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Cellphone Thief Dies After Being Assaulted By A Mob

Cellphone Thief Dies After Being Assaulted By A Mob

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is seeking the relatives of a man who was allegedly killed by a mob on Monday for stealing two cell phones.

In a statement, police said the body of the deceased is currently at Norton Hospital. Reads the statement:

The ZRP is appealing for information which may assist to locate the relatives of a man identified as Tapiwa Moyo (40) who died on 11/07/22 in Norton after he was attacked by a mob for allegedly breaking into a house in Katanga before stealing two cellphones.

The body of the victim is currently at Norton Hospital. Anyone with information to contact ZRP Norton Rural on 0773 924460/ (242) 153 655 or National Complaints Desk on (242) 703631.

In a different case, ZRP Lupane Traffic arrested a pharmacist, Tafadzwa Mudyiwevhu (41) on the 12th of July 2022 for theft of 1 296 family planning pills at Victoria Falls Hospital. The pills were recovered stashed in a Harare-bound bus at a roadblock along Bulawayo- Victoria Falls Road at 120 km peg.

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wannabe 3 weeks ago

tale of a unfriendly economic environment...steals becoz of poverty... murdered becoz pple are angry at the gvt and can't do anything about it...takes it out on a petty thief...shame.

wannabe 3 weeks ago

petty thief look at the time of the theft a thief plans

No to Thieving 3 weeks ago

House breaking 👹👹👹👹. nothing called a petty thief. a thief is a thief. akashaya chihombe chekuba chete. well done mob. instant justice.

WhiteHead 3 weeks ago

I'm very proud of the people , they're now taking the law into their own hands which is a good thing because the police can't be trusted anymore. If they had left the matter to the police , mapurisa would have found the thief , steal the phones and sell it before sharing the money just like they did with that woman

well done vanhu vekuNorton , maita zvakanaka , mapurisa ndiwo mbavha dzacho

ZanuPf Republic Police cant be trusted , come 2023 we'll vote you out

Kacha Kacha 3 weeks ago

Thus further move though it hurt that the guy is dead u reap way u sor

wannabe 3 weeks ago

u supporting a crime iDiot.

Sina Jina 3 weeks ago

If everyone who steals anything has to be killed, then Zimbabwe would have less than 1000 people by now.

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Mob justice seems to be taking root in Zimbabwe
Last week it was 2 policemen in Aspindale, and now a thief in Norton. Two things come to mind. People are fed up of police inaction/complicity in crime and are taking the law into their own hands. Secondly instant justice is fueled by economic downturn that anyone crossing the ethics Rubicon is bound to be at the receiving end of people's frustrations.

Either way, the government has failed the people.

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 3 weeks ago

Indeed I agree with u. Crime of any nature is everywhere but remotely scarce in countries like Singapore,UAE, Switzerland to name just a few. Nevertheless the trend of robberies in this country is symptomatic of a country in decline in morals and socially. Where the police are no longer trustworthy. The army is on the rampage. Security guards have gone amok. Ministers are converting public property into personal use. Scott is plundering our gold. The terrible twins are looting left and right. The mother is on the rampage accosting customs and immigration officers. The father is bullish and bearish with Belarusian thieves. The country is on free fall.As one Minister is now self designated as a debt collector.

Chahototo 3 weeks ago

@ Machiavelli, ithink you are streaching it a bit, even in so called democratic and developed countries, thieves are there, crime sometimes has nothing to do with good or bad governance


police imbavha 3 weeks ago

heeee mapurisa imbavha dzevanhu ko ma pharmacist 😅😅😅😅


This is a classic example of a numb skull of the likes of Machiavelli who think violence is justice. Yes it could be economical reasons for his actions which is always the case, but then to have people like Machiavelli who claim to be Democrats to support violence is pitiful.

Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

BUOY 3 weeks ago

musangonyore chirungu chisina basa apa 😅😅😅😅

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Nowhere have I supported violence or mob justice. Read carefully. All I was doing was analysing the root cause of mob justice. The root cause being maladministration by the incumbent government.

Muntuza 3 weeks ago

There are of course cases that calls for mob justice like cattle rustling, vandalism of community utilities like electric cables and pick pocketing

Period 3 weeks ago

tibvirepo.. mbavha i mbavha. period....

true 3 weeks ago

haaa ngozi ndiyo yaanosangana nayo hama dzevakaurairwa mnhu ngadziuye tidzigadzirire mnhu wavo apfuke masikat machena paanodya sadza oona akudyawo muplate imwe naye mnhu ahisi huku inourawa ichirova

chinembiri 3 weeks ago

dzikama sunboy hauna nyaya iwe

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