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CCC: We Don't Have Money For An Elective Congress

CCC: We Don't Have Money For An Elective Congress

CCC interim secretary-general, Chalton Hwende said that the opposition party cannot hold an elective congress before 2023 harmonised elections because it doesn’t have the funds for the event.

This comes barely a week after CCC interim deputy spokesperson, Gift Siziba claimed they will not hold a congress because they feared infiltration by ZANU PF and State security agents.

However, Hwende said CCC doesn’t have the huge sums of money needed to hold a congress as well as for election campaigns. Said Hwende:

The two biggest cost centres in a political party are: 1. Congress 2. General Elections.

There is no sane party that holds both events in the same year because to have a congress for CCC you need US$2 million and an election, a minimum of US$150 million. Politics is a very expensive game.

We are less than 12 months before an election, and the three critical priority areas are 1. Voter registration 2 Candidates selection and polling agents training 3. Fundraising.

Former ZANU PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo mocked the opposition party over its decision to not hold a congress. He tweeted:

(Before By-Elections) THEM: We are a new party with no constitution and no ideology. We have no officials but one; all other positions are vacant!

(After By-Elections) THEM: We have no vacancies, no congress before the 2023 polls. We want to win power!

PUBLIC EYE: Suit yourselves.


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Blackbone. 3 weeks ago

Uchida usingade shall vote for YOU iwewe .Vakamurova vakamuisa pamuchinjikwa akamuka nezuva retatu 2023.Who was this?

john 3 weeks ago

CCC this year we will defet zanu

Rifle Gang 3 weeks ago


Da Truth 3 weeks ago


Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Chirikuiu metsai chii kuti baba Rumbi Havana kutenga hupfu saka vanodyei this month vane mtakitiki wavo siyai zvepa nextdoor mind yo on f u c k da me business yu Mipugwa Imimi muri ma kucdo mhani kwanzi na Freeman handina daka handina wandovenga saka warwadziwa nei. CCC isu toitsigira yakadero isu ve CHAPUNGU.

Dr Hercules 3 weeks ago

whether they hold an elective congress or not l have faith in the CCC

Dr Hercules 3 weeks ago

whether they hold an elective congress or not l have faith in the CCC


Ccc 4 weeks ago

Jonzo zidzoro bhangu rako.Mbwa yomunhu.

Worzell Gummidge 4 weeks ago

It is my sincere hope that the CCC will solves these concerns soon because they are ligitimate. How are CCC candidates going to be selected when there is no Constitution & no leadership structures? How will the processes & procedures be fair if there is no guiding document, ie; a Constitution? Is this the rule of law we preach & demand of others? Me thinks, without a constitution to insulate the CCC's internal processes from external influences, there will be chaos, since any interest party can take their grievences to court. So far, noone has the constitutional mandate or power to stop or control sinister people from taking up positions. There are no guidelines yet & anyone can declare themselves a member of CCC. Khupe just declared herself a member without submitting a membership application form & without her membership being approved. So far, it's open for all. There are no legal controls deriving from a constitution & this opens up the CCC to infiltration & court battles. Also, Hwende is publicising his incompetence. It's the SG's duty to fundraise & do party administration. If Hwende cannot urge CCC to fund themselves & hold a Convention / Congress, then he is not the right person for that post. In the past, during Tsvangirai's tenure. MDCT members would use their own money to come to Congress.

citizen 4 weeks ago

ini zii zvangu

copied 4 weeks ago

well seid

Advocate 4 weeks ago

WHY is ZANU PF pushing for a Congress???

Blabber 4 weeks ago

Apa Zanu yadii?😂😂 this is clearly a CCC matter

reply 4 weeks ago

to infiltrate the congress and vote in Thokozanu khupe & they will make sure ccc had destriyed
khupe was a spy send by ED & crew
the idea is to give khupe the reighns and endorse douglass on vp post
thats how they want to engulf the ccc

pumura 4 weeks ago

jonso kana uri murume dzoka kuno

jimu kunaka 4 weeks ago

munosvasvangwa chete 2023

incorrect 4 weeks ago

vanaJona penyu pamukushanda hatipaoni. Zivai zvekuhwanda. Vanhu vakahwanda vanooneiko. CCC is our party it's not all about leadership. We the citizens are the leaders. Our guys are just representing our voices. Jonah pray to God for common sense. Sanitize zisoro rako iro rofunga zvakaora

hwahwa 4 weeks ago

never listen to Jonathan
he is irrevent
he failed our media industry look all stations are airing zanu pf staff & they term it patriotic
what notable changes dd jona brought thru his MOPA & AIPA media bills jus shrinking the democratic space to hell with jona
he helped himself with Zimdef funds
also STEM funds
he had nothing to offer except to loot
keep hibernating in Kenya

Eren yeager 4 weeks ago

@incorrect your political naivety/ignorance is astounding! Rethink through your statements😂😂 really!! You are the leaders..... its not all about leadership..... neteam raana chariton mbwende iro😂😂

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

Muzvinafundo Jonso, please learn not to force food down someone's throat because if he is choked, he is highly likely to bite you. I urge Jonso to go back to the Old People's Home and report back that CCC has refused to hold an elective Congress.


sgwe 4 weeks ago

Jonathan chimboita zvako zve ZANU, hatisati takanganwa kuti ndiwe wakatidzvanyirira nemitemo yako kuti zanu ihwine. usadzoke mu zimbabwe, zidzoro.

no money 4 weeks ago

jonso siyana nesu

Dr Hercules 4 weeks ago

very correct indeed .the gvt gave political funds to Mwonzora,a move meant to incapacitate the CCC

Champion Masango 4 weeks ago

Jonso siyana neCCC haizi yako ita zvako zvekuKenya, like your boss once told Blair Jonso let us keep our CCC and you keep your ZANU G40

Kana Gudo Ngauye 4 weeks ago

Thomas Mapfumo sang prophetically many eons ago. Hanzi kana Gudo Ngauye. Kupi? KuCongress. CCC don't listen to that spin doctor Jonso. We do not need any congress. Isayi Cheri Gudo we will vote CCC 2023. Any congress b4 the elections will be iniflitrated by Zanu spooks to cause mayhem. Doug and his Polad cohorts will all try to penetrate to create massive confusion. Ivavo varipo ngavatungamire. Mari yacho hatina + hatidi. Please tell George Chilamba the presidential spokesperson of Malawian descent that we will not fall for your shenanigans

real jumu kunaka 4 weeks ago

pamberi nebato rinomamisa sezvandaiita pambare apo neharare south.. bhuthezi ndoigona apa ndakapfeka zrp uniform

jimmy kunaka 4 weeks ago

pamberi ne zanu pf party yakarongeka !!!!!!!!!ndinzwe uchipikisa

Freda 4 weeks ago

Mari hapana so we do what needs to be done to move forward with what we have.

Mutema Mutema 4 weeks ago

Jonso everyone knows that you have helped your self with ZIMDEF funds. I beg you please come back home , do you want to die and buried with people without feets and strangers . Huya deny ED have renovated all prison facilities ask Chigudo gudo chihomu homu.

phil 4 weeks ago

Jonathan ino i CCC not Zanu pf ipa advise kuZanu yako ine old generation isingafungi CCC is too vibrant to b taught wat to do.Dzokera kuna employer wako Mnangagwa zvikufambire.

boss vedah 4 weeks ago

mu zanu pf uyo Moyo

Honour 4 weeks ago

Jonathan moyo ndewe ZANU PF uyo ngataure zveku ZANU

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