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CCC Wins Chipinge Ward 16 By-election

CCC Wins Chipinge Ward 16 By-election

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change CCC) has won Ward 16 of Chipinge, Manicaland by-election.

The party’s candidate, Sithole Raphias attained 1 291 beating ZANU PF’s Muposhi Gladys who garnered  1 202.

The National Constitutional Assembly, with 127 votes was the third highest in the election.

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New k!ngz 3 weeks ago

CCC ikupedza masports

xxx 3 weeks ago

Still a virgin (5marks)
Never smoked (5marks)
Never masturbated (5marks)
Never watched **** (5marks)
Never cheated (5marks)
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What's your score?

candidate 3 weeks ago


Nobert 3 weeks ago

ccc makanyaya

Nimrod 3 weeks ago

CCC jagernaut!. Hezvoko!

Help 3 weeks ago

Chamisa Chete Chete


Nobody is going to stop CCC hokoyo!

greyhora 3 weeks ago

The NCA was third highest with 127 votes seriously? third highest haha with 127 votes Pindula dont make me laugh. Jokes aside those 127 votes would prove critical papanenge paipa. Madhuku should eat the humble pie orega kufielder macandidate or better join the yellow jugernaut CCC which is on a rollercoaster.

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

@greyhora, 127 votes lost to CCC is too much. We need each and every vote in 2023.


User 3 weeks ago

Bhora Mberi vs Bhora Musango
# Masports tapedza.

Chaminuka 3 weeks ago

Makunda asi mberi kune tops vazukuru Shingai chaiko Muvengi arodza mapfumo nemiseve .Ngwarai vazukuru poda varume vane umhare ropa iro vazukuru .

CCCC 3 weeks ago

Chigunwe mudenga ☝

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