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CCC Confirms Assault On Journalist Ruvimbo Muchenje, Issues Apology

CCC Confirms Assault On Journalist Ruvimbo Muchenje, Issues Apology

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa has confirmed reports saying NewsHawks reporter, Ruvimbo Mildred Muchenje was Sunday assaulted by security personnel manning the party’s CCC thank you rally in Chinhoyi.

Ruvimbo had earlier confirmed with Pindula News that she had been assaulted.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, CCC national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere said the incident was triggered by the explosion that was recorded at the scene. It is reported that suspected petrol bombs exploded at the scene. Said Mahere:

After the detonation of the explosives, the security team immediately intensified security at all entry points of the venue to safeguard against a further security breach inside the venue. The security team further had to manage the panicked crowd which was trying to run to safety. In the midst of this emergency response effort, a misunderstanding arose between journalist Ruvimbo Muchenje and one of our security officers leading to a regrettable incident of assault. Our communications team immediately stepped in to de-escalate the incident.

We have since approached Ruvimbo Muchenje directly to offer our unreserved apology for the incident. She graciously accepted our apology. For the avoidance of doubt, we remain committed to ensuring a free and safe environment for journalists who cover our events.

She added that journalism is never a crime saying the party had learnt lessons from the incident and aims to improve its protocols to ensure such an incident does not happen again in the future.

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Our Zim 4 months ago

makarova munhu it's in yo DNA.taiti zvimwe zanu ndiyo yega inorova vanhu

Citizen raPep naChisa 4 months ago

Ukasvika paputika bomb 💣 nedzungu unoma mi swa zve
Don’t you ever compare CCC to people who shoot unarmed old women or defenceless youths

Blue💙 4 months ago

Youth that cause millions of dollars in damage as they " protest for their rights". That's civil disobedience and it's a crime.

Da Truth 4 months ago

Crime ipi yaunotaura blue rape by leaders is crime .We must lead by example .Tell us if a Chief rapes anofanira kuita seyiii??Since we have u the expect in such things teach us blue .

Blue💙 4 months ago

I'm just saying your youth deserve what happens to them. It's not like the police gets unleashed on them whilst they were meditating in the peaks of Inyanga. No. They will be in the process of destroying infrastructure and looting shops. That's criminal.


How can this pfambi say it will not happen again when we fully know that the CCC is a blood thirsty party she was lucky she wasn't killed and then the blame the mighty ZANU PF. This is not the first time the ccc has been involved in violence in nyatsime they burnt down people's homes now they are beating up journalists.
Yours faithfully
Dr William Sonboy Chinembiri

😏 4 months ago


Blue💙 4 months ago

Publicity stunt to portray yourselves as the victim. Surely that was just dramatisation.
Why kill Nelson when we can just beat him at elections?
Folly people

Da Truth 4 months ago

Blue u are a grown up person teach children what is gud.Not to lie zvichapfuka izvii

Kule Kule 4 months ago

aikazveee saka you deranged primates munodovona kutambudzika kwedu se dhirama?

Blue💙 4 months ago

I'm just saying with all the resources that Zanu PF have, if they wanted Chamisa dead he would have been already.
Anyways, we are not a party of violence. We abhor it with the spite it deserves.
On the other hand CCC has resolved to become a 'telenovela' party. Too much drama

Chindori Chininga 4 months ago

You are mentally disburbed tipe ma names evanhu vakarohwa or kuuraya ne ccc yacho isu tokupa vakaurawa ne zanu pf eg tonderai ndira,chokuda(the gokwe guy,learnmore judha jongwe ,mahlangu iwe tipe mazita evakafa nekuda kwe hloody thirsty ccc

Wewe wakurwara njere zvakatangira pakutora username yeumwe munhu pa free app ye pindula thats highest level of foolishness

Prosecutor 4 months ago

iwe **** iwe hauzive kuti learnmore yaiva mhondi yakauraya mukadzi ikazozviisa pa tambo yega ku remand , urikurasika papi


Pkt 4 months ago

Zanu-PF 42 yrs vs CCC 3months, kkkkk. Hanzi Kagame Charity begins at home. Tisu ma Zimbabweans tinofanira kufamba tichikupembedza kwete iwe kurova bembera, kuzvifonera. Hanzi naMsisi, pasi nemaSanctions, adzokera zvake avekuti Zimbabwe is closed for business kkkk. No one likes you. Munotinyadzisa, handshake with a Chinese, British or American leaves you uchinnyenama muromo seromo reMvuu

gapu 4 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 rega ndiseke hngu

Tintin 4 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂 zvakaoma😂😂😂😂😂 ma1 chaiwo.

