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CBZ, ZB Banks Hint On Potential Merger

CBZ, ZB Banks Hint On Potential Merger

CBZ Holdings and ZB Financial Holdings Limited have notified their shareholders of separate potential acquisitions that could have an impact on securities prices.

In a cautionary statement dated 20 June 2022, the financial institution, said negotiations that could have a material impact on its securities prices are ongoing. Part of the statement read:

ZB Holdings Limited advises its shareholders that one of its company’s shareholders is engaged in negotiations for a potential acquisition of a control block of securities, which if concluded successfully, may have a material effect on the companies’ securities price.

ZB Financial Holdings Limited Group Company Secretary Tinashe Masiiwa advised shareholders to exercise caution when dealing with the company’s securities until a further announcement is made.

On its part, CBZ said negotiations for a potential acquisition were also ongoing.

In a statement dated 17 June 2022, CBZ Holdings Group Legal Corporate Secretary, Rumbidzai Angeline Jakanani said:

Shareholders are advised that CBZ Holdings Limited, “the Company”) in negotiations for a potential acquisition which if successfully concluded may have a material effect on the price of the Company’s securities, the full impact of which is currently being determined.

Accordingly, Shareholders are advised to exercise caution when dealing in the Company’s securities until a full announcement is made.

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Tkt 1 week ago

@DGeneral... Hold on a little my friend, kkkkk
Then @CBZ... The reason for ZBFH to be incorporating all its units into one big one might be "to be we to enter into a partnership with all its units in-one such that its share price may potentially rise 💹 than the opposite" this is very common in business bro, before you sell your *khaya* you start calculating values of chikwere chehuku, mbudzi, makwai, including their capacities nemigodhi + toilets, if you don't mention all those in a sell of your rural home rest assured unobhadharwa 2cents

Zano 2 weeks ago

Anybody anoziva a better Bitcoin wallet in acceptor maZimbabweans similar toana coinbase pama offers though vachiramba mazimbaweans


Muverengi 2 weeks ago

Zvirikunzi Kuda Tagwirei akutora bank rinonzi ZB. Kwasara kuti atore Reserve Bank

Blue💙 2 weeks ago

Does Tagwirei own a bank in Zimbabwe?

. 2 weeks ago

can some1 explain to me in grade 3 english kt zvanzii

Tintin 1 week ago


. 1 week ago

@john chibadura. Thank youi. Ana Grues musorobhangu yenyu. Thats wat keeps Africa down. kungotadza kubatsira the next person. kunge iwe unochiziva chirungu

zimdollar 2 weeks ago

Tagwireyi has about 33% shares in CBZ

Jonah chibadura 2 weeks ago

There is a possibility that CBZ and ZB may became one company. If it us succesful the price of each share on either companies will change either down or upwards. So mashareholders hanz be very causious when buying or selling these 2 companies shares

🤐🤐 2 weeks ago

bhooo here grues

,,, 2 weeks ago


Grues 2 weeks ago

Zvanzi keep reading Kwayedza and leave Pindula to those who understand english

CBZ Holdings 2 weeks ago

Dear Pindula, please don't mislead our customers with such lies. As we stand, we are a competitor to ZBFH and we have not so plans whatsoever. If it were true, why is then ZBFH in a drive to transform itself by incorporating all its units into one ZB? Those two separate statements by we and ZBFH are meant to caution our shareholders when doing their business. We will sue your publication if you keep on publishing lies.

Gwereveshe 2 weeks ago

Take note that Pindula as a media platform does not publicise hearsay news but do so after verifying with the source. If an error arises they will simply apologize to their readers.

SC 2 weeks ago

So you could not wait few hours till Monday to write a formal letter to the editor? You are chasing clients away by "disorganization" that is if you were a real representative of CBZ.

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