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CCC Speaks On Welshman Ncube, Thokozani Khupe Viral Picture

CCC Speaks On Welshman Ncube, Thokozani Khupe Viral Picture

The opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) has finally spoken on a photo of the party’s vice president Welshman Ncube who was pictured with former MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe and former MDC-T organising secretary Abednico Bhebhe seemingly emerging from a meeting.

The picture has been circulating on social media platforms since Tuesday, prompting some opposition political activists to speculate that the three could be working together, having been senior members of the original MDC at the turn of the Millenium.

In a statement, CCC said Ncube, Khupe and Bhebhe’s meeting was a private meeting that had nothing to do with the party’s programmes. CCC said:

We note concerns raised by this image. It would appear it was a private meeting. CCC is a new citizens’ project.

The rollout of the program of action and all matters incidental will be announced.

Citizens mustn’t be confused or panic about the health and well-being of their project.

CCC was responding specifically to a Twitter user, Dakarai Chikara, who had expressed disappointment over the picture. Chikara said:

Disappointed with that picture. Please, we do’t want Khupe in @CCCZimbabwe, she has done more damage to our struggle. Moving away from MDC was a cleansing ceremony.

For us to take that dirt back is very irresponsible. We have enough support all needed is to do a crusade for people to VOTE.

Commenting on the photo, freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono cryptically said Khupe’s “dress sense is consistent”. Wrote Chin’ono:

MaKhupe’s dress sense is consistent. You can never say that you are not sure of her taste in dressing.

You can’t complain in the future when she turns up on a date with her usual type of dress when you knew already that she likes those types of dresses. That is her style.

Khupe was recently suspended and subsequently fired by MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora after she announced a split of the party.

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Mafira kureva 3 months ago

Zvavana Khupe kwete hativadi vatengesi vavanhu ivava. Vari kushandisa kuti vauraye party. Vanoziva a na monzora . Vakaita sevadzingana ivo vachizivana kuti vauraye party ngavaregere zvavo kuuya ku party hativadi

Rambo 3 months ago

ana thoko vatengesi ava ngavagare kuzanu nanamwonzora vavo ikoko,gungwa kana rasvipatsvina rasvipa

Vax 3 months ago

Khupe akati achataurira vanosupporter MDC-T kut vavotere opposition party ipi pamaBy-election so ngatimirei tione.Gore rino ummmm pakaipa

Man of the moment 3 months ago

Can you make a pool now for all old aged members in CCC
They are to stand as advisers only to leave the Ground for young Once
My Views 🤓

Vax 3 months ago

Khupe anonetsa uyu kuda zvigaro zvepamusoro ndizvo zvaita arambe Ava kutenderera kuZanu,kuMDC_T,kuMDC _A, izvozvi apfeka Yellow . Don't forget she is the one akakonzeresa. Mwonzora akazouyawo asi uyu ndiye akatanga.kutambira khupe kuCCC zvkafanana nekutora Dougie

Nkust 3 months ago

Are the fellows not citizens, remember the party is citizens coalition so if you don't want citizens to coalate from their basis with the intention of initiating change then the party becomes something else even if we coalate at church subscribing to the idea of change its still fine don't fight everybody who contributes towards your goal but put them away from leadership but show much recognition of them

Wamambo90 3 months ago

Thokozanu hatichakudi hako gara muwilderness wega dzokera kuzanu kwako


Jolaz 3 months ago

Musakanganwa kuti ncube anodawo power.akambogadzira mdc n Iya yaipfeka Green. Haatembeki do beware....more to follow

😴 3 months ago

I had a dream. Remember,l am always in Snooze😴Mode.
In the dream, l heard aa voice say,"Dougy naThoko haven't fallen out of love with each other as the majority believe. It is all a political move they are getting well paid for. People who believe otherwise mapenzi sevaya vanofunga kuti the president and his vice are leading opposing factions. They are a team"
So playing with Khupe is like admiring a beautiful, fast approaching deadly snake. CCC chenjera.Ncube may turn out to be the Mwonzora incarnate CCC shall have to deal with in the future. Chimbomirai kundituka kusvika future yasvika.

Cde mashera 3 months ago

Dzokai kumusha.......hapana chakaipa.....

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