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CCC Alleges ZANU PF Youths Vandalised Its Mutare Offices

CCC Alleges ZANU PF Youths Vandalised Its Mutare Offices

The opposition CCC has accused ZANU PF youths of attacking its Mutare offices over the weekend.

Vandals defaced CCC offices at Ruwangwe business centre and destroyed all doors and windows on Sunday night.

CCC Manicaland provincial spokesperson David Panganai blamed ZANU PF for the attack. Said Panganai:

A leopard does not change its spots, as the adage goes, ZANU PF will not let go its violent political belief.

On Monday morning CCC members woke up to see their offices vandalised.

All the windows and doors were completely destroyed by thugs who had earlier been addressed by their local leadership and legislator to attack all known CCC members.

They then went on a rampage, destroying property at Ruwangwe business centre.

The matter was reported to the police but no arrests have been made yet.

Those being used to exercise violence against their fellow countrymen must be reminded that violence does not solve price hikes on basic needs, create employment and unite their fractured party.

ZANU PF Nyanga North legislator Chido Sanyatwe said the ruling party was not responsible for the vandalism.

She also denied accusations that she had encouraged her supporters to beat up opponents or destroy their property. Sanyatwe said:

I never addressed anyone inciting violence against CCC members because that party to me is a non-event. I am confident of a win.

Nyanga North is one of the most peaceful constituencies in this country. ZANU PF is not here to fight CCC or vice versa, because we are all Zimbabwean citizens.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, said they were still conducting investigations into the matter. He said:

We do not have evidence that points to politically motivated violence other than malicious damage to property, which occurred overnight.

We are seized with the matter and still investigating. When there are leads or arrests they will be made public.


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factos 1 month ago

Chamisa is the next president
CCC is the next government
keep wasting time trying to destroy CCC

this has been written in Heavens

Steez 1 month ago

Factos u are ill

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Be finished boy, Chamisa is not going to even enjoy the pedal. ED is the most suitable President.

Young 1 month ago

what are you investigating can't you see the culprit if it were Zanu offices dai maCCC atobatwa kudhara

Stoicist 1 month ago

Keep on fantasizing about Opposition getting into presidium corridors!I can't imagine Zimbabwe being led by Western puppets

Phiri Cardin 1 month ago

Ndimi makatanga hondo iyi ku Nyatsime, maiti zvinosvikepi? .Moyo's Inga dzisimbe

. 1 month ago



gudo mwena 1 month ago

zanu pf magwara vanhu vakuru vane cheap politcs

Mutongigava 1 month ago

Let us all shine violence hazvinei kty uriwebato ripi CCC kna kty Zanuby the end of the day tese tiri maZimba tese soo ndinoti
Ngaipinde zvayo love matiri tese
Pamberi nokudanana pasi nemhirizhongaa

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