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CCC: A New Party Or An Old Reformed One? - Analysis

CCC: A New Party Or An Old Reformed One? - Analysis

Stanley Gama, a former editor of the Daily News, a local publication has said he believes the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party led by Nelson Chamisa is a new party rather than an old reformed one.

In a series of Twitter messages that will be reproduced by Pindula News below, Gama said Chamisa is the party’s founding President. We present his messages below:

From the day @nelsonchamisa registered his Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) with ZEC & the subsequent announcement, there has been confusion whether CCC is a new political party or just a rebranded outfit. I’m not a lawyer but will try to explain my own understanding.

CCC is a new movement & Chamisa is the founding President after getting the mandate to form a new front when the courts declared all what they did in MDC and MDC Alliance a nullity. Chamisa had also been put in a corner by pple running @DMwonzora who wanted to shut him out.

Faced with such complications and knowing that one day his enemies wld approach the courts to question legitimacy of the MDCA becoz of the challenges above, I’m aware Chamisa told MDCA leadership that he wanted to form a new movement, divorced completely from the MDC.

While there was initial opposition from a few, Chamisa insisted & in the end they all agreed & he came up with CCC. It means everyone wld come in as a member & 4 the purposes of transition he used his face as the symbol so that no one cld copy his face or take him to court.

At ZEC they signed as leaders of the movement, and in the process dribbled past his opponents. What this means is that Chamisa is starting from zero and even if he wins one seat in Parly, it’s a victory. The main show is the 2023 elections. So Chamisa is founding President and a commander of the movement whose mandate comes from the pple he consulted last year. He will now need to build membership and later on a Congress which can be done after elections in 2023 to avoid internal fights & divisions.

In the movement the emphasis shld be placing the citizens/people first. CCC is a coalition of the people. MDCA was an alliance of political parties. In the new movement, vetting should be stricter to avoid infiltration. While it is acknowledged that CCC has some recognized leaders, no one is legally holding their previous leadership positions. But in the interim Chamisa can use the structures to oil his machine eg when he mandated the leaders to sign nomination papers for the by-elections.

In my view, the founding President can then come up with a founding executive committee & founding leadership. This can be governed by a charter. A charter is a declaration, values & principles of the movement. A charter can govern the affairs of the movement until a …

Constitution is adopted. A founding President should decide what is good for the people. He must come up with a well structured participatory framework. Please note: a founding President does not need to have been elected by anyone. All he needs for now are caretakers.

All this happened because Chamisa was pushed to the limit by @DMwonzora handlers who didn’t want him to participate in any elections. They were after his names, recalling MPs & councillors etc so everyone is a founding member of this people-oriented movement These are my opinions on CCC after a bit of research and also consulting political experts and lawyers. I’m open for debate & discussion on the issues I raised. 

Other observers said CCC was not a new political outfit since no party can start with Members of Parliament already. Some argued that CCC does not have any legislator, the reason why the MDC-T led by Senator Douglas Mwonzora has been recalling those that were previously viewed as belonging to a political outfit led by Chamisa.

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