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CCC Security Assaults NewsHawks Journalist In Chinhoyi

CCC Security Assaults NewsHawks Journalist In Chinhoyi

NewsHawks journalist Ruvimbo Muchenje was harassed by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) security at the party’s thank you rally in Chinhoyi.

Muchenje spoke to Pindula News confirming the incident. She was pulled by the hair and dragged to the ground by some security personnel manning the rally.

Meanwhile, CCC national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, has said they were not aware of the matter adding that investigations were underway. She said:

This incident is being investigated. We were not aware of it. We respect the work of all journalists & strive to ensure that our rallies are a safe place for the press to the extent of creating a special press box to enable them to work without hindrance. #JournalismIsNotACrime.

In 2020, security personnel who were manning Nelson Chamisa’s State Of The Nation Address in Mbare also harassed another journalist, Robert Tapfumanei. 

The party (then MDC Alliance) later issued an apology “over the way Robert Tapfumaneyi has been treated by our overzealous security personnel.” 

Luke Tamborinyoka who was the party’s Deputy Spokesperson said the party does not condone acts of violence adding that stern measures would be taken against the responsible individuals.

Tapfumanei’s incident was not the first time reporters were harassed at an MDC gathering. In 2018, MDC youths harassed journalists at a Press Conference to confirm Chamisa as president.

On September 1, 2019, MDC security agents grabbed and confiscated a Canon 6D digital camera belonging to local journalist Ari Goldstein during the party’s rally in Glen View, Harare on 1 September 2019. The campaigning rally was for Vincent Tsvangirai, the son of the late former Prime Minister, Morgan.

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Tintin 4 months ago

chimirayi muwone magonero anoita zrp basa.

Anonymous 4 months ago

Journalists should not behave like thugs

Kule Kule 4 months ago

hatki kakati vanhu vane vhudzi, zanu ndeye ve mhazha


This shows that the CCC is a party of hooligans. Is this the kind of party we want to rule out country. I wonder what Twitter president is gonna say .The police must act and stamp out such bandits.

Yours sincerely
Dr William Sonboy Chinembiri

Sorojena 4 months ago

A typical example of a cross fire, the journo had to be careful in such highly flammable atmosphere cause he can be mistaken for an infiltrator.

kniga smerty 4 months ago

pawangoti "rule" tadoziva kuti uri ani

Xxx 4 months ago

zvitori nani kuGokwe vakabva vasina mazino,anyway#jounalism is not a crime let this be the last


Chimboti Pizza 4 months ago

Hazvititadzise kuvhotera Chamisa izvozvo😂😂😂

gapu 4 months ago

taura hko iwe😂😂

Gunners 4 months ago

haya zvava kwa Tsoko hazvichadairika. Mahere kura

Maduu 4 months ago

Yaah zanu yapererwa manje,chero vakati vanoda chamisa mourawa zvirinani kufa nokuti madiro atinomuita ka ,haana kumira zvakanaka tanonokerwa nekupinda muballot box

Gweks 4 months ago

Vanhu havatarise zvekufa kwemunhu vanongomuda zvakadaro Chamisa vangatotsvaga reason yakaita kti afe

Cmo 4 months ago

Oooh Dzungu ravo ve Ccc mavaona tkadzosera mogara msango chte

pk 4 months ago

soon the hooligans will join sikhala.

Tkt says 4 months ago

Ko iye tsvangirai wacho wavaka kambenera 2018 aka hwinha here sarudzo dzacho

Job sikhala 4 months ago

CCC taurai tinzwe heee ZANU PF is harassing people is abusing human rights ko imi murikuitasei manje next yr tokumamisai mirai muone zvenyu

Murakashi posing as ccc 4 months ago

Yes we beat

4 months ago

Tiri wero naNero

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