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CCC Marondera Rally To Go Ahead As Planned - Siziba

CCC Marondera Rally To Go Ahead As Planned - Siziba

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) deputy spokesperson Gift “Ostallos” Siziba said the party will allow the State to block its programmes through the use of “lawfare”. 

Posting on Twitter this Friday, Siziba revealed how police in Marondera attempted to bar CCC from holding its star rally in Marondera on Saturday.

Siziba said CCC will hold its Marondera rally as planned saying the party has complied with all the requirements of the law. Below is Siziba’s full post on Twitter. [Note: the first post was deleted by the author].

2. In writing, our local Citizens Champions in Marondera, as per the dictates of MOPA law, notified the authorities of two separate programs, i.e. a mini car rally (to mobilise support) & an actual rally at Rudaka Stadium.

3. In a deliberate conflation of two separate issues, the authorities wrote back, disapproving the Star Rally, on the basis of the “mini car rally” campaign which they had been separately notified of.

4. After failing to convince the police regardless, we subsequently instructed our lawyers to engage them. Obey Shava had a meeting with the police in Marondera & specifically allayed their “concerns” over the mini car rally.

5. The police responded in writing, advising that we had omitted to give them the details of the second convenor, i.e for the Star Rally. This was incorrect as we had already supplied the details. Find attached evidence.

6. Out of an abundance of caution, our lawyers furnished the police with the requested details as appearing on annexure 2 of the letter dated 11 March 2022. The police accepted the letter, initially agreeing to meet our lawyers at 3 pm this afternoon.

7. Later on, our lawyers were advised that the meeting would not proceed due to other commitments by the supervising police authority, but most importantly, they were notified that should anything arise out of their earlier engagement, they would be advised in writing.

8. It then follows that since our lawyers provided everything requested, even though a formal meeting wasn’t held, the official position remains that our rally will go ahead as previously planned & we certainly will proceed accordingly tomorrow.

9. Pursuant of all remedies, our lawyers @bamuj & @obeyshava1 had already approached the High Court, on an urgent basis, in response to the initially rally “ban” before they eventually engaged the police directly, providing all requested information.

10. It is clear to us, that the behaviour of the police, exposes a hidden hand. It would seem like they are behaving as per directives from elsewhere. The only concern for us is that we have satisfied all requirements & will thus proceed with our plans. Local mobilization on!

11. As you may have become aware, similar challenges are being faced for all other Yellow Rallies slated for the rest of next week. There is a clear logic to this madness, which will be deliberately met with clear resistance. We won’t succumb to lawfare.

12. Tomorrow morning, we the citizens of Zimbabwe are converging in Marondera, to turn the city Yellow. As far as we are concerned, it’s all systems go. The Citizens Champion In Chief is raring to go. We are ready The citizens will converge.

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R 3 months ago


T 3 months ago

Hie i am not interested in politics but people are dying for treatable disease s no electricity,poor salary,poor standards of living,teachers ill treated, nurses everything is haphazard.May the lord help us people on top are making money but shockingly cry for sanction s.God help and bless Zimbabwe.God interven and help Zimbabwe.its our lovely mother land.

Senior Citizen 3 months ago


sunrise 3 months ago

yellow is the new hello , morning yellorendera

Emperor 3 months ago

pamberi ne handsome

Jerah Choko 3 months ago

Supporting ZANU PF party reflects brain-inability of its supporter


Homo Erectus 3 months ago

just go ahead with the rally. It is your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Stuff the ZRP.

Homo Erectus 3 months ago

just go ahead with the rally. It is your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Stuff the ZRP.

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

#CCC party HUCHI. Vote #CCC MPs & CLLRs on 26 March. The whole country is painted YELLOW. The YELLOWBRIGADE is UNSTOPPABLE.....Chamisa Chete Chete, CHANGE CHAMPION IN CHIEF. #CCC bato remain CITIZENS.💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

3 months ago

Mufundisi 3 months ago

Go attend these so called BLOODY CCC rallies at your own risk.

Steven Chidhumo 3 months ago

Really? 🤔

pipi 3 months ago

anonzi vybez uyu akaora imbavha chete

pipi 3 months ago

anonzi vybez uyu akaora imbavha chete

pipi 3 months ago

anonzi vybez uyu akaora imbavha chete

ZRP 3 months ago

Tinokurovai huyai muoone ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡mapenzi evanhu u need to reapply for your rally

Steven Chidhumo 3 months ago

We are coming and we will deal with you accordingly with the contempt you deserve if you provoke us. Don’t even dare, we will obliterate you! Pamberi nema citizens

Soul jah love 3 months ago

Police kutiza meeting,kurova sporo
Saka mukomana ava horror
Takuita follow --
-ma Rasta a bigga yellow
Ramangwana ndati m****
Tora chitupa u vote yellow
New Zimbabwe Hello

Ndiudxeia 3 months ago

Aangene hakwe mfana

NEW JOSH NKOMO 3 months ago


Never before has information about the opposition parties been accessible to everyone ,poor or rich,Over the years ,before the penetration of the internet in zimbabwe the only source of information was the state ram DEADBC and its radios and newspapers which zanu pf used to its full adverntage to spread propaganda ,news about opposition was hardly ever aired..the only time we saw mdc was when it was being critised .Fast forward 2022 ,whatsapps groups,websites,social media sites like twitter,facebook are airing the truth 24/7 back then we would have never knew that zanu is blocking an opposition rally ,gone are the days when zanu used to control the news,reasons range from lack of skilled personnel to block those platforms,their think tank jonathan moyo is in exile,abandonment of DEADBC by the citizen,old guard doesnt realise the power of information
whatever the reasons are,information will be the downfall of zanu,they have never been exposed like this before,citizens know exactly whats happening on the ground

---revolutionery JOSH NKOMO---

jj 3 months ago

**** yako iwe munhu we zanu pf ****

Kitsiyatota Kizito 3 months ago

Smith ndi Smith Tsano, Zanu Naismith zvakatosiyana 2080 Zanu ichingotonga

Steven Chidhumo 3 months ago

Smith once said something similar incase you don't know, where are we now?

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Never in a thousand years will the opposition rule Zimbabwe because it's disorganised and lacks confidence

Hulk Hogan 3 months ago

Go Chamisa go
Go Yellow go
Go CCC go
Marondera hoye

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Napinde Jake mukomana MUTIOLET

CCC 3 months ago

Tinenge takazadza Rudhaka Stadium
Miraika mutione

tsotsi 3 months ago


Vax 3 months ago

Unstoppable HURRICANE (cylone) CCC

Guraz star 3 months ago

Ngaapinde hake mukomana

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Wamba dia Wamba. Tisu nyuchi dzinoruma☝️💛💛💛💛💛💛💛🐝🐝🐝🐥

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Ngapinde hake mukomana MUTOILET🧻🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽

Steven Chidhumo 3 months ago

Ndomafungiro ako, Shame

Steven Chidhumo 3 months ago

Famba Nero, Famba

3 months ago

Golide thing 3 months ago

Ngapinde Hake mujaya 🖕🖕🖕🖕Yellow everywhere

Golide thing 3 months ago

Ngapinde Hake mujaya 🖕🖕🖕🖕Yellow everywhere

Golide thing 3 months ago

Ngapinde Hake mujaya 🖕🖕🖕🖕Yellow everywhere

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