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"CCC Acknowledges Sacrifices Of Soldiers, War veterans, Collaborators And Citizens" - Mahere

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has said it acknowledges the effort and sacrifices of soldiers, war veterans, war collaborators and citizens who contributed to the attainment of independence in 1980. The party’s spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere made the remarks in the party’s statement issued Monday 8 August to commemorate Heroes Day. Pindula News presents the statement below:


We join the nation in honouring Heroes’ Day as we look to the sacrifice made by those who fought on our behalf for the constitutional entitlement of one man, one vote. The liberation struggle was anchored on the fight for free, fair and credible elections. We seek to complete the mission in 2023 to ensure we win Zimbabwe for change by winning the election and taking power. As a citizens’ movement, the Citizens’ Coalition for Change acknowledges the effort and sacrifices of the soldiers, war veterans, war collaborators and citizens, living and departed, who contributed to attaining the liberation of our nation from colonial rule and citizen heroes who have raised the Zimbabwe’s flag high. The political persecution of citizens, election violence, the people’s mass suffering, hunger, poverty and unemployment are not what our heroes fought for. Freedom and democracy remain on trial as citizens are incarcerated. We call for the legacy of our heroes to be upheld through the respect of all citizens’ human dignity.

In the new Zimbabwe, the award of hero status will be a non-partisan, consultative, citizen-driven process that ensures that all citizens who deserve this honour are duly recognized. A proper and accurate history of the liberation struggle is taught and preserved in our education curriculum. We will also ensure the memory of heroes is preserved through the construction of museums and memorials and we will guarantee the welfare of war veterans.

Heroes’ Day belongs to all Zimbabwean citizens. We acknowledge and respect all national processes that relate to the history and legacy of Zimbabwe as this is the collective definition of our identity as a people. For this reason, the movement participates in these platforms, standing on the belief that these are national events not partisan processes. We do so for our country and for the collective being of the people. Accordingly, we assert that we are going to be represented at national events. Governance and the institutions that constitute the state are greater than any political party or sectarian interests.


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t 1 month ago

ko zvaukuhwandwa pa pic apo

Rabbit🐇 1 month ago


Puluzuzu 1 month ago

Dear Fadzai Mahere. You are now a grown up woman. Start behaving like one. Taneta nemaSelfie Pics ako aunenge wakanyenama kuseka uchigona. Zvechi Slay-Kween nemaPhoto pese pese hazvichaenderani nezera rako. Zvaida uchiri Teenager. Zvino nyika ungazoitungamira sei iwe uchine attention seeking beheaviour sekasikana kari kutsvaga kunyengwa? You are almost 40, carry yourself with dignity vanhu vaone kuti wave mature enough to lead Nyika semunhu ane mutsigo. CCC ndoyedu. Tofamba naye mukomana.

... 1 month ago

hehehhe puluzuzuz. saka ua jealous of Fadzi. those kindjof women vanongorwadziwa nevamwe vakadzi so. dignity yaunoda ave nayo ndeyei. it clear u see Fadzi as your threat my dear.

Puluzuzu 1 month ago

Dear XXX.
I'm married & I already have a husband. Why would I want to be with another woman? I'm not a lesbian. Educated people do **** things too. Look at Madhuku and Jonathan Moyo. Mugabe was well educated too. Look where he led us...

XXX 1 month ago

Dear Pululuzu.
Fafzai is a renowned lawyer who went to Cambridge University. She's also a law lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe's biggest university. A person of such great intelligence knows better than seeking attention through selfies.

It's crystal clear that you're trying to convey to people the notion that you're a mature guy. However, this is just a cover up that you use to mislead others and yourself that you are not interested in women who are just confident enough to express their youthfulness, like Fadzai Mahere. The real truth is that, you want those kind of ladies but you can't get them. This is probably because you're ugly, or there may be something repelling about you. You tell yourself that ladies like Mahere do not have dignity, so that you don't feel inferior about not being able to nyenga them.


It is good to have unity of purpose like what all parties did this year. Opposition political parties attended Heroes Celebrations In numbers.

In the past opposition political parties avoided to attend these celebrations for fear of being physically and emotionaly attacked. There are no reasons for avoiding accepting what has already been inscribed and confirmed in History.

It is on record that daughters and sons of Zimbabwe joined the war of liberation in droves.

Main celebrations were
held in Harare. Most political party leaders attended these Celebrations, but other political party leaders could have attended Provincial or District celebrations. Citizens still cheer such leaders.

ZANU PF as the ruling party were monopolising these celebrations as party celebrations. It was fulfilling seeing citizens mingling across the board. Heroes Celebrations are national celebrations and must continue having such outlook.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI


dispenser 1 month ago

The idea of Chamisa not to attend on such s gathering was superb to my own thinking .It is just so bz people cld have ended up turning their attention towards him and this wld not do well with our old madhalas.

Jokovhichi 1 month ago

Uri kudei Fadzi,asi ukuda kupinda muGNU.Ukuda kumbopindawo mu GNU🤣

Agusto 1 month ago

CCC Acknowledges Sacrifices Of President Emerson Mnangagwa, Retired General Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga, Soldiers, War veterans in Zanu Pf, Collaborators And Citizens" - Mahere

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