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CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa Says Mnangagwa Deliberately Misquoting Him To Justify Violence

CCC Leader Nelson Chamisa Says Mnangagwa Deliberately Misquoting Him To Justify Violence

Opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party leader Nelson Chamisa has hit back at President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his spokesperson George Charamba for allegedly lying to justify violence against his party’s supporters ahead of the March 26 by-elections.

Mnangagwa told the Robert Mugabe National Youth Day rally at Robert Mugabe Square in Harare on Monday that the opposition wanted to engage in violence in the event that it loses the 2023 elections.

He said the only mistake he made was to pre-empt the threat as the state was now prepared. Said Mnangagwa:

What did Chamisa say at his rally? He said if he does not win the presidential elections next year, he will use violence and you wonder. Now that you have said you will use violence, we are now prepared for you, tagadzirira.

Yesterday, Chamisa dismissed the allegations as cheap propaganda by Mnangagwa and Charamba. Chamisa told NewsDay:

They made a deliberate distortion of ‘kutsvukisa ne yellow’, which means to turn the streets yellow and “kutsvukisa” which is to cause bloodshed. Whoever knows the difference is laughing. I know that they know the difference, but they are just being deliberate.

It’s a waste of time to respond to people who are bent on spreading falsehoods. You see, I am pleased that Mr Mnangagwa was listening to my speech, but I am then disheartened and discouraged to realise that they were not listening carefully, or that they listened carefully, but they just deliberately decided to hear what they wanted to hear and not what I said.

Chamisa added that if he won the 2023 plebiscite and formed the next government, he would attract capital and invest in our country. He said Zimbabwe’s affairs will be run by “ourselves but we need to do business with others.”

Mnangagwa had mocked him for saying white investors would flood into the country if he wins the elections. Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe will only be built by Zimbabweans reiterating his mantra “nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.”

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Jinn 2 months ago

Dear Mr Mnangagwa

Take a break madala and give anothers a chance to lead.You have failed us for some decades.Sisebenza nzima everyday eziMine singena phansi kwemgodi emini lebusuku kodwa esikusebenzelayo asikuboni.Sidla nzima,sigqoka nzima abantwana abasafundi.Do us a good favour by accepting the defeat and step down we beg

2 months ago

Chamatams 2 months ago

Zvinorwadza ku dzimirwa Mvura ivo ma ZANU vainayo. Kana uri mu ZANU usina mvura pamba pako urichii manje. Kupfumisa vamwe vachiita matumbu. Haisi time yekudzimirwa mvura ino iyi. First World by 2030 mmmm kkkkk. Imi vanhu musina kana mvura padzimba dzenyu. Shame on you ZANU. Hatichada kutongwa nemi.

Chairman 2 months ago

Zanu pf atichadi kuti tonge 2023 CCC Chamisa with new Governmnt

Chairman 2 months ago

Ahh guys ungabona u voter for i Zanu pf uhhh angazi ukuthi uyabe ungu munto njani sibili phezu koku dubekisa bantu kanje then you go X on the that party I think uyabu gula ingqondo straight

Makelanwi 2 months ago

Black Jack I also add this fact that the ED ZANU PF has no identity,I Nicknamed it ZANU DECOUP Party.

Black Jack 2 months ago

Cheap Politics dza Mnangagwa. With lots of lies. Remember when he took over from the late Mugabe. We thought things will change but nothing changed. He used people and soldiers to make a COUPE - COOO whatever. Only enriching himself and his cronies. Kushandisa vana ve Zimbabwe. Ko kuzoti corruption. Nxaaaa Mbavha mu ZANU. Zvinoto semester. Kuda kudya vega. Ma TITLE DEEDS my foot. After how many years. Cheap Politics. Nxaaaaa


Chairman 2 months ago

Ngaipinde CCC vote for mukomana 2023

Senior Citizen 2 months ago

CCC i rest my case

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