Maparamuro 4 months ago

Petrol bombs were thrown and exploded and people panicked and were running around then the security personnel was assaulting journalists 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 in that chaos???? How do you get to assault someone in such chaos instead of helping people to calm down.

Mahumbwe aya

✌️ 4 months ago

Inda unotetena Ali wakanyarara apa. Canibal

Kule Kule 4 months ago

nhai Maparamuro muzukuru wangu, ko vanovuraya vagwere vepfungwa pasina kana zvimbambaira zvadhuwuka moti kudii navo?

Sikalazi International 4 months ago

@maparamuro u are insanely brainwashed by the zany regime. The history of your sadistic party is awash with killings. The ghost of Tongogara,the spirit of Godfrey Majonga,the wailing voice of Dzamara and the intestines of Moreblessing Ali are all incarcerated on your hands. You and your paymasters will answer to the torture and kidnap of innocent souls. You and Zanu Pf thugs are descendants of Hitler

Blue💙 4 months ago

@maparamuro, you are one sober mind. Their excuse for violence is frivolous. It doesn't stand.

Ps: Where's that money you crowfunded for Chamisa's bulletproof car?

hie 4 months ago

At least they took responsibility & apologise, thats what real pple do.If it was Zanu pf kkkk they will fight tooth and nail for the issue to disapear

gapu 4 months ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 rega ndiseke hngu

Crocodile 4 months ago

@Blue iwe dambudziko rako unonyepera kuziva nhema neZanu yako saka mourayirei vanhu kana muchidya chamisa pama election wakadzungaira ingotaura usina kana chaunoziva 42yrs moda kutonga chii futi chamuchagona kuitira vana veZimbabwe

Blue💙 4 months ago

@crocodile, your party does all kind of tricks to gain popularity and look like the victim. That's the only way they can put themselves on the spotlight. Folly behavior that costs human lives. In simple terms: CCC inochekeresa vanhu then pins it on Zanu PF. Magara you have violent tendencies

Ndini Ndadaro 4 months ago

It's in your DNA,on 1 August 2018 maka looter mashops ka imi,mukaba zvinhu zvepa flee market zvimwe mukapisa.Musa tengere vanhu venyu musombodhiya

kagame pauloos 4 months ago

convince Zimbabweans first and the rest of of the world later.🤣🤣🤣icho chakanyanya

@Maparamuro 4 months ago

childish minded

Senior LAWYER 4 months ago

Maparamuro and blue vanotya kuti Zanu ikabva zvimadhir zvavo zvekubira vanhu vachiti tiri ma Zanu zvopera bvunza vose vaiti Mugabe anotonga ari pa wheelchair kuti varipi Jonso Kenya Mzembi S.A. koKasukuwere muchaita barara mhanya Ngaapinde Nero

Crocodile 4 months ago

@Blue haa iwe zvako unenge wakadyiswa neZanu yako ndingasupporter party ine vanhu vanoguta vega vachiba vozoda kutsvaga vanhu kana yave nguva yemavote at my age imagine mahospital hana moshonga asi matonga 42yrs it now bad to worse vakuru vako vanonorapwa kunze kwenyika asi vari maMinister of health vanotiza chii munyika yevene vayo

Sorojena 4 months ago

That's good leadership.... However, in such scenarios, journos should be extra careful not to pick up arguments with the security personnel, they must identify themselves as simple as that.

Hie guys 4 months ago

At least they took responsibility & apologise, thats what real pple do.If it was Zanu pf kkkk they will fight tooth and nail for the issue to disapear

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