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CCC Calls For A Citizens' Arrest Of Mashayanyika For Inciting To Murder Chamisa

CCC Calls For A Citizens' Arrest Of Mashayanyika For Inciting To Murder Chamisa

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) youth communication secretary Stephen Tshuma has called for a citizens’ arrest of Anton Mashayanyika, a bishop in the Habbakuk Apostolic Faith Mission church in Mberengwa after he threatened to kill Nelson Chamisa.

Addressing a ZANU PF local meeting, Mashayanyika said Chamisa and his followers must be killed describing them as sellouts. He recently told The Standard that he did not have any regrets over his threats, saying he was “too Zanu PF” to be arrested.

Tshuma said since the police have not yet arrested Mashayanyika, citizens must arrest the clergyman. He said:

It is clear that Zanu PF wants the law unto itself. It is without a doubt that at this juncture, citizens of Zimbabwe, Mberengwa in particular, must initiate a citizens’ arrest and hand over this criminal and Zanu PF thug into the hands of the police.

Mashayanyika’s statements have been described as hate speech as tension grows ahead of next year’s elections.

Chamisa survived an alleged assassination during his meet the people tours last year.

Police have been accused of selective application of the law as CCC and civil society activists are routinely arrested for “trumped-up” charges while Mashayanyika, who was caught making deaths on video walks scot-free.

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Mwana waMambo 4 weeks ago

Zanu is a group of hynas. They fight for what does not belong to them. They fight amongst themselves for what they loot. No arrest are made as they fight. Come someone from a different walk, hanzi mutengesi. Zvoshamisa. Chatengeswa chii ipapa chaungati munhu ngaafe? Pfungwa dzakakwana here mumusoro? Ndivo vana musuro bhangu. To hell with zanu nembwa dzayo

Handizi John Chibadura 4 weeks ago


Job Sikhala 4 weeks ago

Chamisa must die

Da Truth 4 weeks ago

Chitanga iwe nemhuri yako kufa iwe ifa nhasi before 2

Activist 4 weeks ago

Yes one day he will die ,bt as for now he will die in your dreams

ibhubesi 4 weeks ago

wat kind of a christian declares death on other human beings

Senior Lawyer 3 weeks ago

He's a fake Bishop we don't have such. Christian leaders who declares death for others their role as Bishops is to pray for the leaders not to declare death Muganmugandanga uyu akauraya vasina mhosva muhondo oteverwa nengozi


;;;; 3 weeks ago

who remembers mberengwa with those horrific pictures of a person with burnt buttocks after being forced ro sit on a hot stove, during the 2002 presidential election campains?

hk 3 weeks ago

he will do as his name suggests

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