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"CCC Has Already Identified Next Chief Justice, RBZ Governor"

The opposition CCC has reportedly identified the country’s next Chief Justice and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor if the party wins the 2023 elections.

On Friday, CCC appointed a team comprising its recently elected MPs to “overshadow” government ministries in Parliament. reported a CCC source as saying the team “is not a shadow cabinet because when you shadow you are following.” Added the source:

This team will overshadow, that is, to dominate and outshine ZANU PF in Parliament by demonstrating our readiness to govern and articulating alternative policies.

It should also be emphasised that these roles are only limited to parliament; the party positions will be announced in due course.

We are ready to govern and even ZANU PF knows that; I can also reveal that we have since identified a new Chief Justice for the country and a new head of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

On Saturday, CCC deputy party spokesperson Gift “Ostallos” Siziba said the parliamentary appointments were not a shadow cabinet. He said:

It’s a clear distortion of the facts. The CCC has made parliamentary deployments for representatives to speak on parliamentary issues with specific focus areas including labour, finance, local government, foreign affairs and other portfolios.

We have done this specifically to make sure that we have delegated responsibilities and spokespersons on particular issues in parliament.

There is no such thing as a shadow cabinet. We are going to announce an alternative government, and it won’t just be limited to people who are in parliament but there will be experts who will help CCC to govern in 2023.

CCC was launched early this year by former MDC members after MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora blocked them from using the MDC Alliance name.


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Bonzo 1 month ago

Bora mberi

c 1 month ago

CCC real change

Ama 2k 1 month ago

Rongekai CCC musativhiringa nhas moti I shadow motizve we had already chosen RBZ and chief justice msativhiringa kana kvhiringika tatorasa trust rongekai first then mozo campaigner

bvananguy 1 month ago

counting chicks b4 eggs are hatched kikikikiki

Mukadota 1 month ago

Ma ZANU akati nzeve kwanga. Ari kurwadziwa. Finhu Finhu 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Confused Children Coalition momboramba apa makuti mane magovonor hamuna direction kuuya uchipinda uchipinda uchibuda campaigning yenyu yakadhakwa.

e.g John Chibadura 1 month ago

The boy is confusing you...😂😂😂😂😂

Penjeniya 1 month ago

We are praying for you guys. God willing we will be able to;
sleep peacefully without fear of men in dark glasses and ferret forces,
a gvt that fears God & does not kill,maim, torture and kidnap its own children,
a gvt where a penjeniya like me can go to any ATM and withdraw my money ndobva ndanotenga zvandoda,
a gvt where I can put on any regalia be it yellow, green or red without fear of youth brigades,
a gvt where I can listen and watch tv that doesn't always start with a president waffling followed by a retired general threatening nurses and doctors and interspersed by a dubious lady masquerading as a First Lady.
Plz God I genuflect and pray for a President who says right when he actually means left.


mudzidzisi 1 month ago

English varume hanzi
this team will overshadow, that is, to dominate and not to shadow, which is to follow . There is a difference there.

Chahototo 1 month ago

Confused cockroaches. Mati mahwinha here kkkkk ayaaas
2023 ED Pfeeeeee

inini 4ox 1 month ago

Ana !!!mbwa will forever stay in the shadows

Gafa 1 month ago

Chirungu vana dununu verengai muchinzwisisa dont forget yu are dealing with finest lawyers in Zimbabwe.Dololo

Fany fany 1 month ago

Ccccc ndizvo ngapinde mukomana 2023

Chahototo 1 month ago

As usual the Proff is right but the small minded bandwagon of brainwashed cult hero worshipping so called CCC supporters will condemn him.You are now on the road to creating those structures that Proff has been telling you about all along, but you need to be told by your Bri**** masters first before doing the obvious. No one in his right mind votes for such idiocy. My vote is safe with Zanu PF.
Vote CCC at your own peril, nyika inoswera yaenda.
2023 ED Pfeeeeee

Mr Politician 1 month ago

Chamisa is a useless president n he is also a British puppet how come kt unoudza neumwe mnhu kt bhurugwe rako rakudonha unenge usingazvioni kana kunzwa kumirira kuudziwe nemunhu ari British kut ita zvakadai it shows now kt arikushandiswa nema British to destroy this country all of you by the end of the day you end up mave maslaves munyika menyu nemunhu wamurikuda uyu

Border Gezi Jnr. 4 weeks ago

Iwe mr politician sei usingaone kuti Zanu pf ndiyo iri kuita vanhu ma Slaves. Uri **** isinganyare inosura chero pana ambuya

observer guru 4 weeks ago

actually Chamisa is a Zanu stuntman whose role is to lure the West into thinking that there's an opposition party in ZIMBABWE.
yes, there are true opposition icons in this country but in most cases these are quickly silenced, which is not the case with Chamisa!
good eexamples are Sikhala, Biti, Simba Makoni, Mutumwa Mawere, and many others.
people should be asking themselves why Chamisa always encourage them to participate in flawed elections to lose.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

I find it difficult to accept the criticism of the CCC as puppets of the British when there has never been any credible evidence led to fortify that statement. Secondly labelling Chamisa as a useless leader, when he led the CCC to a thumping victory over ZANU taking an average lead of 70% in two successive by elections at parliamentary and council levels. On the other hand the Second Deception/Desperation has rundown the currency in the last 3 years. Foreseeing failure by CCC even before it gets into office is a little creative mischief. Attributing British enslavement in the evident Chinese slavery recently revealed is selective amnesia to the obvious Chinese colonisation of Zimbabwe.

Criticising CCC and Chamisa in light of ZANU induced economic meltdown is downright Stupídity of unequalled proportions

??? 1 month ago

Ending tavemaSlaves??? isu titori maSlaves eZanu kare

Yellow 1 month ago

@chahototo ichiendapi nyika kwaunoziva veduweeeeka dzakaitwa brainwashed nezanu pf zvinonzwisa ueombo veduwe 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Chindori Chininga 1 month ago

Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana

CDE 4 weeks ago



MASVINGO -The Minister of State for Masvingo, Ezra Chadzamira shocked people gathered at a soil and water conservation launch day when he told civil servants that they should work with Zanu PF because it is the party that is paying them so that they can eat and go to the toilet.

Chadzamira was speaking at Bengo homestead in Masvingo rural Ward 11 on Friday last week at a function organised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Fisheries’ department of mechanisation.

He left his audience shell-shocked.

He warned civil servants who are not allegiant to the ruling party that they would soon be fired. He was particularly irked by Agritex officers who he accused of not cooperating with the ruling party.

“Civil servants must know that they are working for a ZANU PF Government and it is the one that makes them able to visit the toilet,” said Chadzamira.

The gathering had civil servants from different Government Departments including the Police.

He promised civil servants that this time they will also be included on social welfare programmes as Government is aware that they are also hungry.

“No one should be left out in the Government food programmes even civil servants because they are also hungry” said

parasite 4 weeks ago

Anotaura peter toshi

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