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CCC Calls For A Citizen' Arrest Of Mashayanyika For Inciting To Murder Chamisa

CCC Calls For A Citizen' Arrest Of Mashayanyika For Inciting To Murder Chamisa

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) youth communication secretary Stephen Tshuma has called for a citizens’ arrest of Anton Mashayanyika, a bishop in the Habbakuk Apostolic Faith Mission church in Mberengwa after he threatened to kill Nelson Chamisa.

Addressing a ZANU PF local meeting, Mashayanyika said Chamisa and his followers must be killed describing them as sellouts. He recently told The Standard that he did not have any regrets over his threats, saying he was “too Zanu PF” to be arrested.

Tshuma said since the police have not yet arrested Mashayanyika, citizens must arrest the clergyman. He said:

It is clear that Zanu PF wants the law unto itself. It is without a doubt that at this juncture, citizens of Zimbabwe, Mberengwa in particular, must initiate a citizens’ arrest and hand over this criminal and Zanu PF thug into the hands of the police.

Mashayanyika’s statements have been described as hate speech as tension grows ahead of next year’s elections.

Chamisa survived an alleged assassination during his meet the people tours last year.

Police have been accused of selective application of the law as CCC and civil society activists are routinely arrested for “trumped-up” charges while Mashayanyika, who was caught making deaths on video walks scot-free.

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SC 1 month ago

You'll be charged for "inciting violence" and motive to cause uproar

Job Sikhala 1 month ago

yes Chamisa must be killed
he is selfish akandinyima chinzvimbo uyo ndirikugarira mujeri nekuda chinzvimbo bt arikundinyima saka ndirikufirei he must be killed tipinde

Jinn 1 month ago

@dispenser that's true,you can't do that.

dispenser 1 month ago

zvinonetsa kutaura position yemunhu achiri mumaoko me mhondi

Respondent 1 month ago

Usanyepa iwe Job Sikhala and Chamisa are unite .Sikhala will be minister after elections

Handizi John Chibadura 1 month ago

Mukadzokera back to mugabe era you can pick certain individuals vanga vari untouchable. Tongopedzisa tichiti huro kumedza bhonzo kutemba mu****i. This guy knows he's probably untouchable ( For now)....

parasite 1 month ago

This guys is just a piece mouth . Hasiriye akataura these words. It is actually ED . He wanted to install fear kuna Chamisa. Saka Mashaya wat uyu was just used. Saka hatombosungwe

Job Sikhala 1 month ago

don't lie he is untouchable kt ndimwari hre who
as strong former prime minister wekuJapan naChamisa ,bt
akangofa zvikarova n how many assassination did Tsvangirai survived don't lie.


Machiavelli 1 month ago

Our constitution allows for private prosecution. Instead of just Citizen Arrest followed by ZRP inaction, I recommend that Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights obtain a warrant from The Prosecutor General to Institute Private Prosecution against this imbecile. The basis is there at law, and a prima facie case exists.

chief Nemauyu 1 month ago

Mashayanyika will rue the day he lost control of his tounge.

legislator 1 month ago

anopenga uyo ,anouraya ani Munhu wese anochengetwa naMwari,why killing Chamisa,kutya maelections uko ,anogwara uyo ***** yamai wake

mashayanyika 1 month ago

uyai mberengwa muone zvandinokuitai I'm the law unto thyself handisungwi nani

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