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CCC Disbands Interim Structures, Replace Them With Constituency Steering Committees - Report

CCC Disbands Interim Structures, Replace Them With Constituency Steering Committees - Report

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has reportedly disbanded interim structures across the country, replacing them with constituency steering committees and ward coordinators to run party affairs.

The political outfit led by Nelson Chamisa will also appoint point persons in each street in towns, and every village. reports that the development was revealed at the weekend during CCC’s strategic meeting held at the party’s offices in Chinhoyi.

The move is largely seen to counter assertions by critics such as exiled former Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Jonathan Moyo, who alleged CCC was a secret society without structures.

A source who attended the CCC meeting told, that the party had chosen the consensus route as it was wary of possible infiltration and would not be rushed to convening a congress to elect leaders. s

Said the source who requested anonymity as they are not authorised to speak to the media:

The party belongs to citizens who are the Change Champions.

We have decided to do away with all interim posts like interim chairman, organiser or spokesperson at district, provincial and national level.

Instead, we now have the task of seconding individuals into the constituency steering committees, identifying ward coordinators and street and village point people.

For now, talk of congress is far-fetched.

These structures will be responsible for coordinating all CCC meetings, activities and programmes.

The dissolved interim posts were inherited from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), where the CCC morphed from, in January 2022.

CCC, which is yet to draft a constitution, insists it won’t hold an elective congress before the 2023 harmonised elections and is unanimous that Chamisa is the presidential candidate.

However, CCC would choose ward and parliamentary candidates by consensus, and not primary elections.

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Dezveko 1 month ago

Hokoyo ,muriko here maCCC bhora mberi

Puluzuzu 1 month ago

The reason for disbanding the interim leadership is because many interim leaders from the Alliance are not wanted/trusted by Chamisa. He hopes the citizens will reject the ones he does not like. All the same, This is still undemocratic. I also hear, Chamisa is afraid of Wiwa, Mahere & Biti. He prefers the daft Karenyi Kore because she will never outclass him. The ward & constituency leaders will be impossed, not elected. The consensus approach is chaotic & will lead to imposition of candidates. Many candidates will be disgruntled & there will be double or multiple candites. Zanu PF may sponsor chaos. At least Chamisa is partially admitting the need for structures, but he is avoiding internal elections because many of his favourite Cronies will lose & the people he hates will win. A party cannot function without grassroots structures & focal persons & foot soldiers.

Soup man Sadza 1 month ago

Vano winner here Vapfana ava or kutsvaga ku ma miswa chete 😁😁😁😁


Finally these CCC clowns are now showing some direction but they will never rule this country never in a thousand years due to a leader who thinks he is a Messiah and everything should be about him only not the people.


Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

stallion 1 month ago

iwe unogwara unotoda chiremba wepfungwa

youth 1 month ago

William Sonboy **** ....**** mambishi

Maparamuro 1 month ago

An election is a consensus process musada kutamba nemazwi zvisina basa.
The party is led by people who lack confidence hence the fear of infiltration which is nonsensical. Political systems all over the world make use of infiltration to survive.

It's sad that Nero the peoples favourate is scared of infiltration and the constitution.
Nero's appointment as third VP of mdct was unconstitutional, his ascendency to mdct president after the demise of MRT was unconstitutional and now he is leadning a political outfit without a constitution. He demands democracy at national level yet he can't stand it at party level. Charity begins at home

Jonso 1 month ago

Thanks to me

Yoweeeeee 1 month ago

That u cannot spend a day without mentioning Chamisa evidently shows he is the trump card. The mere fact that u and your cohorts spew vitriolic language against Nero & his CCC clearly sums up it. That party despite your rhetoric that it will not win or rule speaks volumes of how you dread them. If indeed CCC are not viable contestants I challenge u to hold free,fair and credible elections. Don't abduct,do not kill,do not intimidate,do not vote buy. Chokwadi mukangoti ferefere munotsokotwa nekamukomana ako. It's not implying that Chamisa is the best option it's tacitly clear that Zanu & it's leadership are no longer sellable. I BB ( best before)



Manzwa butter maifunga kuti achaita mastructures mugoisa maSpies enyu. Siyanayi nemukomana chiri kuku netsayi chii. Even if you claim that Chamisa is not democratic tell us who is democratic.

??? 1 month ago

In soccer, some coaches use 4_4_2 formation but other coaches use different formations, so why do vana Jonso expect ccc to follow Zanu Pf structures formation, vanhu ngavaite zvavo, 1980 kwanga kusina maStructures.

Zuze 1 month ago

ZANU formation = 11-0-0 Vese maGoalkeeper, hamugohwese.

OG 1 month ago

Mastructure eyi iwe Jonzo mutume maZanu avhiringidze takanaka takadaro

Jonso was right 1 month ago

Structures can take any form. They don't have to be the same as Zanu PF strucures. Representatives appointed in towns, streets and ivo costitute the structures.Its just a different type of structure.

Democracy at Work 1 month ago

So who will appoint those that will appoint the town, village and street representatives.

Muzarabani Youth League 1 month ago

You are welcomed here. We were waiting for you. We have lined up several villagers from whom you can freely appoint your village representatives.

. 1 month ago

We have already printed yellow T-shirts for them so that you can easily identity them.

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