. Inowanikepi nyika isina politics nxaaa

Zviroto Chapter 1 3 months ago

Pa 400 days everything will be sorted out in Zimbabwe.Hospitals will be fully functional, nurses teachers and other civil servants will be well remunerated.Industries will reopen so there will be no need for Zimbabweans to go to South Africa.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Confused verse 1 Ipapo unoona rimwe zimunhu richitadza kunzwisisa kuti zvorehwa kuti pa400 days tinenge tatopinda pama election. Kana achinge aitwa free and fair mukomana apinda zvinhu zvinonaka within short period of time. Simpu


Citizens must understand where @Mmusi Maimane is coming from. He is bringing in a supportive spirit of all opposition political parties which is dislike of ZANU PF.

He has hit the nail on the head. The real culprits are ZANU PF and its government. Most ZANU PF Politicians are full to the bream with corruption.




Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI


Servant of God 3 months ago

Mwari arikunzwa ma cries evana ve Zimbabwe, this country is going to change zvinoshamisa nekuti Mwari mukuru haakotsire anoona zvose. Lets remember the Isralites, vakashungurudzika mu Egypt vakasvika pakufunga kuti Mwari haako asi Mwari vainzwa marwadzo avo vachitambudzwa chete Mwari ane nguva yake yaanoita kuda kwake nekuti anoda kuita test your faith first, vanhu tikawana zvakanaka vamwe tinobva tarasa Mwari,saka anoda kuona faith yevana vake in both good and hard times alike. Ngatitsungei ma Zimbabweans one of the coming days Zimbabwe will be like Canaan, a country full of honey and milk, everyone will rejoice and be happy. God is Wonderful and he works miraculously, ngatisiirei kwaari. I urge Zimbabweans to love one another and no violence but only peace, we are one huge family, even our fellow neighbours in SADC including South Africa, we are family there is one being who unites us all. Its God!

@Servant of God 3 months ago

Thank u for your word.

dispenser 3 months ago


New Rhodesia 3 months ago

Our culprit is ZANU pf ...and its leaders ED...Zimbabwe will one day be like Rhodesia good health Care,good roads,better paid workforce, up yours Zimbos zvakwana

dispenser 3 months ago

according to my discovery ,a lot of people particularly in towns those who say Zanu Zanu are living on illegal activities . Most of them are money changers who are afraid their miscellaneous activities automatically come to an end without anyone chasing them away. Another crop of people are those who have committed crimes in e name of Zanu . now afraid if it get out of power they might end up in jail. nokuti vanoti mhosva hairove.

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

👏👏👏👏👏 Chokwadi chemahara. Well said

clueless 3 months ago

kkkkkkk mese murima penzi evanhu zim ichanakira ivavo kkkkk in short zim inotapira wangu kupfuura zvaunofunga asi inotapirira avo vane maparty ekutora marii government iyi yemaluters

dispenser 3 months ago

Mr Mutsa , apart from what yu have said .Also mentality of criminal records. crimes done in e past push someone to ignore e state of economy ,not the seek of richness ,but what wld be of me if it stands in another direction. about yr poverty is nothing to them . Disguising by pretending , pushing time day after the other . Pretending to plant trees ,but destroying burning cutting bushes and forests

mutsa 3 months ago

mari vanadzo kare. asi vamwe vsngori netsinye. usafunge vese vanopinda pachigaro ichi vanopindira kuda mari. vamwe vanongoda hukuru nekutyiwa. vamwe vanoda kuona nyika yechiberekerwo ichiyevedza vanhu vachifara. ziva izvozvo kubva nhasi

@Hendrix 3 months ago

kukundwa kufunga nemwana mudiki her

spear 3 months ago

dont expect miracles from this guy ,his party is in shambles no constitution and structures.the bible says if one can not control his family there4 can not lead a 'in church.if he is failing his party and councils how can he rule will be a disaster.

spear 3 months ago

Dont expect miracles from this guy hutsi zvaho. His party is in shambles no structures and constitution. The bible says if one cannot lead his family he cant lead in church. So if he failing to lead councils and his party how can he lead zim. It will be a distaster. Surrounded by bootlickers there is no difference with vamwe vacho ava. kushaya really leaders vokuvhotera chaiko zim tongoona malemon

jabulani 3 months ago

haaa mu Rodhesia manga muri nani mhani

Kule Dhambi 3 months ago

support huru ku Zimbabwe kudzosa vapoteri vose kuno. 2023 kune basa veduweee

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