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Chamisa A Blabbermouth, He Says Anything That Crosses His Mind - Mutsvangwa

Chamisa A Blabbermouth, He Says Anything That Crosses His Mind - Mutsvangwa

ZANU PF has accused Nelson Chamisa and his party, CCC, of using every occasion to lie about the situation in the country.

Addressing the media in Harare on Tuesday, ZANU PF national spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa claimed Chamisa lied that the United Nations is going to supervise Zimbabwe’s 2023 general elections.

Mutsvangwa also accused Chamisa of lying about a suspected petrol bomb which exploded at his rally in Chinhoyi recently. He said:

Now here is a man who is a blabbermouth, anything that crosses his mind, he utters it out even if it has no basis in fiction or fact.

Please we say to Chamisa, take your party seriously; we fought hard for democracy which makes you opposition.

Just like the ZCTU could not have existed during colonial times except after independence, we created an environment for the trade unions (although) of course they came back and bit the hand that delivered them freedom.

Chamisa always abuses the hand that delivered him freedom by lying against the party of Zimbabwe’s liberation and by trying to give false stories about what is happening in Zimbabwe.

Mutsvangwa said ZANU PF will deliver a crushing defeat to CCC in the 2023 elections so much that it will be like “a whirlwind” and “a ball from the political heavens.” Said Mutsvangwa:

Our electoral machine has been fully retooled. What is left is oiling it and unleashing it against an MDC, CCC outfit who the original founders are no longer finding favour of, as Mr Tony Blair did.

So if the original founders of the CCC are no longer found in favour of it, who can make them succeed in the next election?

Nobody, so they are going to be hit by a whirlwind come elections. We want to score a victory which mimics or even outshines the one we did in 1980 which delivered Zimbabwe to independence.

So, Chamisa CCC do not say you were not warned, the whirlwind is coming and you are going to be hit by a ball from the political heavens. 


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Registered Voter Voting for CCC 4 months ago

We have heard this before. Kunyangwe mukamutuka kana isu vachamuvhotera ,hatiregedze kumuvhotera

Sorojena 4 months ago

Who can be more blabermouth than Mutsvanga himself? If Chamisa has indeed lied, he would be in jail right now as we speak. Suggesting the involvement of the UN is not a lie but a suggestion.

VYBZ KARTEL 4 months ago

You forgot to mention the time he claimed he was promised money by Donald Trump. Then he lied that he was chosen or ordained by the Almighty to lead 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣 bullet train spaghetti roads worst of all when he claimed the election was stolen yet he did not have evidence🤣🤣🤣🤣💨💨💨💨

@VYBZ KARTEL 4 months ago

Certain issues need no evidence other than simple arithmetics, 1+1 cannot equal 5.... Even CJ Malaba was aware of it, but handled as he was ...he was rendered helpless. He passed a decision not a judgement.

@vybz Kartel 4 months ago

wakadzungaira atiatonga hre chamisa

dispenser 4 months ago

This madhala is a blurry it can't kind of a rogue .We will deliver ourselves from their spoiled gvt come 2023,Vote CCC fr real change

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

Excuse me Mkoma Chris, Tony Blair doesn't vote in 2023, at least not in Zimbabwe. Secondly MDC was formed long after Blair left office. Hatichataira hedu about his alleged role in the formation of CCC.

Mkoma Chris, Chamisa did not say UN was going to supervise Zimbabwean elections. He said he was going to engage UN, SADC, and AU for them to observe 2023 elections.
As Hitler and Goebbels did, you are beginning to believe your own propaganda. And that is dangerous. That is the onset of lunacy


A kettle calling a pot black, that is what Chris is doing.

Tkt says 4 months ago

@Sorojena.... About the UN, he lied for the UN has already commented on the matter

Mafirakureva 4 months ago

@Chikiti don't be blinkered and don't misquote Chamisa. He didn't say he met UN to supervise elections.


