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CCC Official Arrested For Violating MOPA Released On Bail

CCC Official Arrested For Violating MOPA Released On Bail

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Manicaland province secretary-general Godfrey Mubatsa, who is facing charges of violating the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (MOPA), was Monday granted ZW$40 000.

Mubatsa was arrested Saturday by police on allegations of addressing an unsanctioned political gathering in Doradombo at Mambondiyani Mountain.

NewZimbabwe reports that Mubatsa was then detained at Mutare Central Police station after he reportedly offered himself for arrest to shield 19 other political activists who participated in the exercise.

Mubatsa Monday appeared before Mutare Magistrate Richard Ramaboa at the Magistrate criminal court and was ordered to report once after a fortnight at Zimunya Police Station.

He was represented by lawyer Brian Majamanda of Khupe and Chijara Law Chambers and was not asked to plead.

Magistrate Ramaboa said Mubatsa must return to court for routine remand on June 16 this year.

His arrest follows that of four other CCC activists in Zaka, who were arrested on similar charges.

Three others from Masvingo urban are on bail, also on similar charges.

The MOPA was introduced in 2019 to replace the Public Order and Security Act (POSA), which was deemed draconian.

POSA was used by the police to block the opposition MDC from holding rallies.

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1 month ago


Supporting Zanu Pf is not a matter of benefiting from corruption but rather a gesture to show the freedom of association as per our provisions of the constitution.

Pamberi neKubatana...2023 victory is certain!😜

Machiavelli 1 month ago

****s, just like flies congregate around the nearest mound of faecal matter issuing from human bowels.

rg MUGABE 95 1 month ago

pamberi comrade, pasi nezvimbwasungata izvi

dispenser 1 month ago

if yu here someone campaigning on behalf of Zanu obviously that he or she is benefiting through corruption.

Me 1 month ago

it costs USD 1.50 from Glenview to Msasa
it cost a USD$1.00 from town to Msasa
$2.50 to work and $2.50 from work to home = $5.00.
$5 a day times 6 days a week = $30/per week
A month has 4 weeks = $120 for transport only
Salary is🥜 $100 USD + 🥜Rtgs 25000
Rtgs 25000 ÷ by rate 450 = USD55 so our salary is USD$ 155 altogether
$155 - $120 transport = USD $35😭😭😭
pa$35 ipapo ndipo pachabva $40 yerent, ndipo pachabva $$40 yemwana wechikoro, ndipo pachabva $40 yegrocery, ndipo pachabvazve yekuterera magetsi $10, yekanzuru yemvura $5 Saka tiri kurarama tiri paminus - or more. imagine. something must be done. if not so uuuuuimmmm😭😭😭😭😭😭


*Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana*


Chibabababa 1 month ago

Zviroto chete Chamisa haakodzeri kuita President kkk wangu.Shame on u ma dear friends kkkk.Pamberi neZanu pf pasi nenzvangamakore,pasi neCCC

Hameno 1 month ago

Baba hamuna pfungwa ndozvinokupai kutaura zvisina basa musina comment nyarai

Sir Zimbabwe 1 month ago

Shame on you zrpf , muchati pepu henyu next year mukomana rapinda.

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