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CCC Bulawayo Dismisses Khupe Office Donation Report

CCC Bulawayo Dismisses Khupe Office Donation Report

CCC Bulawayo province has refuted a report claiming that former MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe donated offices to the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition party.

Online media publication, Bulawayo24, reported that the party offices have since been painted yellow after the donation. It said:

The office has since been changed from the former MDC red colours to the CCC yellow colours.

The late Morgan Tsvangirai deputy (Khupe) recently joined the CCC party and has been active in mobilising structures across Matabeleland.

CCC vice-president Professor Welshman Ncube was instrumental in recruiting Khupe to the party.

However, speaking in an interview with NewsDay, CCC Bulawayo spokesperson Swithern Chirowodza said the Bulawayo offices were never owned by Khupe. Chirowodza said:

To the best of our knowledge, the CCC Bulawayo party offices (Gertrude Mthombeni House) were never even for a mere second owned by Khupe. These are lies meant to spark divisions in the party.

These malicious and divisive reports are meant to spark tension and sully reputations to cause CCC Bulawayo to focus not on ZANU PF, but on internal fights.

The beautiful yellow facelift and refurbished front pavement are the voluntary work of pastor Obert Manduna and CCC Bulawayo Youth chairman Tinashe Kambarami.

This laudable work was completed on May 8, a day before the CCC Bulawayo provincial assembly meeting.

We should never miss an opportunity to thank all those loyal and steadfast comrades who held the fort when Douglas Mwonzora (MDC Alliance leader) and Khupe worked hard to capture the MDC-T, subvert the vote of Zimbabweans, seize the Political Parties Finance Act funds and impose their cronies in Parliament.

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Tongwe 3 weeks ago

Chiiko regai apinde hake mukomana

ss5 4 weeks ago

please do not mix up things onbody has accepted kupe the leaders are only silent on the issue but kupe is justforcing her way into CCC Chamisa has never kupe

The King of Serpents 4 weeks ago

@SC... wataura zvinovaka apa. Thanks

Gafa 4 weeks ago

To Hell with Khupe anokunyudzai very soon once warned is fore armed

Chawabvunza 4 weeks ago

While I do not want to wade into Khupe/Chiroodza quarrels, let me point out that of all Bulawayo Province officials Chiroodza was the only one who openly said he was not prepared to work with Doctor Thokozani Khupe. Although Chiroodza explained the correct position of CCC offices, it was in his last paragraphs in which he showed his disfavour of Dr Thokozani Khupe. If Chiroodza truely can not work with Doctor Thokozani Khupe, he must do the normal thing of resigning because CCC national leadership has embraced her and she is currently helping with the restructuring the party in Matabeleland Provinces.




Worzell Gummidge 4 weeks ago

You claim you don't want to Wade into the Khupe issue & yet you Wade into the issue. CCC only has interim leadership currently. Chiroodza is expressing a position held by many interim leaders who are silent but disgruntled & they biding their time. Even Thabitha Khumalo spoke openly against Khupe. You have no right to tell Chiroodza to resign. Uchimuudza wakamira Pai uye saani. Akapinzwa newe muCCC macho here? Working with Khupe is supported by Chamisa & Welshman. The majority in the interim leaders are opposed, but they keep quiet out of respect for Chamisa. The Khupe issue has sawn internercine divisions & grumblings which will manifest in the near future if Khupe reverts back to her treacherous ways.


😖😖 4 weeks ago

@SC........ 💯% Correct

Nhengo yebato 4 weeks ago

it's only kuti CCC yakazara ma fools kunge Kuma sowe.. vanhu vanongodyiwa Gore negore but havanyarare nikisi kunge mapostori Ari kunyeperwa nemuporofita asi vanoramba vakazara Koo .. nxaaaa fools

Moyo Muti 3 weeks ago

Are you mad how many times did CCC contest hauna kukwana iwe

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

Don't forget it was Chamisa's lack of respect for the party constitution that led to the fight, party would have remained intact had he followed the party constitution

SC 4 weeks ago

no matter what she did to the then MDC now CCC, the CCC people to show that they are a new people and as opposed to the ruling party, should forgive Khupe and move on. The fact that they are rejecting her will make them the same as the ruling party towards the so called "calling for sanctions" that was done by MDC back then. Forgive Khupe so you may be forgiven and that will show you are different from the ruling party

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