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CCC Urged To Hold An Elective Congress For Its "Legitimacy"

CCC Urged To Hold An Elective Congress For Its

Political analysts have warned the opposition CCC that it risks tarnishing its democratic credentials if it avoids holding an elective congress before the 2023 general elections.

CCC interim deputy spokesperson Gift Siziba was recently quoted as saying the party does not intend to hold an elective congress before the 2023 harmonised elections.

Siziba said that the party will have a people’s convention, and not a congress.

However, political analyst Methuseli Moyo argued that CCC needs to hold a congress for its legitimacy. Said Moyo:

A congress is what constitutes a party, appoints persons into position to exercise power and administration of party affairs. One wonders how CCC will constitute itself and delegate authority to office-bearers.

Without a congress, CCC remains a collection of friends deploying each other into positions.

As such, they would be handicapped to challenge ZANU PF on any issue to do with democracy and procedure.

In a nutshell, CCC must go to Congress before elections to legitimise itself. It can’t take over power when it has not been mandated by anyone.

As things stand, CCC is a party in the making, and only a congress can constitute a party.

Another political analyst Vivid Gwede said holding an elective congress is a cornerstone of democracy. Gwede said:

It is true that a congress may be divisive for CCC ahead of the 2023 elections.

But the quest for political change should not trump the imperative for elected leadership as the cornerstone of representative democracy.

Exiled former ZANU PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo downplayed CCC’s fears of infiltration and insisted the party should hold an elective congress. Moyo tweeted:

The CCC is saying no vacancies and no congress of any kind. CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) wants to infiltrate us; maybe a people’s convention, get the nomenclature right.

But a citizen’s convention is better nomenclature. Wait, CIO can only infiltrate a congress; not a convention since it’s American, right?

Meanwhile, United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean constitutional law expert Alex Magaisa said CCC should prioritise the drafting of a constitution, even an interim document, before holding a congress.

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mukuru wegure kubinga 1 month ago

It is my sincere hope that the CCC will solves these concerns soon because they are ligitimate. How are CCC candidates going to be selected when there is no Constitution & no leadership structures? How will the processes & procedures be fair if there is no guiding document, ie; a Constitution? Is this the rule of law we preach & demand of others? Me thinks, without a constitution to insulate the CCC's internal processes from external influences, there will be chaos, since any interest party can take their grievences to court. So far, noone has the constitutional mandate or power to stop or control sinister people from taking up positions. There are no guidelines yet & anyone can declare themselves a member of CCC. Khupe just declared herself a member without submitting a membership application form & without her membership being approved. So far, it's open for all. There are no legal controls deriving from a constitution & this opens up the CCC to infiltration & court battles. Also, Hwende is publicising his incompetence. It's the SG's duty to fundraise & do party administration. If Hwende cannot urge CCC to fund themselves & hold a Convention / Congress, then he is not the right person for that post. In the past, during Tsvangirai's tenure. MDCT members would use their own money to come to Congress.

cde Chitepo 1 month ago

Itai henyu murikunyeperana muchaona kuti Zanu pf chibaba

Chiurai 1 month ago

Madhuku achanyora 100 pages mangwana acho motonzi dzokerai ku MDC t


zi Putin putin 1 month ago

kubhaizei kwaunoziva iwe kamba

Chi putin putin 1 month ago

Urged by who.... Ko kana vachi bhaiza. Siyai. Vakadaro....

The King of Serpents 1 month ago

CCC should take the advice seriously and draft a construction and hold congress. There really is nothing to fear but fear itself. As for infiltration, it would be naive to think that there aren't CIO operatives amongst the party structures. CIO iri kwese, even in churches.

Scotched Earth Rural Strategy Extreme 1 month ago

titongori nengozi hedu muchatiziva hedu.we are bloodthirsty nyota yedu yanyanya zvakuda ropa izvi ndezveropa

😁😁😁 1 month ago

Ndiyo VOTE ere iyoyo Nelly 🤠💛☝️
bho itayi zvese tinaye Mukomana pamu GWAZO

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

I propose that CCC expedite it's Constitution formulation first and go through an elective Congress before the Harmonised Elections to avoid the 2018 scenario where the Concourt held that MDC Alliance was a coalition of 7 political parties, but was not a political party because it had no Constitution and had not gone through a Congress. CCC can not repeat the same mistake. My own view point is that both the Constitution and the Congress are important before the Harmonised Elections, but first the Constitution which will show, among other things, how that Congress is going to be run.


Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

@ Chawabvunza. You are spot on. kudos. Laymen & simpletons are not conversant with the far reaching implications of not having a legitimate leadership, constitutionally elected through a Congress. The Rule of Law and good governance should also be respected within political parties. The CCC has MPs who have been in parliament for the past 22 years. It has numerous experienced lawyers who participated in the COPAC & Kariba Daft Constitution making process. Therefore, making a Constitution for themselves should be simple & quick

Mawere 1 month ago

Ngaaterere, ngaaterere, action action. Tinoda maleaders not marulers

Vote CHAMISA, vote CCC 1 month ago

Our aim is to win 2023 elections not congressing. Is congress important in winning 2023 elections.

scotched Earth Rural Strategy Extreme 1 month ago

welcome to the scotched Earth Rural Strategy Extreme institute of elections.

👽 1 month ago

constitution first, congress second.and election last.
you have to now these things matter.bato aringafambe risina mutemo henceforth constitution first.Bato rinezvigaro munofanira kusarudzana vanhu vari capable and hardworking kwete kungoisana muma position henceforth congress.last everyone should work for the good of the party takananga pa election

Steven Chidhumo 1 month ago

Exactly well said, elective Congress is not required to win elections, CCC should beware some things that used to be done by mdc and those done by ZanuPF should not be followed religiously. Citizens are desperate for change

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Just yesterday I posted on this platform, highlighting the need for adherence to procedural & administrative rules which emanate from a party Constitution. Someone scolded me and called me an outsider. For now the CCC is a one man band revolving around Chamisa's whims & caprices. I love Chamisa - don't get me wrong. But that's how Dictators are made. We love an individual so much & we brush his/her misdeeds aside & attack anyone who points out any irregularities. Let's not forget that Mugabe was popular & loved in his early days. But in his consolidation of power, Mugabe ended up committing genocide in the form of Gukurahundi. Mugabe ended up sorrounded by a clique of friends, relatives & war time comrades. I see the same happening with Chamisa right now. Leaders are not infallible like the Pope?. They err too because they are human. That a Constitution with guiding principles is important. To limit & regulate the power of Leaders & ensure that rules are followed . That's why we have to raise issues whenever we see a leader seeming to go astray. I also notice the emergence of a clique sorrounding Chamisa at the exclusion of everyone else. Everyone else is pawns to elevate them into higher positions. There seems to be fear of new people taking key positions, hence the former Leaders in the MDC Alliance are strategically positioning themselves to take over high positions in the CCC. New, energetic & more popular people are being shut out on the pretext of fearing infiltration. Hence the lack of structures & a new Constitution. Some CCC interim Leaders are afraid of losing, having done nothing for their constituencies but hang around Chamisa. Lastly, CCC can only set a good example by adhering to constitutionalism & being accountable. The starting point is a new Constitution & a Congress or whatever name they decide to call it.

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

@The FIEND. My Friend. Chamisa has 22+ years of political experience. He was the National Youth Chairperson in the MDC. He was an MP for more than 15 years and he was Minister of ICT in the GNU. He was once the National Organising Secretary & was imposed as one of three core-vice Presidents in the MDCT. All leaders should be tested & analysed. Blind hero worship is dangerous. A Driver is first tested before being issued with a driver's licence. Otherwise we will all perish if the driver of the national bus is incompetent & unfit to lead. Before we give Chamisa the keys to the Vehicle called Zimbabwe, we should test him to see if he is ready to drive us to prosperity.

THE FIEND 1 month ago

WRONG! Give your analysis about the Old Crooks Party only. As for Chamisa his main race will begin when elected in a very influential position, that's when we will judge him. Tsvangirai Morgan was once positioned at the Prime Minister position and we had our judgement .It's too soon to judge Chamisa because his task is not yet begun. He can challenge 20 years if the case may be ,but as soon as he is elected to the Presidency that is when we will begin to judge him.

👽 1 month ago

well said by our honourable member

Uhuru 1 month ago

The advice will be taken seriously depending on who is giving it.

xoks 1 month ago

vanhu vaitofungawo kuti mugabe achatonga kusvika afa

bhlambi 1 month ago

yes it's possible 1980 general peter wells vaka saluta Mugabe,that's politics my friend

zvinoita here nhaimi 1 month ago

munozviona zvichiita here kuti chamisa site commander we zdf vachito musaluta even ma zipra nema zanla cadres?
ndozvirikuda mupfana wenyu is that possible?

Vybe Cartel 1 month ago

Take heed Comrade, there is no room for complacence. 2023 is just around the corner.

scotched Earth Rural Strategy Extreme 1 month ago

I can see your hopes but it's very unfortunate we will deploy the scotched
earth policy

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