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CCC Launches 'Mugwazo' Ahead 2023 Elections

CCC Launches 'Mugwazo' Ahead 2023 Elections

The opposition CCC has embarked on a nationwide rural mobilisation exercise code-named Mugwazo, as the newly-formed party tries to make inroads in areas considered ZANU PF strongholds.

In an interview with NewsDay on Monday, CCC interim secretary for rural mobilisation, Happymore Chidziva, said senior party leaders have been to Murewa, Mutoko and Uzumba in Mashonaland East Province. Said Chidziva:

We have launched a massive recruitment and mobilisation exercise called Mugwazo. We are meeting ordinary citizens in rural areas.

This is a nationwide programme where we are mobilising people to register to vote and recruiting them to the CCC party.

We are targeting every district in Zimbabwe. Right now, I am in Hwedza together with leaders from Mashonaland East, Charlton Hwende (interim CCC secretary-general) and Murisi Zwizai (Harare Central MP).

We have been distributing fliers. Chamisa has highlighted the need to amplify the CCC rural strategy and stressed that CCC’s major thrust would be to grow the rural vote, with an immediate inundation strategy of rural areas to mobilise youths to register to vote.

ZANU PF thrives on intimidation and instils fear in rural folks. The party has been winning elections through coercion.

We are telling rural folks that their vote is a secret and if they really want their lives to be improved, they should join CCC.

Meanwhile, ZANU PF director for information Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the ruling party is not bothered by what opposition political parties do. Said Mugwadi:

We are not going to lose sleep over what MDC or CCC does. We are the governing party. Our focus is on winning the elections in 2023.

Our focus is to fulfil the promises we made to our people. Our focus is to improve the lives of ordinary people in Zimbabwe.

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mugwadi 1 month ago

kkk isasi repamhepo guys im with you zanu yaora

Geyena 1 month ago

Mugwadi ishiri muririre wayo and ngozi yakamugara

booster 1 month ago

kuti bhu bhu bhu

sekuru kaguvi 1 month ago

Kuuraya munouraya henyu asi zivai kuti mapfupa achamuka.Anomukira iwe kwete Zanu.

mwana wenyoka iwewe Ari kuverenga 1 month ago

zvakaoma kani kufa senyoka uchipondwa riri remangwana rako nekuti ukuda kutamba ndeyeropa hameno hako wenyoka remangwana renyu kufa senyoka uchipondwa nesu ana matchayenyoka


mwana wenyoka iwewe Ari kuverenga 1 month ago

unongoti CCC hauzivi here kuti yeropa ndeyeropa nekuuraya uchafa chete iwewe unofunga vakaona vanhu vachifa sehuku vanokucheuka iwewe uchafa chete hameno hako

mwana wenyoka iwewe Ari kuverenga 1 month ago

ndichakurova musoro ndigokupisa 2023 uchafa chete zvinorwadza

af 1 month ago

ku**** kwamai

Da truth 1 month ago

Once upon a time there was a jungle were all animals lived happily .One summer morning 🌞 the same jungle changed this all happened when Lion and elephant died .The was a raptile who bounced back and took over the reigns of power little did he know that the jungle had it's on way of life .He changed everything in the paradise .And loo and be hold .From the East came Shumba the son of big claw the king young as he was .He fought the reptiles in many battles and one day a wise oldman called him and told him .Son what matters is not winning the a battle but winning the war.So young Shumba focused his mind to new mission of winning back the kingdom.Until one day all the animals turned and fought in one corner together they freed themselves selves.

harare 1 month ago

nyika haiende nevote

Toyani 1 month ago

Zanu ye matuzwi yapera power

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

This is a good strategy which CCC leadership has begun in rural areas. The Old People's Home used to dorminate in rural areas through intimidation. Rural folk fear what happened to CCC supporters in 2008 when their supporters were murdered. They should urge citizens to obtain ID cards and then register to vote. Having said that, CCC leadership must not forget urban areas too where citizens are being promised fake Title Deeds on virgin lands. VOTE CCC FOR REAL CHANGE.

👽 1 month ago

Good strategy indeed but if and only if it is implemented well.People in rural areas still fear being labelled as opposition. So CCC should make their presence known and heard loudly.not by just making 1 visit and then disappearing completely bt continuously revisit those areas and giving out as much regalia as possible and those folks will wear because ndidzo dzawanenge wanadzo sezvawanoita dzezanu

Also in most rural areas there's always that person aneka level karipamuso pevamwe,an influencer mybe ndiye anorima fodya yakawanda or anechigayo or shop, CCC should identify those people those are the ones that local folk will follow, this is just like what zanu does muma farms they look for the influencer and make him the local chairman

Wekunyanya 1 month ago

Uzumba pamh ata

Uzumba 1 month ago

Change yiphii. lets all work together as one people to make vision 2030 a success!!! Zve CCC izvi hazichandi muZim. Munotongwa murikuma terraces makafeka zvima yellow zvekumabhero!!! Vote Zanu PF for Real Change!!!

Uzumba 1 month ago

Vision 2030
Vanoda ma loans
Vanoda mbeu
Vanoda mabasa
Vanoda minda yekurima
Vanoda mombe dzekurimisa
Vanoda ma small projects inbox me!!!

taps 1 month ago

inbox where nd how

Digo 1 month ago

come on yellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🍋🍊🖕🍋🍊

ED pfee nhamo 1 month ago

Mugwadi anobhema dzipi kana achiti improve the lives of our people? After 42 yrs of failure. we are not dump lyk our forefathers vamaiitira such kinda promises. Zanu u HV failed us period. next, CCC

Liar 1 month ago

Inbox yipi paPindula,matanga kunyepa

Uzumba 1 month ago

Tosangan pa Con Court!!!

Da truth 1 month ago

40yrs focusing uuuuuu😈🙄🙄😬🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇿🇼☝️☝️☝️☝️ CCC yellow power

Dickhead 1 month ago


kkk 1 month ago

shave rekutambudzika kuzvipa zvita rekuti musoro blambi nemazita ese aripo kana kubawo....watadza kuba zita

king 1 month ago

kkkkkk improvement ipi unotaurwa nezanu wakatadza kare ngawape mukomana chinhu ichi

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