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CCC Legislator Job Sikhala Denied Bail Again

CCC Legislator Job Sikhala Denied Bail Again

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament (MP) for Zengeza West, Job Sikhala was this Tuesday denied bail by a Harare Magistrate.

Sikhala was arrested last month on allegations of inciting public violence which erupted in Nyatsime during the funeral wake of slain CCC activist, Moreblessing Ali.

In a statement after Sikhala was denied bail, again, CCC co-vice president, Tendai Biti, said the development was unacceptable. He said:

Bail is a constitutional right and should only be taken away in the most extreme of circumstances. The goings on in the courts are not acceptable The constitution guarantees, freedom, justice and the rule of law.

The CCC party says charges against Sikhala and 13 others, including Godfrey Sithole, another CCC lawmaker, were trumped up to prevent members of the public from seeking justice for the murdered Moreblessing Ali.

She disappeared on 24 May after she had allegedly been abducted by one Pius Mukandi alias Jamba and her decomposing and mutilated body was found dumped in an unused well in Nyatsime on the 11th of June.

The CC led by Nelson Chamisa, a former Minister of ICT during the Government of National Unity (GNU) blames Ali’s murder on the ruling party.

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Sakala 2 weeks ago

Ndichabuda chete.God is for us all

vanotenga zvigumwe vauya 2 weeks ago

i see and saw said the blind man,

tafman 2 weeks ago

it has became too much, it's not an easy road for sure. God bless those who suffers for the masses

Orange 2 weeks ago


Political Correctness 2 weeks ago

Murder is commited by individual/s not political parties

Political Correctness 2 weeks ago

@Zooze Your deductive reasoning inoenderana
nezita rako.

Zuze 2 weeks ago

Individuals commit murder on behalf of a political party? Therefore political parties commit murder. Q.E.D.

e.g. Jamba of ZANU murdered Moreblessing of CCC. Therefore ZANU murdered Moreblessing.

Legal Justice 2 weeks ago

He will be granted bail just before his international lawyers land in Zimbabwe.Trial date will be set for end of November.Kuti ma brono lawyers aya angave nemari to stay here up to December?


I agree with Advocate Tendai Biti that bail must not be denied except in extreme circumstances and it should not be used to punish the accused by asking for prohibitive amounts of money as bail. There are no extreme circumstances in Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole's cases.

These two lawmakers are sacrificial lambs. ZANU PF government is fixing them and wants to set what they consider to be [ good ] examples. This is infact a very bad example.




Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Mtanke via ARDA Sanyati 2 weeks ago

Job Sikhala is a certified serial offender so ngaambogara ikweyo. Achabuda ave straight.He has no respect for the law.

Tete Lynn veku Jerera 2 weeks ago

Point of correction.Biti is not a VP. He held that post in the previous party MDC A. The CCC party only has a President and no other structures. Havaite zvema structures.


VYBZ KARTEL 2 weeks ago

Maifunga kuti kutora nyika kudya sadza🤣🤣🤣 zanu saw fire to be where it's @ today.

Sekuru waBona 2 weeks ago

this is too much even the judicial office is ashamed of such and it's funny murder accused are given bail and look what happened to Moyo the ex health minister and delish nguwaya

mnanganga regime has proven that it's evil to the core and no sound investor will want to associate with such

an toxic political environment will derail any economic recovery strategy

the ruling party has to be disbanded and we start afresh as a people and shun from the liberation swansong

so so shameful

Sekuru waBona 2 weeks ago

those in glass houses mopedzesa muchembere

Dr Gire 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the clarification because I don't want people to mistakenly think I am related to this sekuru.

Robati 2 weeks ago

Dr. Gire hamusimi mega mune mwana anonzi Bona. Uyu arikurehwa anonzi Bonaparte (shortened to Bona). Musaite semapurisa anofunga kuti ED zvinomirira munhu mumwechete

Dr Gire 2 weeks ago

Wangu mwana Bona haana sekuru vanonyora ma sentences asina ma full stop.
Stop it!!!

Patriot 2 weeks ago

Ngaabude Dec 2023

Legal Justice 2 weeks ago

He thought he would threatened the judicial officers by claiming that he had engaged international lawyers.

Joe Brownn 2 weeks ago

No doubt, Zanu-PF wants to poison him while still in custody and they will only release him once they infect him with deadly cancer poison.

Zizi 2 weeks ago

@patriot ndosaka unekadora mukadzi akakosora knxaaaaaaaaaaaaa kanobuda


Harassment after harassment and no conviction achabuda chete.

5WH 2 weeks ago

This shows that the courts are working under the instructions of ED and Chiwengwa. I just wonder why we still have some people who support this ruthless leadership.

Crocodile 2 weeks ago

@VBYZ kartel unofanira kuziva kuti vana sekuru vako Ed naChiwenga makore ari kufamba tichazokubvunza rimwe gore vakutongwa ivo manje


Wiwa is not a certified serial offender he had been arrested more than 60 time bu he has never been convicted. He is just being victimised by the regime.


Job Sikhala had never been convicted despite being arrested more than sixty times it shows the regime is desperate and clutching at straws.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Pakuzoti mupurwa ndoopaneyese 😂

Gwedu 2 weeks ago

Shinga Job, tiri kugadzisirisa nyaya yako. ED Ari kukutsiva Rapist

youth 2 weeks ago

firamo Jojo


Wiwa has been arrested more than 60 times but he has never been vonvicted a pure situation of harassment by the state. Achabuda chete.

Tollie Tunu 2 weeks ago

It means the law of Zimbabwe is after opposition party only those judges are ruled by ED Mrapist and they do what he says ,,if it's going in this way on 2023 elections opposition candidate will be in Prison with their supporters ,,ed pfeeee yokunuka Mani nxaaaa

i 2 weeks ago

bail handiti kuti munhu atongwe achibva kumba ko kana vanoponda vachipihwa ko ivava munovanyimireiko vatongi rerutsai moyo yenyu haikonai kudaro

mbvavha 2 weeks ago

rg akazongofa wani

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