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CCC Tells Rural Supporters To Attend ZANU PF Meetings

CCC Tells Rural Supporters To Attend ZANU PF Meetings

The opposition CCC has encouraged its supporters in rural areas to attend ZANU PF meetings to avoid being victimised but to remember where to cast their votes in the 2023 elections.

CCC interim organising secretary Amos Chibaya told NewsDay that rural people, including ZANU PF supporters, “are now tired” of the ruling party but are afraid of saying it openly. Said Chibaya:

The enthusiasm in rural areas is pleasing. People are tired of the ZANU PF government. Even the ZANU PF supporters are now tired.

There are those who are afraid of being noticed for supporting our party.

Some are afraid of losing their farmland and being left out in agricultural inputs and food distribution programmes such as Pfumvudza.

We are simply keeping our database and encouraging them to attend ZANU PF meetings, but they must know where to vote, come 2023.

I can tell that the future is bright. I see the party achieving the six million vote target during the 2023 general elections.

The Nelson Chamisa-led CCC recently launched a recruitment and mobilisation exercise in rural areas code-named Mugwazo.

The opposition party is hoping to increase its share of the rural vote, where ZANU PF has been the dominant party in previous elections.

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chikas 3 weeks ago

varakashi vanorashika avo

Stallion 3 weeks ago

whenever you hear someone supporting zanu of ziva kuti he is she is a beneficiary or else huro yake ine nhamo yekutakura musoro isina njere a brainless head ungashandisirwa doro ayiaaah

blues citizen 3 weeks ago

we can't rule this country that's why our forefathers they sold part of our land with sugar.sonkhe siyakwazi lokhu mandoda..

Chawabvunza 3 weeks ago

DAVID, you are blinkered. Just yesterday CCC recommitted itself to land reform. Please remove those blinkers. VYBZ KARTEL and kk, after 2023 HARMONISED ELECTIONS, there shall be nothing to fear because we will have captured the Police, army and judiciary. You will never hold rallies. We will make sure you do not campaign peacefully. We will make that that we have removed MALABA from the position of CHIEF JUSTICE and replace him with own. We will claim that all inputs, fertilisers, seeds and PFUMVUDZA all belong to CCC despite that all inputs belong to Government.


VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

It is your democratic right to dream what ever you like. But it will be dangerous for you to ever think your pathetic dream will become a reality


David 3 weeks ago

I can't vote for someone who will at the end of the day repposses my piece of land and give it back to the white man. never

Mdara Odza 3 weeks ago

That is a Zanu pf campaign gimmick; no one will ever repossess 'your' land and then give it back to a white person. It surprises me that you call it "your land" when you do not have title to it, some are even getting evicted from the land by Chinese with little to no support from government, the ones in Chilonga are on the verge of losing their's to a white dairy tycoon

3 weeks ago

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

It's wiser to let them speak for themselves

Patriotic One 3 weeks ago

Highlanders 1-0 Dynamos

Bhu bhu 3 weeks ago

Pindula how far, where is the article of the independence Cup Final results?

VYBZ KARTEL 3 weeks ago

Mmmm munoghona kutonga nyika here imi muchiita chimbwende chakadai

Changara 3 weeks ago

I can't buy half loaf with 100 bond which is our biggest denominator

kk 3 weeks ago

saka munogtonga sei kana muchitya

Digo 3 weeks ago

Pari trick

YELLOW CARD 3 weeks ago

so is this what you code named mugwazo

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