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CCC Accuses ZANU PF Of Influencing Police, Court Rulings

CCC Accuses ZANU PF Of Influencing Police, Court Rulings

CCC interim Secretary for Public Service and Social Welfare has bemoaned the alleged capture of the countryÔÇÖs judiciary and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) by the ruling ZANU PF party.

Kademaunga queried why three CCC members from the Nyatsime area whose homes were allegedly torched by ZANU PF activists were arrested while ruling party members linked to the assault of 21 women at the funeral of Moreblessing Ali were not arrested.

The three CCC members, Precious Jeche (41), Misheck Guzha (62) and Odius Makoma (42) were arrested on Wednesday and appeared before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi on Thursday facing charges of public violence.

The magistrate ruled that the trio is likely to skip bail, hence it is risky to free them on bail pending trial.

Kademaunga also criticised the police for arresting opposition MPs Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole on public violence charges while a local ZANU PF MP and councillor were not arrested despite appearing to incite violence. She wrote on Twitter:

Nine citizens have been wrongfully arrested in the continued repression of the people of Nyatsime in the aftermath of the gruesome murder of Moreblessing Ali.

Again we see clear undue political interference forcing police and courts to act as willing executioners of repression.

Police is being abused in the systematic criminalisation and subjection to the harsh reprisal of three CCC members who made police reports after their homes were torched in Nyatsime.

The three were later arrested and in turn, charged with public violence.

Police is being abused to silence and harass justice seekers; Ali family lawyer Job Sikhala1 and legislator Godfrey Sithole who was assisting the family to pursue justice whom they have wrongfully imprisoned and are currently held at Chikurubi maximum prison.

Courts are being abused to aid Judicial Harassment of the arrested whom they have denied bail and will possibly be subjected to lengthy pre-trial detentions as has been the trend.

Police is being abused to promote impunity of perpetrators of human rights violations.

Police have not acted on ZANU PF MP and Councillor who publicly incited violence at the Ali funeral, and ZANU PF Youth who abducted and assaulted 21 women at a funeral.

A free, fair and credible election can only be possible if key institutions like the police, the courts, ZEC, Chapter 12 commissions etc are free from the demonic grip of the tyrannical ZANU PF regime!

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Mutongigava 4 days ago

MaZimba tajaira kuitisw spreading hate nekuurayna pachedu nekuda kuprotector the elite iri kudya huchi hwse hwenyika nekudhidha mumukaka rudhende rwese rwuchinonga svosve neuromo gatishandirei mhuri dzedu kwete kpedzra simba redu kupolitcs kusingadude kna chihwitsi zvach
Ngatishandirei nyika kwte kuiputsa nkuda kwemapato
Pamberi nekuvaka nyika pamberi nekudanana pasi nehutengesi

Nyatsime Branch 5 days ago

Musadenhe Zanu PF please, ndapota.
You will always end up losing.
Ndazvionera ndoga, hazvisi worth it.

Pragmatist 4 days ago

Zanu is the perpetrator of a gruesome murder and wanted to over see the funeral proceeding against the will of the deceased's family
Zanu ine mashurachaiwo they think Zimbabwe as a whole is Zanuland

. 5 days ago

..and after all this chaos we may be left out if the government starts giving title deeds in Nyatsime.

Blue ­čĺÖ 5┬ádays ago

We preach democracy and peace but practically we do autocracy and ginyaeconomics

Putin ­čçĚ­čç║ OG ­čÉŐ 5┬ádays ago

I think you clearly heard our speech at Bhebhes Funeral at Heroes Acre, we told you that the law will caught up with you. We are the Police and Judiciary. We will everything to continue holding on to power weather Godly or UnGodly.


Aratijiyesi 5 days ago

Ukabhejera bhiza rine mimba hauhwine kkkkk

Putin ­čçĚ­čç║ OG ­čÉŐ 5┬ádays ago

Tsvagai mapurisa enyu ne masoja judges.ko ma vanguard akafa here ma champions eku ruza

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 5 days ago

ED & his cronies are very awake and aware of what they are doing. Deliberately they are turning everything upside down so that whoever succeeds them will find the country ungovernable. In the meantime they are making sure that they and their families are filthy rich. So that when the inevitable happens vanongoti SORRY boys taiti kutamba

Chawabvunza 5 days ago

The fact that our ZRP and Judiciary are ZANU PF captured is neither here nor there, but glaringly these institutions are captured. What is happening in Nyatsime area in connection with Moreblessing Ali's murder is very repulsive. It shows clearly that there is no rule of law to talk about in Zimbabwe if culprits are not arrested, but complainants whose properties were destroyed end up being arrested !!!!! I insist that CCC supporters were provoked into acting wrongly as they did. They could be liable for arrest. But what about those who disturbed a peaceful funeral, to specific a named ZANU PF Member of Parliament and named councillor ? These are the real culprits who the captured ZRP and other security agents are skirting.




Chitunha Chese ndeChenyu® 5 days ago

MP na Councillor assessed the situation and advised kuti funeral ya Moreblessing ngaiitirwe ku St Mary's mukaita nharo.
Makatanga hondo isina basa.

Nahoreka 5 days ago

Of course we ar in a struggle, and that has to be expected from regimes like zanupf. The people of this nation must take it upon themselves to expose such tendencies to whole world and make everybody realise what sort of a gognment do we have here. Its a mafia sort of gvnment which gives no regard to any idea of rule of law.. Tirikutongwa nembavha kani.

.. 5 days ago

ukati mbavha wanyepa it's kuti mabhinya.

Elections Observer 5 days ago

So what will happen if Zanu Winston free and fair elections?

Zecc 5 days ago

That is one thing that is impossible

. 5 days ago

Zanu PF wins

Chitunha Chese ndeChenyu® 5 days ago

Handei tione.Pamakatanga hondo ne Zanu PF makati munozvigona.
You shouldn't have politicized Ali's death.

CCC 5 days ago

ZANU pf owns the police, army , judiciary and also ZECC . so this is not new

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