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CCC MP Distances Self From US$40 000 Housing Loan For Lawmakers

CCC MP Distances Self From US$40 000 Housing Loan For Lawmakers

A Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament has distanced himself from the controversial US$40 000 loans offered to lawmakers by the government.

Addressing residents at a recently held community engagement meeting at Moffat Hall in Sakubva, Innocent Gonese, who represents Mutare Central in the National Assembly, said he doesn’t know anything about the loans. Said Gonese:

The issue of government loans has been topical of late. The truth of the matter is that I haven’t seen any money and I don’t know about anything concerning the US$40 000 housing loan.

As you all know, I am a steadfast CCC member and as a party, we will sit down and discuss on the issue because I don’t want to be caught offside.

After coming up with a conclusion, we will come up with a statement that will be delivered to the public.

Recent media reports indicate that MPs were offered US$40 000 housing loans with Ministers being offered US$500 000 and their deputies getting US$350 000.

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa said that the loans were a bribe and warned his MPs not to “drink from the poisoned chalice” as they will face the wrath of voters.

However, CCC Chief Whip in Parliament Prosper Mutseyami said the loan was not a donation but “a genuine part of the MPs’ welfare.” | TellZim News

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Nkust 1 month ago

Yaa mari inodiwa hayo nomunhu wese asi pazvose zvakatarisana ne nyika yokwedu ndaivona kunge ma forty thousand aya aigona kushandisiwa pane zvimwe than kupa ma mps asivo kana zvanga zvotopasa kuti vapiwe kuramba kweve ccc ma loans acho hazvaizomisa ve zanupf kupanana ma loans iwaya saka regai vatore vakomana vadhle lifa ravo nemhuri dzavo

Holy 1 month ago

Nhy ZESA irikuitawo ON & OFF here ikoko

Dofo 1 month ago

Pakuzoti "he doesn't know anything about the loans" haasi aku dhipisa here

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Iri kupisaka 40 gida? Yah maCCC MPs munopona nezita raChamisa. Mamwe maCCC MP anga arambwa nevanhu paMarch 2022 by-election. Chamisa ndiye akazoti vese ngavadzoke bcoz they had been recalled for being loyal to him. Vese vakatora ma40 thaza, come 2023, Chamisa akakurambai hamulume. Bvunzai Mwonzora akasara nedanga rizere mufudze mombe dzaenda nemukomana.

Vesto 1 month ago

My man @Worzell, I entirely agree.

From a principle point of view. accepting a $40,000 bribe is selling out. With 2023 elections around the corner, CCC has to walk the talk. Hobnobing with ZANU must come with consequences. Side with the citizens or join the ZANU gravy train.

There isn't a shortage of patriotic cadres in CCC. Sellouts must GO.

😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

That awkward moment when you make a false
excuse to go out of the room to fart, but when you
come back in, you realize you carried the smell
back with you.
That awkward moment when your shoe makes the
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That awkward moment when you fart in the
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Dese 1 month ago

Sendelakho comedian

mbutu ya gogo 1 month ago

i thought they're femay

Tshikwerengwe 1 month ago

The phrase ' sellout' is derogatory and I view it as achaic and should never be used in a modern democratic nation . This word was widely used during the bush war in Rhodesia ,why should we bring it in a post war era ? Having a different opinion/ divergent view from the leader of a political party that's selling out ?

1 month ago

Replace it with "traitor".

We will punish these CCC boys 1 month ago

They have lost focus come elections we d rather vote for ZANU thieves

1 month ago

So says a zanupf thief. 😂

pk 1 month ago

shavi rehurombe rakubata Gonese.


😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

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😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

A man walks into a sports shop and turns to an
employee, “I’d like to have these three very big and
heavy balls.”
The employee nods, “me too.”

Maparamuro 1 month ago

The voter being taken for a ride because the majority of Zim voters are ignorant

1 month ago

Only the zanupf dimwits.

BB how many MPs. in Zimbabwe n calculate by 40000 1 month ago


f 1 month ago

they are 1 so what's your quiry

😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

Two men walk in the jungle. One has a gun on his
back and the other one a big rock. The one with the
rock asks the other man, “Why do you have a gun
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trying to stop critical debates 1 month ago

on the comment section hatidi matsaga

😂 try not to laugh 1 month ago

What do Pindula and the fridge have in common?
Even though you know that there’s nothing there,
you still go and check every 10 minutes.

1 month ago


CCC mps u have failed be us 1 month ago

come 2023 pa ma mp am voting for Zanu or kungo spoiler the Pana president ndoisa Chamisa

1 month ago

The bad MP's will be voted out and good ones will remain.

1 month ago

Says a zanupf dimwit

kuwadzana mp 1 month ago

mari akuna asingaide kungohumana henyu regai vatore mari chakaipa kuzoenda nezanu after vawana mari let them enjoy also ndivo vadii ipiweika mari tione mukairamba mbudzi haidye payakasungirirwa

kj 1 month ago


soccer fan 1 month ago

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1 month ago

Now 2-0

general 1 month ago

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Chimuti 1 month ago

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YOUNG_M.C_KHALED_DJ 1 month ago

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They call themselves Arabs
At least France Squad has got blacks

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Dott 1 month ago

Morocco,, shiri inozongofa yakwaturwa

bhora mwini 1 month ago

bhora hanziiko zvevanotiitisa hatinei nazvo

bhora 1 month ago

France Morocco how far

Plumtree 1 month ago

Morocco and France dzatamba sei?

YOUNG_M.C_KHALED_DJ 1 month ago

Theo Hernandez scored France’s first goal inside five minutes at Al Bayt Stadium and substitute Randal Kolo Muani sealed victory for Les Bleus with a late second.

mafirakureva 1 month ago

triple c mpa who have accepted the bribe have sold out simple hakuna kunopfuura ipapa can we pse have new dedicated, committed and loyal cadres pse there's no excuse apa done with the devil at your own peril

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