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CCC MP Job Sikhala Writes From Chikurubi [FT]

CCC MP Job Sikhala Writes From Chikurubi [FT]

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MP for Zengeza West, Job Sikhala, has written a letter to members of the public appreciating the love they are showing to him as he remains incarcerated at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. Sikhala was arrested and detained for allegedly inciting violence that was recorded in Nyatsime in the funeral wake of CCC’s slain activist Moreblessing Ali. In a letter seen by Pindula News, Sikhala said he was in high spirits. Pindula News presents the letter in full below:

An Epistle From Chikurubi Maximum Prison

Dear Zimbabweans,

We would like to thank you all dear Zimbabweans for the demonstration of love, care and unbridled concern for the pain we are going through. We feel your love even when we are under incarceration here at Chikurubi Maximum Prison.

We are pleased that besides members of our own political party CCC, all Zimbabweans of different political, social and ideological persuasion are standing with us.

Although I am going through difficult moments at present with the escalated persecution of my own and my other colleagues here in prison with me, be grateful beloved compatriots that we are all in high spirits.

I went through an unexplainable illness, I am on the road to recovery, please pray for us.

Standing for the weak and downtrodden in society as I did for Moreblessing Ali and many others is my God’s is calling.

My reward is in heaven, I do it selflessly, and sometimes I end up asking myself why my conscience is always triggered to stand for the predicament of other people. I was just born like that by my mother and father.

Pindula News

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User 1 month ago

l am not a politician bt l stand with you in my prayers


I am of the political persuasion of ZANU PF and I do not stand with hooligans of the likes of Sikhala or his fellow comrade in arms. I do however wish you a swift and just trail.


Ndini wenyu
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Soup man Sadza 1 month ago

Kwenu munoRoya iwe chidhoma, kamukadzi kako kanobhowa futi plus hakanaki. Awugute Sadza unezhara😁😁😁

Yoweeeeee 1 month ago

Your insatiable appetite for the name Chamisa speaks volumes of the gigantic support the boy has in the hearts of the people of Zimbabwe. Undeniably u are struck by envy displayed by the charismatic rising Nelson. Students of politics & the masses across the length and width of this land will,albeit your ediocy,vote in their millions for Nero. Unlike your Zambian lawyer whose nativity is dubious the young Nelson is likeable,handsome and God fearing. He has not killed a fly. His hands are holy & your scarf adorned juche leader has 20000 corpses lying in the wilderness in the Midlands and Matabeleland. And as recently the intestines of Moreblessing Ali.

Gunda 1 month ago

Ambuya vanoroya

**** 1 month ago

pakaipa comrade

yus 1 month ago

siyana nazvo zve politics izvi.

1 month ago

chahototo 1 month ago

hausati watanga, hako. uchaudza vamwe ku violence haibhadhare
2023 ED Pfeeeeee


Blue 💙 1 month ago

Long time Pindulians, may Sikhala rot in prison

Billboard Of Public Opinions 1 month ago

We are with you Wiwa. Its our mission together, we shall we together. We are all victims of situations which we didn't participate ourselves into. The predicament is ours all.

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Your nightmares are ofof your own making

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Wanzwa nekukwirwa kumas**** ka🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

mai Sikhala 1 month ago

baba IMI mopenga imi kusiya mukadzi kogara mujeri kufira politics here garako mazvokuda mavanga enyora ukaita zvekutamba 2023 haupindimo aaaa nxaaa

Greyhora 1 month ago

hona ka @blue💙 kadzoka. Mari yaunobhadharwa pakupinda paPindula yawedzerwa kahi? Get a life


We together with you Wiwa your pain is our pain.

Joshua 1 month ago

Job Sikhala.The Lord bless you and keep you.The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you : The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. AMEN And AMEN.

Iweee 1 month ago

Saka Bob The Goblin nevese vakagara mumajeri Vai iswa ku****ka. No wonder hurumende yeumbavja iri so cruel.

Yut 1 month ago

Hate speach muPindula manyanya tinenge tichiti we are debating asi kwazvinozoenda zvochisa.We are Zimbabweans lets luv one another.Tinge tichingo debater nothing mo.Kungoonesana kuzotukana ndokudii ngati kurei pliz

Nahoreka 1 month ago

We are watching, we are with you. The nation knows that you are fighting for our own freedom. We will never loose focus here outside. The regime has to go. The struggle is on. These sufferings must end. We shall treasure your heroics and selfless service to this nation. You might be away in the dungeons for no crime and we are out here, but, we are together, tiripachirangano.