Please go back to high school and learn proper English language


Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Chamisa wedu mhaii
Nhai iwe Vybz Katero saka waida kuty Chamisa avake maspaghetti road iye asiri President kana Minister 🤷‍♂️
Plus USA and CIA will never admit to helping overthrow another government Hazvitoshamise Trump wacho akatotaura naChamisa asi paBBC haazombobude achibvuma maccusation aladaro
Manje manje soo pane delegation yemaAmericans yakauya muno ikaonekwa nemaCIO irikunzi yakabva kuAmerica ichida kusimbisa Opposition
Kana musingazive propanda munodii kunyarara

Doug 4 months ago

Noone should have the right to patronise citizens and think for them. Citizens are intelligent enough to tell between the truth and a lie, and, to know who is lying and who is telling the truth. Enough respect, please!

Cde hondo 4 months ago

Tinyararire Chris pa Norton waka svasvangwa na Themba, yu have no political capital, shut up

Confused cockroach (CCC) 4 months ago

Nhaimi Kiri uyu naMonica i couple,hanzvadzi or ??

. 4 months ago

same mother different fathers

Confused Cockroach (CCC) 4 months ago

Obvious Zanu nechi**** zvofambidzana

pk 4 months ago

well said Mr Mutsvagwa.
Tichaisvasvanga CCC

Complaint 4 months ago

Chris you are **** ....mukomabs tiri kuzomuisira x yedu chte

..... 4 months ago

cde Kiri huyai tikuvhoterei panorton zvatakaita 2018 mukazobvisa maboreholes amakange maisa paye

mtt 4 months ago

eeee immaturity iri kuratidza yega kupfana uyu nemwiwo vanotaura umbavha stereki solution Vote Strive ##sanctions must go

The King of Serpents 4 months ago

Ngatimbomupei mukana Chamisa wacho. Taneta nenhamo, taneta nekushungurudzwa. Ngatimbomupei mukana mukomana, kana atadza tinotsvaga mumwe.

cde Chipopi 4 months ago

Iri ramunoti Mutsvangwa wo Iri, uhmmm hapana zvinombozikanwa ba apa. Kana kutokwana chaiko ,handifunge ba ini

cde Chipopi 4 months ago

Mutsvangwa siyana ne mwana

bigsam 4 months ago

shut up are a spent force ****

Hwesa 4 months ago

Ngati mbonzweiwo nezvaMwonzora taneta nezvaChamisa.

zanu hater 4 months ago

zanu inoda iri iyo ikunyepa truth be told zanu inonyepa kudarika kana satan chaiye iwe mutsvangwa dai waitaura chokwadi usina kuhwina here kunorton nhema dzako ndodzakaita ukundwe rubbish

WWE 4 months ago

hachamisa hana chanoita asiri president zvee

Richcracy 4 months ago

@pk Zvirito Zvirito ngazviperere mukurota , this time tichamugadzirira Shamu inemunyu...

[Vote Citizens Coalition For Change]

King Robert 4 months ago

Chamisa chete chete. Pafair Chamisa waenda nenyika wena ari kudiwa nechaunga. Tarisa Rally paChinhoyi Chipinge mmmm vanhu kuita mavhu nemarara kana 1 munhu akafocewa kuenda kuRally chero akatakurwa neZupco

Ownboss 4 months ago

Even akanyepa kuti diesel richabuda pamatap emvura atina basa nazvo xaa tinotomupinza mkomana the thing now is we want a new liar

****nal of wisdom 4 months ago

can miss nkkkkk kubva 1999 muchingoti Kani Of ichadyiwa you need to wake up and live in the present time kkkkk guys Politics is a game of the dirty if you are not willing to be dirty you will not win continue supp any party that you think will change Zimbabwe

fabulous 4 months ago

nono party will change this nation,this nation needs progressive and developmental citizens not citizens who rely on food spoils from the political wars . lazy citizens spent half their time siding someone who will never recognise them when he is in the position they placed him

fabulous 4 months ago

concontinue making Chainsaw famous and see if you current problem will change lyk l said since 1999 the intelligent always win

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