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CCC's Victory In Chipinge, Kariba By-elections A Sign Of What's To Come - Mahere

CCC's Victory In Chipinge, Kariba By-elections A Sign Of What's To Come - Mahere

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has claimed victory in two by-elections conducted on Saturday in Chipinge and Kariba.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) on Saturday conducted by-elections in Ward 16 under Chipinge Rural District Council (RDC) and in Kariba’s Ward 5.

ZEC has not yet officially announced the results for the two by-elections.

Posting on their Twitter page, CCC said their candidate in Chipinge Ward 16 garnered 1 291 votes, while the ZANU PF candidate won 1 205 votes.

CCC said their candidate in Kariba Ward 5 won 303 votes, while the ZANU PF candidate amassed 175 votes.

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere expressed gratitude to voters, adding that the wins signify what is to come in the 2023 elections. She tweeted:

Thank you, citizens, for yet another landslide victory for the yellow movement. Despite intimidation, vote buying and attempts to rig, you chose change in Kariba and Chipinge.

We won both by-elections emphatically. Thank you polling agents for defending the vote.

The Citizens’ by-election victories are a sign of what’s to come in 2023. We are sharpening our tools to ensure we win all of Zimbabwe for change.

Our Mugwazo campaign is bearing fruit in rural areas where we are winning despite attempts to rig! We are going to win BIG in 2023!

Meanwhile, ZANU PF activists using the Twitter ZANU PF Patriots said the results of the Saturday by-elections show that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will beat CCC leader Nelson Chamisa in 2023. The said:

Saturday by-elections show Chamisa will not win in 2023.

CCC’s Kariba and Chipinge winning margins shows that Chamisa will not win the 2023 elections.

Chamisa has to overturn Cde ED’s 2018 win, rather on Saturday ZANU PF cut CCC winning margins hence widening Cde ED’s 2018 gap.

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factos 3 weeks ago

haaaahhaaaaa, babeloke beziduduza abe ZANU. CCC will keep winning
especially in 2023, i bet more CCC will in Parliament than these Godoz and grandpas of Zwanu PF

Vote CCC for change

Codeblocks 3 weeks ago

if ccc or zanu
only if cccor zanu
else if zanu

ndini hangu ndirikumbozama kuporofita programmicaly kkkk

wasu 3 weeks ago

CCC forever ☝️☝️☝️

Tollie Tunu 3 weeks ago

mmmmm ccc don't be so happy compaign cauze ,,in my community I've never seen ccc

Fatso 3 weeks ago

You mean unoda kutanga waona CCC kumaraini kwako kuti uzotanga kuona kuti economy iri kuwira pasi zvinhu zvadhakwa, wega hauaye cei nhai wangu

Vhusa 3 weeks ago

@ tolly tunu, CCC is there, just that you this tym you can physically see it as we are aware of your infiltration plans.

User 3 weeks ago

Are you able to read pple's minds ....???

Yoweeeeee 3 weeks ago

Vanhu vakazviona kuti inoroveka vachabuda nouwandu hwavo igorakashwa tigo tora Nyika tigofara tichidya makeke tichitamba Ngoma. Gore iroro ndorara pamusoro pemba ndichiti Mwari wangu shuwa chiregayi ndichifa hangu Zanu yaora yaenda.

Valour 🇿🇦🤫 3 weeks ago

Truely saying that.Ccc is washing Zanupf in and out but looking at the margins more work has to be done . Especially in rural areas more education is needed CCC must desist from saying we are the owners of the party we were here before time in memory.We worked with Tsvangirai . History doesn't work pple want the future stop giving yourself positions . Work siyayi n****ondo .Gamuchirai vanhu vatsva kwete kuti chero auya akabatsira kudarika ma old horse oronzi mu CIO .Old horses are trying to cling to their posts the by coursing confusion in the party I was in Masvingo it's worse . Advocate Chamisa needs to go down in that area and clear the air we will loose that province nextyear mark my words .We need pple to work not to relax and enjoy the history .


DaCool 3 weeks ago

Pindula please give us more details about Bulawayo Movie currently launched in Bulawayo .I saw an advert on ZBC

Valour 🇿🇦🤫 3 weeks ago

Movies @DaCool it seems as if that movie is coming soon .I was asking myself are we gud enough .


A win is a win, whether by large margins or small small margins of one. Most Zimbabwean citizens are not interested in voting in Byelections.

In Kariba ZANU PF tried vote buying using sweets. That was very shameful of ZANU PF.




Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

The margins need to be checked they might be not real 😂

Muntuza 3 weeks ago

Maswitz anonaka mhani asi maita mashoma try next time, munhu nemunhu mugodla wake

ABC 3 weeks ago

Even a 5 year old child can see that the CCC winning margin shows that ZANU PF has made inroads into opposition strongholds and ED is winning the elections in 2023 , mahere is lying kuti landslide victory does she know the meaning of landslide victory?????

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

As The Bush Lawyer says A win is a win. Even if it is by a single vote. That's one of the iniquities of the Winner-takes-all all system in use in Zimbabwe. For constituencies the margin doesn't matter.

However it is worrisome for Presidential Elections. There is the threat of ZANU squeaking into statehouse courtesy of nefarious wins in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, Chiredzi and Dotito

DEF 3 weeks ago

Vemasweets marwadziwa. We are sitting on the fence. Wait kana tabuda hedu in 2023 tapedza kusvi**** zvihwitsi,takapfeka rigaria tamwa mvura yepabho**** reZanu tobva tati tsepete tsepete paNHM.

Joe Brownn 3 weeks ago

The yellow movement is cruising smoothly and juggernaut is unstoppable. This is the end of Zanu-PF terrorists era.

c 3 weeks ago

CCC real change

Mkanya 3 weeks ago

Ma sweets akaita mashoma wrdzerai

Observer 3 weeks ago

CCC movement is truly a force of change coming 2023.

Little_missy 3 weeks ago

I can imagine that blessed day next year when the presidential election results will be announced. The day that CCC's victory will be proclaimed oh my God😭😭😭😭 what a day, glorious day that will be🤩🥳

legislator 🤣🤣🤣🤣 3 weeks ago


simba 3 weeks ago

chamisa,takaenda takaenda

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

ZANU zvanzi nepovo zviwitsi zvaita zvishoma, dai maunza turi tumaHonda Shìt, pamwe maigona kuhwinha. Shuwa, shuwa here kuti tingatengese nyika nekuda tunonaka here?

Lobengula akatengesa nyika nekuda shuga akasofa kare kare. Kana moenda kuGogwe kwahi wedzerai chiokomuhomwe mbijana chete. Yamuri Juba yakawandisa, tipeiwo mari inotenga, kwete maBond

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