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CCC: Our Polling Agents Unearthed An Illegal Polling Station In A Bush

CCC: Our Polling Agents Unearthed An Illegal Polling Station In A Bush

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has claimed that its polling agents discovered an illegal polling station in the middle of a bush in Kwekwe.

This is happening barely hours before the nation conducts by-elections on the 26th of March. In a Twitter post, seen by Pindula News, CCC national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, said the party’s lawyers were now seized with the matter. Said Mahere:

In Kwekwe, our election agents have unearthed an illegal polling station in the middle of a bush very far away from residential areas. This violates section 51 of the Electoral Act. Our lawyers are seized with the matter. 

Mahere also said the party’s polling agents had discovered that ZEC changed V11 forms. She said:

Our polling agents at Alfreid Beit School Polling Station discovered @ZECzim changed V11 forms from being 1 page back to back to 2 pages. 1st page will be signed by agents & 2nd page will have the results. The danger is p2 will be tampered with. We’ve raised the issue with ZEC.

She added that CCC election agents are working tirelessly in by-election areas and unearthing malpractices by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

Mahere reiterated that they’re watching the election closely to unearth rigging and electoral malpractices. 

She also repeated that ZEC is unfit for purpose citing anomalies on the voters’ roll an alleged incident in which a ZEC official was “caught red-handed at Mhizha Primary School with ballot papers to be used in tomorrow’s by-election.”

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2 months ago

Gazebo 2 months ago

Kwekwe By-election rigging Alert

There are plans by Zanu Pf to rigg Mbizo constituency, ward 8, 10 and ward 12 on 26 March by elections

In ward 8 and 10, they intent to use uregistered voters and multiple voting from jojo and surrounding mining compounds.

In ward 12 at black Wadada tents ( The Alshab terror group base coincidentally a polling station) they will be using AlShabab youths led by Tapiwa Dzawo, Tapiwa Muganhu and who were' released from police custody after they took party in violence at CCC Kwekwe rally,some already have been enlisted as Zanu Pf polling agents.The plot is to disrupt counting process and snatch the ballot boxes.Of concern is that some team members deployed at the Black Wadada are receiving free meals and beer from the terror group thereby compromising the effective policing during the voting and afterwards

There are also plans to disrupt smooth flowing at some polling stations in Dutchmans pool and Mbizo 21 and 22 open space polling station , and bus in unregistered voters from Mbembezani to rigg Mbizo constituency

mwendas 2 months ago

ivo ve ccc ndivo vakaisa.that polling station just to create a story....wasting time mangwana Nelson
anorakashwa big time....just watch....

THE FIEND 2 months ago

Learn to speak things that are supported by facts. A truck full of Ballot votes was impounded, the driver and crew ran away. So who amongst the 2 political parties have access to ZEC? Also there are other shenanigans being planned by ZANU pf gangsters @Kwekwe that have been exposed. As for you learn to search real news and buy data for more social media news other than just jumping into conclusions. You are a type of a person who supports a political party for no reason. Wise up son.

NAHOREKA 2 months ago

...keep the good work Zimbabweans. This is a struggle for our future. Zec shud be exposed at every corner. It shud be clear to every one that the guys at zec are incompetent and incapable of carrying out the zec mandate which is to deliver a starndad and fair electoral process to the nation.....

If this fails, the entire zec leadership must go, just like what we did to the zifa body lead by Kamambo.

THE FIEND 2 months ago

That is why the affected victims will call upon sanctions ,it is because the peaceful, free and fair atmosphere does not exist in terms of Zimbabwe elections.

I personally witnessed this pathetic mess with my very own two eyes.


mr T 2 months ago

masports akapera kudhara..1000 rigging skills

2 months ago

Crocodile 2 months ago

Asi Zanu so hamudii kubva pachigaro matotanga kubirira kuti mugodii nyika maipedza muchingoba haa zvimwe zvinhu soo

The Queen 2 months ago

wat action ws taken after unearthing such behavior..Ngaavasingwe Period



Tafi 2 months ago

Haha this is embarrassing. I'm sure there's more hidden in different locations. Keep up the good work CCC

#$%^&* 2 months ago

King Longie usaite kunge mwana wemukorokoza ne**** wanzwa, ukwane

Simba 2 months ago

Yah,zec yapinda busy busy?Ikuitwa kubatwa nemagetsi.I think Chigumba kana nhasi haagezi,achishaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei.Zec pliz,thula msindo,asifuni ama funnies sibili

Vax 2 months ago

Uyu anonzi KING LONGIE chi**** chakawandisa. Ko kusender one message several times ndokuti chii?

🙄 2 months ago

Longie is a Zanupf used ****/femidom who is just after spoiling the comments section while he pretends to be anti Zanupf. Ane magoo or madho-dhi pakati penzeve dzake so haafungi zvakanaka.

Zec 2 months ago

Sorry President,kubira sarudzo KUNONDINHETSA.

aaaaa 2 months ago


Mujumba 2 months ago

Izvi zvinonyadzisa mhani Zanu chiiko nemi kuda kutobirira pachena ipapa nyarai makura kani

King Longie 2 months ago

zanu ndozvairi takato iregerera ipapo tinotoirasa even 2023 wacho zvogona kutodhakwa

Thula Msindo 2 months ago

The naked truth is that ZANUPF knows that it will be slammed, smashed and clobbered terribly fair and square by CCC in any election.

Therefore, to avoid humiliation it has to employ dirty tricks. ZEC is not captured by ZANUPF. It is simply an arm in the ZANUPF structures-ZanuPf Electoral Commission🦉

🙄Hey Wena ZEC, Thula Msindo🦍

Kristonian 2 months ago

mbavha makutoba nechekare zvimwe nyarai

Kristonian 2 months ago

mbavha makutoba nechekare zvimwe nyarai

❎☝️ 2 months ago

Citizen should arrest this ****s

Kuku 2 months ago


Kalimu 2 months ago

Matotanga kubirira manje this time you wont succeed never... Tikukurakashai imi mZANU PF Matricks ese takumazuva

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