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CCC Backs Strike By Healthcare Workers

CCC Backs Strike By Healthcare Workers

The opposition CCC led by Nelson Chamisa says it supports the ongoing industrial action by public sector healthcare workers which has crippled the health delivery system in Zimbabwe.

Since Monday, doctors, nurses and other staff at public hospitals have been on strike, demanding US dollar salaries, among other demands.

In a statement on Thursday, 23 June 2022, CCC said the nurses and doctors “were left with no option” but to down tools and the Government should address their demands as a matter of urgency. CCC said:

We stand in firm solidarity with government health workers who were left with no option but to withdraw their labour on the 20th of June 2022 due to incapacitation and poor working conditions.

This is regrettable because the State’s incompetence and failure to address the workers’ concerns and prioritize this critical sector have caused mass suffering to Zimbabweans whose right to affordable, quality health care remains under constant threat.

The health workers issued a public statement on the 17th of June 2022 indicating that they had repeatedly tried to engage the Health Services Board and the Ministry of Health and Childcare over a fourteen-month period to have their plight addressed without success.

They stated that their poor conditions of service had caused chronic brain drain in the health sector with over 4000 resignations in the last three years.

Instead of engaging with the health workers to address their concerns in good faith, draconian measures have been introduced to illegally prevent health workers from leaving the country, including through the refusal to issue certificates of good standing.

We call for the concerns that have been raised to be addressed immediately to ensure that the citizens’ right to health is respected.

As the alternative and a government-in-waiting, we wish to put forward highlights of the alternative CCC health policy approach which will solve the nation’s health crisis at its root.

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Asalif 1 week ago

Do you still remember when children spent nearly 2 years without going to school who was to blame, opposition or government?? the government ignored the situation until teachers found alternative jobs here and outside the country while children roaming in the streets

Dialysis Patient 1 week ago

What about the rights of patients😢

Jonathan Moyo 1 week ago

For a purported people driven party, first priority should always be the citizens NOT service providers. So who will stand by the poor who are failing to access health services???

Adkins 1 week ago

Zanu has failed basa kungosunga vasina mhosva ivo ana Mthuli havarapwe muno vana vavo vanodzidza kunze ,vonzwa rimwe rinchiti zanu unomana ukarwara or kurwarirwa u cnt afford private hospital ,to hell all Zanu and its looters

Chitunha Chese ndeChedu® 1 week ago

We support the rights of healthworkers as they will obviously vote for us in 2023.

Why should we worry about sick patients being turned away from hospitals? Some of the patients will be dead by 2023.


Putin 🇷🇺 OG 1 week ago


chixpro#12 1 week ago

mastrike aya it's a sign yekuti ZANU yakundikana,so as CCC we won't support vanhu vatagara tichingotaurira kuti matadza plus two wacho vanotozviziva kuti vazvitadza ...

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Zimbabwe constitution gives space to citizens to withhold labour and any other stakeholders to go along with that process as long as it is within the law. CCC political party has not erred by supporting those who have gone on lawful strike. The Ministry of Health and Childcare was given 14 months in which to sort out salary and working conditions for its workers, but it failed dismally.




MuSabatha(SDA) 1 week ago

What we know is in Zimbabwe we ar in a strugle, tiri muhondo against zanupf. Some of us we are not NCA,MDC , CCC , etc., we are simply citizens who have a future to fight for, a life to live. What zanu is only providing ar abductions, murders, forced disappearances, rape, extreme poverty , gross coruptions and nothing positive to talk abt. That is why we the pple have resorted to do anything within our disposal to sustain the resistance. We have no other choice but to get up, stand up and fight for our the opressed workers, we say, dont give up the fight..

Dhuterere 1 week ago

you are at point that is the truth

Jinn 1 week ago

Health workers also got families to feed,pay them descent salaries

bond 1 week ago

musade kunyepera ccc kana munhu akaguta angafurirwe kundoba here

chipo 1 week ago

nothing goes on forever

CCC 1 week ago

vane mari dzavo dzinotenga varikutorapwa so

Dezveko 1 week ago

CCC Haina kana mhosva apa.Pane Public service commission ndiyo inemhosva.Vsna Chawabvunza hamuzive here kuti CCC Haina vashandi.Imhosva here kusupporta munhu arikuti hasisina mabond.Muzice kwekupengera

wireguard 444 1 week ago

Gvt ngaibhadhare vashandi mari inotenga kwete kupa vanhu marara ezwl$.Ccc inopinda papi apa kuda kuvanda nemunwe uku.

Kk 1 week ago

Makakwana here vanhu ve ccc

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

It pains me that the CCC would rather prefer healthcare workers to abandon their work stations and patients die due to no attendence. For sure the CCC are vampires blood suckers who would stoop low just to get into power. It's sickening.


Ghetto fab 1 week ago

brain dzako dziri pa neutral zveshuwa so you want CCC to pay civil servants ndivo varikutonga nyika here?

Manikiniki 1 week ago

You are very dull. Is it CCC that told these workers to go on strike or its hunger as a result of these incompetent Zanu pf fools.

ngorima mushava 1 week ago

that's a terrible mistake by CCC ,this clearly shows that they're anti-people ,even to some neutrals like me I will think twice again for 2023 , it doesn't make sense to always attack GVT ,what are you doing to compliment or compete with GVT in terms of service dilivery

Dezveko 1 week ago

Tell your rulers to attend them,havahoreswe neCCC.Chaurikutaura hapana iye wakadhakwa chaiko unosuta here

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