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CCC MP Ejected From Parliament In Row Over Pomona Waste Project

CCC MP Ejected From Parliament In Row Over Pomona Waste Project

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for Kuwadzana East Charlton Hwende was Wednesday ejected from the August house after insisting that more time should be allocated to debate the US$344 million Pomona Waste to Energy deal.

Hwende and his colleagues in the opposition were demanding to know why the minister was acting like a debt collector on behalf of a private company.

The opposition-controlled Harare City Council has rejected the US$344 million contract awarded to a Netherlands-based company fronted in Zimbabwe by Dilesh Nguwaya who is said to have close relations with the first family.

The deal requires the council to pay Geogenix B.V US$22 000 per day and the bill has already reached US$780 000 with the local government minister recently writing to the council, directing payment to the company.

Below are some of Hwende’s exchanges with the Speaker as posted by;

HON. HWENDE:  Thank you very much, Hon. Speaker.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER (HON. M. KHUMALO):  The ten minutes extended time has lapsed.

HON. HWENDE:  Do not protect thieves.  Why are you protecting thieves?  No, no, no.  This is a very important matter.  We must discuss it.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, the ten minutes have expired.

HON. HWENDE:  No, you cannot protect corruption.  This matter must be discussed.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  You are now challenging the Chair.

HON. HWENDE:  I am not challenging you. I am just asking you to allow us to debate because money is being stolen in this country and you are sitting there protecting people who are looting.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  You are now challenging the Chair.

HON. HWENDE:  I am not challenging you but do not protect people who are corrupt and are looting in this country.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, it is nothing about corruption.  I am saying the ten minutes extension time has expired.

HON. HWENDE:  This is a very important matter.  The City of Harare is being forced to pay $22.000 per day.  It is a very important matter.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, procedure has to be followed.

HON. HWENDE:  No, there is no procedure.  Why are you protecting thieves?  What kind of procedure is that?


HON. HWENDE:  We are not going to proceed.  This matter must be discussed here.  Why should we proceed?  We are not going to any other question.  We must discuss this matter today.  Why are you protecting thieves?  This is Parliament. You cannot allow thieves to be protected by Parliament.  We are exercising our oversight role.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, can you sit down.

HON. HWENDE:  I am not going to sit down.  Why should I sit down?  You want me to sit down so that Harare can be forced to pay $22.000 per day?

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, whatever you are going to say, the procedure will not allow that.

HON. HWENDE:  What procedure?  Your procedure is allowing thieves to go scot-free.  What kind of procedure is that?

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  We are following procedure here.  Sit down Hon. Member.

HON. HWENDE:  What kind of procedure are you talking about?  I am not going to sit down.  Why should I sit down?  You want me to sit down so that you can allow Harare to be looted?  We are not going to allow looting here.  This looting must stop today.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, I will ask you to go out.

HON. HWENDE:  I am not going out.

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  You are challenging the Chair.  Can you go out?

HON. HWENDE:  What I am saying is,  can you allow this debate to go ahead?  This is a very important matter.  Can you allow the debate to continue?  People are looting and you are allowing people to loot. What kind of Speaker are you?

THE TEMPORARY SPEAKER:  Hon. Member, can you go out!

HON. HWENDE:  No, no, no.  Let us debate this matter today. “Ungadzingire munhu nyaya yecorruption. Mari yacho kwairi kudyiwa imi hamusi kukuona?” You are trying to protect thieves then you are chasing me out.

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ZIMBA🇿🇼OG 3 weeks ago

they don't want to be accounted .Pasi ne corruption

ZIMBA🇿🇼OG 3 weeks ago

Bhuru aka serial father you are not learned thats why July is pomonalizing things muchingoti dzefunde dzefunde ,,,,chinhu chaora ichi

Bhuru aka Serial Father 3 weeks ago

Madam Speaker what type of English is this?

gweta 3 weeks ago

Madam speaker Sir, Rine manyanga hariputirwi. Pomona deal rabvondoka hayipereri ipapo.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

Bhora musango. Knowledgeable voters will know what to do with the ruling party

Pablo 3 weeks ago

Those Zanu pf speakers and zrp officers must pray that Zanu pf does not fail to successfully dig the elections. Otherwise vachasiya mabasa vose nekunyara chete.

Milton 3 weeks ago

Where can our country get USD22000 to pay daily for that deal? Even if we have the money, for now can't we prioritise it somewhere?

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

This is Africa guys tiri vana va Canaan . Muporofiti Noah akatoti curser kare and tichangoramba takasara ne mamwe ma rudzi kusvika amen


dispenser 3 weeks ago

Ndipo pauchanwa rimwe **** richiti zviri right. Promoting corruption, Number one enemy ,shld we say corruption, zanuration , intimidation, ndinogara ndichiti .ukanwa vazhinji vanoti pamberi ne Zanu vanopisa .vane ma criminal activities avakaita previously .so the best way kusapota Zanu bz havazivi kuti upcoming gvt inozoti kudii in regard to their murderous activities .


Citizens do want Honorable Members like Honorable Hwende who fight corruption in Parliament.

Cde Hwende knew very well that he was breaking parliamentary law of going against the Speakers orders, but he had to fight against the unjust law.





Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Sage 3 weeks ago

Evil exists when good men do nothing.

Mitesh 3 weeks ago

Aratidza kushinga mdara uyu. Honestly speeking ndovanhu vatinoda muleadership medu ava

3 weeks ago

vanhu vakaita saHwende havadiwe nezanu.achatsvagirwa kanyaya chete achasungwa kuti asaende kuParliament.

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Very soon Hwende will be arrested and looked up .He has steered the honet,s nest .Hwende tsvaga lawyer ikozvino rinotaura chaiko nekuti wakodzonga dendende renyuchi saka chatsva Jeri rawavhura Zanupf haipikiswi .

Maravaza 3 weeks ago

This is a burning issue, Mnangagwa must act responsible and set up a commission to investigate this seemingly fraudulent deal to cleanse his gvt from it

c 3 weeks ago

CCC real change mnangagwa haakwanise kugadzrisa nyaya coz arimo munyaya dzacho

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