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CCC Will Reverse All Shady Deals By Government - Chamisa

CCC Will Reverse All Shady Deals By Government - Chamisa

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has bemoaned the scourge of corruption, which he says has resulted in US$1,8 billion being lost through illicit financial flows (IFFs).

Addressing party supporters at Rujeko grounds in Masvingo on Sunday, Chamisa promised that if elected into power, his government would legislate for life sentences for corrupt individuals. Chamisa said:

Corruption has killed the country. US$1,8 billion is lost through illicit financial flows and the billions are being enjoyed by a few individuals.  When we get into power, corruption charges will attract life sentences.

Those doing shady deals . . . the first thing we are going to do is to review all decisions that were not made or done in the national interest.  If the deals are not helping the country, we will reverse them.

In a 2022 national budget strategy paper, the Zimbabwe Coalition for Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) said IFFs were increasingly becoming a cause of concern globally, adding that they would impact negatively the realisation of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Said ZIMCODD:

The obvious impact of illicit financial flows is loss of revenue much-needed for the attainment of SDGs, hence they prejudice countries of millions and billions of dollars which would have been channelled towards domestic consumption and for private and public investment.

Leakages are happening as financial inflows have been dwindling at the backdrop of increased needs due to the growing population, and increasing cases of eventualities due to climate change.

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Major Seer1 1 month ago

This is Deadly politics the Young Man is now playing....
By such statements He has targeted army Generals (ZEC)....All the gurus who are in a position to make it easier for him to ascend the throne

Wiseman 1 month ago

Those army generals are only powerful because citizens are afraid of them. So the Citizens are the ones who have the real power to choose whether or not those generals remain relevant. Army generals = guns for power and Chamisa = citizen influence for power. So clearly Chamisa is way more powerful because he can successfully influence the citizens to get rid of all ZanuPF enabling generals. Look at the big picture.

Its sad that our army which is supposed to be professional in protecting our country has been reduced to a dictator's backup force

cute 1 month ago

president wangu chamisa vanozotaurisawo zvimwe zvoda kunyarara madingaaya anorambira kubva pachigaro mavaudza kuti tokusungai

.. 1 month ago

Ndo politics dzacho ka ko ed akanyepa wani kti ndakataura na prince weku Uk wani paya paakabva ku Scotland kwavairova chateau uko


Kalakshinkov 1 month ago

Chamisa your talk is cheap

Sponono 1 month ago

nono 0 minutes ago
@CCC YELLOW HULK RELOADED. Your role model, BUSH LAWYER (SONBOY) is in self-imposed hibernation after the ruthless attack by one @INDEPENDENT POLITICAL SUPREMO. In case you missed it, SONBOY's reputation was shredded into pieces yesterday. To this end, you're left with no one to bootlick on this platform. Ummm, it never rains for poor @CCC YELLOW HULK RELOADED aka @HULK HOGAN 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

VOTE CCC MPs & CLLRS on 26 MARCH 2022.
Dial #265 to check your voter reg details.

Zvimbazi 1 month ago

@Nimrod . Are you God?

Nimrod 1 month ago

@Tsitsipasi. Comment on the facts not about someone's illness. You may die first before that person who is ill


The Bush lawyer is actually healthier, fit and strong.Watch the space for more details..

The Hulk Hogan is transformed into the unstoppable CCC YELLOW HULK RELOADED. Thanks to imposters who retaliated to the extent of uplifting me, because what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger. I'm a Gladiator and a fiery renegade I win my battles like Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Vote CCC on the 26th of March 2022
MPs and Councillors.

VaZhou 1 month ago


Tsitsipasi 1 month ago

@Mai Kelly, I think below are the comments about Bush lawyer

Mai Kelly 1 month ago

Ko vakaitwa sei nhai Bush lawyer ?


MA ZANU muchapera kufa se vana Tkt vauraiwa ne headache.Pasop Chahototo anenge akupenga naye, worse ana Vybz Kartel.

CCC brings joy to heart, it is a Project full of hopefulness.
Vote CCC MPs and Councillors on the 26th of March 2022

Vostro 1 month ago

Tkt atorimugehena so

Vhosho 1 month ago

Nyepa zvimwe iwe

Racial 1 month ago

Iwe anuslysis ****kufa why wakapusa koiwewe hauone sey pusssy

Racial 1 month ago

Iwe anuslysis ****kufa why wakapusa koiwewe hauone sey pusssy

Ziguvhu 1 month ago

Time time chamisa ndewe****

Anonymous 1 month ago

Life sentences for corruption.
We dont need a cheap stance towards corruption because as we are speaking ku high coart or ku CID HQ kut zvako zvifambe unototenga drink as if ukubhadhara basa rawaitirwa

Analysis 1 month ago

Coruption .
He himself is doing the demanding funds from citzens.
He has an expensive car from citzens ' pocket.

Nimrod 1 month ago

@nalysis you are wrong. He never asked or even begged for that vehicle. Supporters started a fund me campaign for the said vehicle. Usataure kwausina kuswera

Joe 1 month ago

Iwe unozviti Analysis unoziva zvinoreva corruption here musangohumana zvamusingazive kana usina zvekutaura nyarara vanemafacts vataure imhosva here kuti ndezvemahara

Mkanya 1 month ago

Kana usingazive shut up.... It was a citizens initiative

Aiwa ka 1 month ago

He didn't demand. The people started a go fund acc. Makavata. Comment zvamunoziva

@edmnangagwa 1 month ago

Amen akatu

👆👆👆👆👆 1 month ago

There is too much corruption at Zesa - Chivhu. No bribe no electricity connection or kugadzirisirwa problem with electricity.

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