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"CCC Activist Brutally Attacked By ZANU PF Thugs, Another Missing" - Mahere

The spokesperson of the opposition Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC), Fadzayi Mahere has said, “ZANU PF thugs” brutally attacked a party activist on Saturday night.

Mahere identified the assault victim as Godwin Jimu. She said:

CCC activist Godwin Jimu was brutally attacked last night by ZANU PF thugs. This assault comes in the face of the recent abduction of Moreblessing Ali in Chitungwiza. Zanu PF has resorted to political violence against CCC following its widespread loss of popular support.

Moreblessing Ali allegedly went missing after she was reportedly assaulted and forced into a motor vehicle by allegedly ZANU PF supporters in Nyatsime. Her whereabouts are still unknown six days later. 

CCC deputy chairperson, Job Sikhala claims Ali was kidnapped by “the Chisango brothers.” He said:

We won’t rest until we find where she is. The Chisango brothers must tell us where this innocent woman is. Where are women organisations. One of our humble woman citizens is not known her whereabouts after she was taken by the Chisango brothers.

Last week, President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged ZANU PF supporters to stop harassing members of the opposition saying they should actually entice them into joining the ruling party.

He made the remarks while addressing residents of Glenview 3, a suburb in Harare where he commissioned boreholes that are premised on addressing perennial water challenges.

Reports of violence come as the nation is preparing for the 2023 harmonised elections raising fears that the polls might not be free and fair or credible.

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1 month ago

Dirigsme 1 month ago

@Blue gore raucha reperwa Amai vako nevanhu veZanu that's when u will turn from blue to green. During the war we had poshtos,pungwees,prone etc etc. Zanu rapes. They kill. They maim. God is watching u as u call victims cry babies. The day of reckoning is nigh. Yes CCC & or Chamisa will or may never rule but those who rape,kill & abduct will meet their fate. Inevitably. Wakamboona munhu anopenga akapfeka skippa yeCCC or MDC. Madhunyazi ese they are recognisable by Zanu Pf regalia. Famba Harare yese ukaona benzi rune skipper yeOpposition reply thru this forum.

Blue 💙 1 month ago

CCC will never rule. Fact, written in the ceilings of heaven. Zvimwe izvoo kutsvaga media attention. Don't waste time with these Takalani sesame puppets

Nharira via Enkeldoorn 1 month ago

Chidzosai Moreblessing kumba kwake, Davos meeting yakapera and ED is already back in the country.

Blue 💙 1 month ago

CCC crybabies looking for sympathy. Old move, old trick. Hamuna zvimwe zvekutaura here vana Mahere, hamufe makatonga.

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Dai iri hama yako waitaura kudai here nhaiwe @Blue💙❓

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Dai uri hama yako waitaura kudai here nhaiwe @Blue💙❓

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

Mwana waSatan. Vampire

Dr Gire 1 month ago

Ngaachiroorwa Hake Musikana (Fadzai)

Dr Gire 1 month ago

Abduction this, abduction that. Zvimwe yave frustration due to lack of regular ***

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

#Dr. Gire and @Blue 💙, there I'd na law that demands anyone to be married.

Secondly, brain power is not a function of having a spouse.
Thirdly, you have no evidence that Fadzai is a lesbin.
Fourthly, you only have one(1) vote and if the Zimbabwean populace votes for Fadzai Mahere, anokutonga, and
Lastly , Mahere DOES have a house (@ Blue 💙you say haana imba)

Blue 💙 1 month ago

Akushaya Dick uyoo Mahere. Ngaatange a****orwa first. Handitoongwi nemunhu asina imba ini, ma lesbian aya

👀 1 month ago

vakasanomubvisa chigunwe ikoko better.😭😭.

Pliz Team Pindula titsvagireiwo yechigunwe yanetsa iyi, ini changu chirikurwadza ndakagumburwa nedombo saka ii handichazivi kuti zvichiri zvega here,nakutotya kuenda kwadoctor chinogona kungonzi chirikuda kubviswa😭😭

pindula news crew 1 month ago

*Toes for money*

```May 30, 2022```

_*Join Sascko Bales WhatsApp group*_

CAN anyone really sell their toes and make instant cash or we are just being sold a dummy?

The sound of it seems a little weird but it’s a subject that is dominating social media sites in this country.

Have we really hit rock bottom as a people that we believe we don’t have to sweat for money and prefer giving some South African sangomas our toes?

Social media has been awash with these tales since last Thursday with news that local dealers, especially those at Ximex Mall in the capital, can’t walk bare footed after selling off their toes.

In one of the circulating messages, there are even unconfirmed prices for the big toe (US$40 000), middle toe (US$25 000) and small toe (US$10 000).

Some say this is work of a cult, who demand the toes in exchange for 10 years’ riches, but one will lose a relative along the way.

Other claims are that, after agreeing to have a toe cut off, no other person must see the leg.

A close source at Ximex claims the story is just something which one guy jokingly shared with his colleagues and has now been blown out of proportion.

“I can’t really deny or confirm such activity at Ximex Mall but what I have gathered is that this whole issue was blown out of proportion after a few guys shared it as a joke.

“Yes, some of the latest cars that the dealers are driving are questionable, imagine seeing a guy who has been struggling to buy lunch for himself now cruising in a Mercedes Benz GL400 which costs US$200 000, you have questions,” said the source.

In a voice note, purported to belong to one ‘donor’, she claims the process was not painful but she received the shock of her life after some maggots came out of her leg. _*HMetro*_

*The Voice Online News ©*
_*Telling The True Story*_

Gava 1 month ago

Vatanga mabasa avo ehumhondi zvakaoma asi tichatungamirira ruzjinji revanhu kubva muEgypt kuenda Canaan huya 2023

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