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CCC Loses Five Members In One Week

CCC Loses Five Members In One Week

CCC Bulawayo Province says five senior members of the party died within a space of a week.

CCC’s Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swithern Chiroodza said the deceased party members succumbed to various diseases. Said Chiroodza:

This past week has been bad for us as Bulawayo CCC family.

We have lost five hardworking and dedicated cadres during the past week due to various treatable illnesses.

These illnesses could have been avoided if we had sound medical facilities in the country.

It is unfortunate that only senior ZANU PF people are the ones who have access to quality medical treatment outside the country.

Chiroodza said the party lost Joubert “JB” Ngwenya, an activist from the Njube-Lobengula constituency who died after a short illness.

Lynette Munikwa Ncube and Fungai Phiri both succumbed to diabetes. Phiri was the Luveve CCC Secretary.

Elita Mahlangu (79) passed away on Friday after suffering a stroke. Said Chiroodza:

Her political journey involves being among the first MDC members, and a member of the MDC Veterans Activist Association (VAA).

He said the party also lost Beatrice Moyo who succumbed to cancer.


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Mwana waMambo 1 month ago

May their souls rest in eternal peace. Makarwa kurwa kwakanaka, zororai murugare magamba edu.

Patriot 1 month ago

You MDCCC should just stop this nonsense of being cry babies... So your supporters can't die now and rest in peqce without you using it to blame ZANU PF and speak bad of our country only for political mileage and to please your paymasters. You don't deserve and will never lead this country. VOTE ZANU PF

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

ladies and gentlemen i the King Fiend doesn't render much of my support to mortal being. I simply respect authority and worship the Mighty heavenly reigns. I can't waste my life's span under someone's authority, like this 79 year old who succumbed under some movement that has some bleak future. In the intire of my demise I should die for a principle, and that is worshipping Jehovah only.
Imagine in Heaven when asked what you spent your precious life on, then you answer by saying you were supporting MDC Mwondzora or Chamisa CCC even ZANU pf. The lord will question you on why you didn't have much time with him.

Ladies and gentlemen i vote because it's my right, but I don't allow the earthly politics to possess my mentality. Too much worldly news will get you knocked and suffer stroke like @Bush lawyer 😂just focus on your spiritual and mental life.
Support your family first, your dreams and never lose like Manchester Divided ,but be a Winner. In elections just go and vote only, because if you try to get more to it you might lose your life like what happened to Mboneni Ncube and many others. 😥😥😥

pvc 1 month ago

you are brainless

CCC supporter 1 month ago

You fought your battles CDEs may your rest in peace ✌️

Chibabababa 1 month ago

Matotangawo kupedzana nekuda kutonga


Anonymous 1 month ago

Dai vari veZanu vafa muchipembera so

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Yaaa vezanu vanofanira ktopera vose havo

Chamisa junior 1 month ago

Zororai murugare makarwa kurwa kwakanaka.

Gidza 1 month ago

Vourayana vanhu vaya kuri kuda zvigaro.

Tkt 1 month ago

Well may their souls rest in peace
But guys let's shun blame game, death is death it has always been there worse still apq mukuti vakarwara vanhu ava.
Ko the late Bob akanga asiri muTop of the Art Hospital here paaka kita, so zvimwe zivai zveku taura kwete kungo bvotomoka badzi.
Ngava zorore havo murugare vafi ava

hjg 1 month ago

wapedza iwe 👍

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Why did Bob get treatment in Singapore instead of Harare Central Hospital?

How come the whole of Zimbabwe has no functional Dialysis and Radiotherapy machines?

How can we applaud hospitals that are I'll equipped and I'll resourced? Hospitals that don't have paracetamol.

People die unnecessarily and you have the temerity to insult us by saying death is natural. In Zimbabwe we have too many unnecessary deaths.

Wake up Chikiti

User 1 month ago

Rest ln Peace Comrades.
2023 ndeyedu,we willtake it from where you left.

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