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CCC To Unveil Strategy For Sanctions Removal, Says Mahere

CCC To Unveil Strategy For Sanctions Removal, Says Mahere

The opposition CCC says it has a clear plan on how the country will get rid of sanctions imposed by western countries over two decades ago if voted into power next year.

The United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States of America imposed targeted travel and trade restrictions on some Zimbabwean politicians and firms accused of human rights violations.

ZANU PF says the sanctions were imposed to punish the country for reclaiming land “stolen” by white settlers from the black majority and blames the sanctions for the country’s economic ruin.

CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere told the media that the party will soon unveil its comprehensive strategy for the removal of the sanctions. Said Mahere:

We are certainly going to be launching the New Great Zimbabwe blueprint setting out our comprehensive policy alternatives that will set out a detailed plan on how to end Zimbabwe’s international isolation as the government-in-waiting.

We have consistently stated that sanctions are not good for any nation.

As the government-in-waiting, we have a plan to end Zimbabwe’s international isolation by building bridges with any progressive nation where it’s mutually beneficial.

It will be important to hear the concerns of nations who have imposed measures against us and address them.

We choose to have a conversation or dialogue as opposed to resorting to insults in the true spirit of re-engagement.

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ABC 3 weeks ago

So what this means Is that if Zanu pf wins elections next year then sanctions will remain , how then as a voter can I vote for a party that says that sanctions will only be removed when we get into power ??????

Puluzuzu 3 weeks ago

If the sanctions are targeted at individuals, then is not the responsibility of the sanctioned individuals to prove that conditions have improved enough to warrant removal of sanctions?. It seems, CCC is admitting that the sanctions are hurting everyone & that sanctions are a political tool for igniting regime change. I remember mukomana saying, "Ndikasahwina hamuridye sadza iroro, ndosiya ndadira jecha". Chionai nhasi ave pamaHwani ekukorobha **** dzake mus**** mekunge vanhu vatambura nemaSanctions aakakumbira.

reward 3 weeks ago

ccc as long as vasiri panyanga havana simba rekubvisa masanctions coz havasiwo vari kutyora kodzero dzevanhu, havasivo varikuba mari yenyika, havasivo varikuponda nekurepa, havasivo varikutsakatisa vanhu eg dzamara uye havasivo vakabvuta mapurazi pasina compensation, kana izvi zvikagadziriswa those trade and travel bans will be uplifted tofambira mberi.

Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

@ABC, after 2 decades of huffing and puffing, is it not crystal clear that Zanu haina zano 😁😁

thrasher 3 weeks ago

because the removal of sanctions needs someone in power are s t up i d or something just say you want to vote for zanu pf kwete kutaura zvisinabasa.any major national problem can't be solved by just anyone it needs the executive I don't know if you notice but CCC ain't the executives.

Nyoka Longo 3 weeks ago

Zimbabwe needs a new impetus and new trajectory which can only emerge from the young generation which is has no thoughts clouded by tired and archaic nationalism that is past its sale by date. Zimbabwe cannot remain captive to the old generation that is now only fit for retirement, story telling and lounging around at farms. There is nothing new that will emerge from the old generation, the new should replace the old.

Hezvoness 3 weeks ago

So we are under sanctions after all???

Alpha 3 weeks ago

How come kuti monzzi bvisai ruling party tibviise MA sunctiins don't be fulled arikushandiswa munhu........ Ngatichengetedzei nhaka..... Nhaka haitengeswe

hoo 3 weeks ago

nhaka yedu nhai

MDCCC 3 weeks ago

yes we called for these sanctions so that the economy will choke.But we lied that there are no sanctions.So the plan is vote for us in 2023 and we will immediately strategically remove the sanctions.If you don't vote for us and let Zanupf win,,we will not remove the sanctions,zim economy will continue to deteriorate until mave kunonga masvosve nemuromo.So it's your choice,vote for us so that we remove sanctions.


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

If those sanctions are targeted as they say, then there wont be need for them to be removed if CCC gets in power 🤔 simple coz those on target wont be in that government 😂

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Ndiwedzere volume here? varikumas**** murikundinzwawo here?
🥱 ndine bhabhido can't shout much...😂

varikumashu re 3 weeks ago


Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

Iyazveee!!! ati bvisai zanu kuti ma sanction abve ndiyani? Anyway whats the rationale behind voting for people who promise to deliver, knowing fully well kuti kune ma sanction, so that when they fail to deliver, they use the same sanctions as an excuse for not performing?

Lekker O 3 weeks ago

If for a second you would pause and consider for a second that a mere individual or an opposition party can influence United States and European Union foreign policy on sanctions you are deluded. Those are t****ughly debated through solid strutures and not even the US president can unilateraly remove them
Only by reforms can they be removed and it's reforming for the good of all citizens (democratic, human rights, electoral etc) they are not bad reforms after all, its quite unfortunate that Pf sees these reforms as a threat to its authoritarian rule

Sanctions are Real 3 weeks ago

Stop confusing us I beg. Ko zvamaimboti hakuna ma sanctions..

Dr Gire 3 weeks ago

But why would you want to remove sanctions which do not exist?