We shall stay focused
We shall never turn back
Change shall come vachida kana vasingade
Forward ever, backward never...

cde naked 1 month ago

bvunza kumaplatform akaita seZimeye kwatakabva mpfanha zvishoma izvi. kana wabaiwa buda. B.e.c.h.e rako thats an insult ryt.Dont come here if you dont have balls.

fire 1 month ago

@cde naked you need delivance

inini 4ox 1 month ago

firamo wakapusa stereki


We are with you Wiwa Stay Strong
#CCC to the Core

Unashe Zimbabwe 1 month ago


Unashe Zimbabwe
Usatye Zimbabwe

Kacha Kacha 1 month ago


Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has named his shadow cabinet, which interestingly does not constitute his loyalist MPs who remain in parliament under the MDC Alliance identity.

Chamisa’s shadow cabinet, the first ever under his newly constituted opposition, sees one of his deputies Tendai Biti – a former finance minister – assume his familiar role.

“This serves to inform your office that Hon Prosper C. Mutseyami shall be the party chief whip and he will be deputised by Sichelesile Mahlangu,” wrote Chamisa in his correspondence to Parliament Speaker Advocate Jacob Mudenda.

“The party has also made the following appointments to shadow the substantive Ministry.

“The shadow cabinet members are Tendai Biti (Finance and Economic Development), Charlton Hwende (Defence and War veterans), Willias Madzimure (Industry and Commerce), Susan Matsunga (Women’s affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development) and Judith Tobaiwa (Health and Child Care)…”

Fani Munengami was named Primary and Secondary Education, Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development), Happymore Chidziva (Youth, Sport, Arts – and Recreation), Wellington Chikombo (Local Government and Public Works), Eric Murai (Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, Climate and Rural Resettlement, Johnson Matambo (Environment, Climate Change, Tourism and Hospitality Industry) while Settlement Chikwinya was named as Transport and Infrastructure Development shadow minister.

Chamisa named Bulawayo legislator Kucaca Phulu as Justice Legal and Parliamentary Affairs shadow minister, Murisi Zwizwai (Mines and Mining Development), Prince Sibanda (Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services) and Dickson Tarusenga (Energy and Power Development).

The opposition leader also appointed Godfret Koster to be the Caucus secretary for the CCC party in the National Assembly.

“Your cooperation in this regard is sincerely appreciated and may your office render to them the support they may need,” said Chamisa.

A shadow cabinet is made up of senior members of the main opposition party who act as spokespeople for the opposition in specific policy areas.

Shadow ministers are appointed by the leader of the opposition and generally take roles that mirror the current government.

Their job is to scrutinise those they ‘shadow’ in government, and develop policies for their party. _WE COMING WE ALMOST THERE

Bye bye long serving members 1 month ago

Ko alleged adulteress Mahere?
Ko war veteran Job Sikhala?

1 month ago

Ramona wakashinga Nakata anoshura materu

1 month ago

Ramba wakashinga makata anoshura materu zvinoita chete Mwari ndewemunhu wese

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Pakuzoti mupurwa ndoopauri kupurirwa 😂

Stumbo 1 month ago

Ramba wakashinga zvichanaka chete Wiwa. Siyana nemadzvinyu anowawata kutaura zvisina basa zvehutsinye pano. God is for us all

Insta 1 month ago

May the Lord God be with you. You will overcome🙏

ZveCyberbullying zviriko here zvimitemo zviya, 1 month ago

ZveCyberbullying zviriko here zvimitemo zviya, like here on pindula potraz yacho inoona here kuti ndaitei ini pasina data randatenga...

jay 1 month ago


c 1 month ago

CCC real change

Ba Tadi 1 month ago

If you commit a crime for a good cause unosungwa mhosva imhosva .zvakafanana nekuba hupfu ma tm kuti mhuri igute

CCC 1 month ago

Sorry Wiwa, you did not make it into our Shadow Cabinet.
We are not sure when you are coming back from College.

VaGwede 1 month ago

Look at the fight on Pindula what about if it physical for real vamwe vaitoita test meters yekuibva kwemarumbu nemazondo ndava vanenge vasisisina mazino ukanzwa vati zvaibva for sure zvinenge zvaibva. Justice iriko here fair is foul also foul is fair so thus political environment maresults anoaffector tose but
CCC ikangotonga isu mZANU tinoneswa nhamo so mushonga kungotamba nechimuti zviriko futi
Guys even sometimes ndomboona kuti CCC regain itonge but pandakadzingwa paline resadza kuzoti regoridhe ndipo pandakaoona kuti inorira ichiti kwavo ngoma iyoyo huyai ndiikake futi

Tambolenyoka 1 month ago

Maty the Lord's Angel keep you safe ,Wiwa.

Majority Rule 1 month ago

Do not worry wiwa, with you all the way.A fool will soon fall

wangu 1 month ago

mirai muone 2023 recovery kuuraya cht ,makatingwadza 2008 ,izvozvi kudzorerana cht ..kusvika zvaita bhooo

Da Truth 1 month ago

A dark cloud is looming over the Zimbabwe skies.🇿🇼🆘

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