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CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa Speaks On Local Authorities' Poor Service Delivery

CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa Speaks On Local Authorities' Poor Service Delivery

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa Saturday blamed the ruling ZANU PF for local government authorities’ poor service delivery.

Local authorities, especially in urban areas where the opposition has been dominant for the past two decades have often been criticised for failing to deliver required public goods and services.

They have in turn argued that poor performance was attributed to inadequacy of resources needed in the execution of their mandates.

Local government authorities have various sources of revenue including the central government, taxes and user fees.

Addressing CCC supporters in Gweru on the 6th of March 2022, Chamisa attributed the poor performance to “interference” by the central government.

He said while the opposition has had councillors for years now, it was impossible to influence transformation since decisions on local authorities are made by the central government. He added:

ZINWA which is mandated with the provision of water in local authorities is controlled by the Office of the President and Cabinet. The central government clipped our wings.

Water is a perennial challenge for many urban councils. Some suburbs have gone for years without water, a situation that has, in some cases, resulted in the outbreak of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dubbed “a disease of the medieval era.”

Councils say they do not have enough resources to treat water enough to cover the ever-growing populations.

The ruling ZANU PF has often attributed poor service delivery to a lack of leadership in the opposition and has been urging the electorate to give all council seats to the ruling ZANU PF for better service delivery.

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Maravaza 5 months ago

Too much interference on local gvts by July Moyo has affected service delivery in towns.

Why me 5 months ago


Mike mageza 5 months ago

MDC councillors cudnt do anything as they were incapacitated by zanus local govt ministers who controls n hold back funds meant to run councils affairs.

taura zvako 5 months ago

We have been reading about counsellors stealing and abusing council funds.
They joyride in posh cars when people are drinking contaminated water. All they do is shift blame.
Just last night i was listening to news where a councellor sunk a borehole in an area where sewage is abound. in some place in Harare. what is Nelson selling to his followers? hanzi usdollars yako here Nelson?

El zorro 5 months ago

Where did you read this, reference pliz

Vybz Kartel 5 months ago

Kuchema chema all the time apa motadza kanzuru kokuzoti nyika

Hello 5 months ago

@taura zvako, which newspaper do you read.


Bright 5 months ago

Ko zanu zvainoti opposition ndoiri ku runner council wani

rova mbira 5 months ago

ini 26 atondinonokera ndichavota zanu pf ine n****ondo yatinoziva haikona vamwe varikuda kudonza vauyi kuzotinetsa.
ini ndingasva ndasunga gubeze kuenda Malawi kunopotera ikoko.
Hazvimbofa zvakaitika vanomunyepera Nelson.
Hakuna mwana anotonga baba mirai nguva yenyu ichasvika.

Tang. Ku 5 months ago

Some companies that were responsible for chemicals eg Pfizer, GCP CAPS were booted out of the country by these rubbish, ruthless , mafia government now they are claiming another term to lead yet we know what's in their minds

kezi 5 months ago

rovambira uri mbiti

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