Lekker O 3 weeks ago

Sanctions where are there and they were not called for by the opposition as the propaganda notion of ZimPapers purpots
They were effected as punishment for the chaotic land reform which the US ñ Europe where beneficence
I don't think a party in or individual can influence Western foreign policy
They can however grandstand and seem to be manipulate them but in all they are only aware and Willing to do the necessary to have them removed (reforms)

chabvapasi 3 weeks ago

you deserve a 🪙

Sekuru Dhambi 3 weeks ago

vachabvisa akanangana ne nyika KANA aripo

Pythaghoras 3 weeks ago

The opposition has always maintained that the sanctions are targeted towards Zanu PF officials. Why should this bother them now🤷🤷🤷

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Whats your interest in the sanctions if they are targeted on individuals who have perpetrated human rights abuses against Zimbabweans? Let them stay for as long as those people are alive. You have been telling us that sanctions have no bearing on the lives of ordinary Zimboz. Were you lying all this time???

Mmmm 3 weeks ago

The people are under sanctions by zanupf so remove zanupf and the people will be free.

Vote CCC2023.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Zimbabwe opposition has been telling the voters that they are not affected by sanctions because these are targeted against perpetrators of human rights abuses in the zanupf leadership. Why would they want sanctions removed after they get into power? Isn't it that they will continue to punish those who have caused untold suffering of citizens? Kana kuti dzaingova nhema dzega dzega

zim youth 3 weeks ago

ccc is the home of unprepared wanna be's this shows Havana zano yet vanhu vanotaurisa vasina plan Smith did will nawo Wanda ravo wacho chotitadzisa chii kubudiriro tinzwe tisina zim must go forward

Mnhanga 3 weeks ago

Sanctions enyika anobva kwete embavha dzeZanu

the Zebra 3 weeks ago

Why can't you just remove those sanctions, So that the masses stop suffering, who will vote for you if we die of hunger

the Zebra 3 weeks ago

who will vote for you if we die of hunger , disease becoz right now there is no medication in Hospitals

the Zebra 3 weeks ago

Sanctions Must Go These Sanctions are hurting us they must go with no conditions

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Ungataura kudaro kana uri iwe wakaisa maSanction acho. Kana usina simba rekubvisa maSanctions, nyarara.

Vakaisa maSanctions iwoyo havadi kutamba nemi, saka munoda kuvamanikidzirei kutamba nemi? Asingade anenge asingade

renegade 3 weeks ago

ccc as long as vasiri panyanga havana simba rekubvisa masanctions coz havasiwo vari kutyora kodzero dzevanhu, havasivo varikuba mari yenyika, havasivo varikuponda nekurepa, havasivo varikutsakatisa vanhu eg dzamara uye havasivo vakabvuta mapurazi pasina compensation, kana izvi zvikagadziriswa those trade and travel bans will be uplifted tofambira mberi.

Anaristi 3 weeks ago

From my on observation Chamisa does not want any financial turn around under the leadership of ED.He would prefer that people should suffer so that if there is going to be a financial turn around it should only come under Chamisa's leadership only

Anaristi 3 weeks ago

Chamisa akazondi nyadzisa paakati akaenda kuAmerica akono sangana na Donald Trump.US Embassy ikabuda ichiti Chamisa Ari kunyepa haana kumbo sangana na Donald Trump.

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Usanyare hako.
Handiti kuzviti Anaristi kuzvinyarira zita rako?
Zvino kana uchinyepa zita rako une kodzero yekuudza mumwe kuti anonyepa?

Muroyi ari kunongedza mumwe huroyi.
Tibvire kumhepo

eh 3 weeks ago

when ZANU says vote for us or we won't devlp your areas,people complain hudzvinyiriri and voting rights
when CCC says vote for us to remove sunctions
people blink in silence
Africans wake up mhani,you make the world believe we are second hand race

i 3 weeks ago

regai tiiteso nyaya yacho masanctions akamira akadai vanoaisa havaaise pamunhu asina basa becoz haazoshande.zvinodai baba wako anonetsana nevanhu vavakavakidzana navo vabva vanzi hatichada kukuona pano ita maths dzako wega.then patifambeyi nguva mumba menyu mopinda nzara svinhu baba vako voti endai kwanhingi kuya munotengesa mbudzi veikoko voti ahh isu hatidye mbudzi isu manzwa nani kuti toida ..apa anenge akupinda busy ndiyani manje imi vana vasina kumbobvira vadenhana nevaye ndoku affected kunoitwa ruzhinji.asi vanhu vanenge vachiti musha hauna kupihwa masanctions.Pochizouya mumwe anoti kuti masanction akapihwa baba venyu ava abviswe chiregai ndinyenge mai venyu ndigopota ndichikusunzira ikoko nekuti ini ndowirirana navo handina chipande ikoko irikubatika mushe kana waibata chitipa conclusion kwete kuzondituka

Anaristi 3 weeks ago

On BBC HardTalk in 2018 Chamisa was embarrassed by Steve after running away from the question that he was asked about the lie he made in public that 😂 he met Donald Trump and was promised $15Billion.So how many times has Chamisa lied to us?At we thank God that he now wants sanctions to go.

Anaristi 3 weeks ago

If Chamisa remains a puppet of the whites in Europe and Americans just like Zelensky of Ukraine he won't rule this country.

Kong 3 weeks ago

Modern Day Babylon will never remove those sanctions unless they have something big to gain

Jah 2 weeks ago

The new to replace the old .you ........ sorry .Then you should replace yo father with anotherone when he ages out

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