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CCC Embarks On Polling Station Mapping Exercise

CCC Embarks On Polling Station Mapping Exercise

CCC is conducting a polling station mapping exercise so that it will be able to deploy polling agents to all the stations and improve its election results tabulation.

During the 2018 elections, Zimbabwe had more than 10 000 polling stations but CCC, then known as the MDC Alliance, did not do the mapping exercise and failed to field polling agents at some polling stations.

Speaking to NewsDay on Tuesday, CCC’s election point person Ellen Shiriyedenga said:

Polling station mapping is important for our election results statistical modelling, polling station accounting and tracking.

Election Resource Centre programmes manager Solomon Bobosibunu said:

The mapping of polling stations allows for the efficient management of voters on election day by the electoral commission.

If political parties undertake the mapping exercise, it is purely for them to know how many voters are at a particular location and it allows them to have an oversight role over how many voters are at a certain place.

Posting on Twitter, United States-based software engineer Freeman Chari, who is leading the polling station mapping exercise said:

We need to know the location of all polling stations so that we can deploy citizen agents to them. These agents need to be safe and should be accounted for.

They will update our systems. We can only do it if you help us. When you pass a polling station, send us the coordinates.

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Its on record that some polling stations will not be known to opposition parties and ZEC will not reveal their whereabouts. Ndo panotambwa chikiribidi ipapo.

Disinterested Winner 2023 1 month ago

pure exercise in futility ED is already having headaches about the 2023 post elections cabinet kkkkk.CCC makarobwa kare my ballot edzai Kenya

Code blocks 1 month ago

gud move champions..batai mbavha dzisati more thinge, go digital, if its not logic 0 its logic 1, inplement tecnology that update analyse and store election results as they are being counted at every polling station in reall time and up to the time.
This is where Kali Linux works wonders, if Zec professed ignorence of som polling stations location, just show them that BLACK HAT is reall, ...guard the guards🕵️🕵️🕵️

Code Blocks Destructor 1 month ago

**** results will have to go for verification and that's the beauty of bush validation aka in my element when rigging

Pamberi ne Citizens 1 month ago

Pamberi ne CCC pamberi ne US 540, pasi ne USD175

@taf☆ 1 month ago

pamberi ne☝☝

Pamberi neChipinyangora 1 month ago

CCC kudii vana venyokaxxxaa kkkkkk

MuSabatha(SDA) 1 month ago

We all have to take part in such processes as citizens to make sure our gote is not stolen again. Remember the masses provided vital facilities and participated during the liberation struggle to end settler rule. We the masses shud get involved in any way possible to make sure zimbabwe is freed from zanu.


Anony 1 month ago

Problem 1 yangosara ndeyekut pane vachir kuida zanu iyoyo

CVV 1 month ago

this time vanonyepa hapana vote yavanoba kana kuuzumba tinenge tiripo

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

I pity this party called CCC, something as simple as mapping and you are asking the public to help you just because you don't want to spend money yet you want to ensure a free and fair election ,very pathetic! Employ people to do the mapping simple as that . This party (CCC) is just a bunch of jokers kkkkk AKO kari kuUSA Chari ngakazive zveikoko koz kana a say in Zim politics ....

mbinga 1 month ago

haaàa newevo hindava kuita pfungwa sedzeeeeee

charlie charlie 1 month ago

@jacksparriw ...dreaming dreams of yesterday it or not mukomana anopinda...the masses do have a great part to play in the outcome of 2023 elections.."smell the coffee"...

Denier 1 month ago

Ko vakutoita mapping pakuti va launcher party yavo officially kwete mafanizi avarikuita

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