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CBZ Bank Launches Local Remittance Service, CBZ Remit

CBZ Bank Launches Local Remittance Service, CBZ Remit

CBZ Bank has launched a local remittance service that enables clients to safely send and receive money within Zimbabwe.

Named CBZ Remit, the service caters not only to existing CBZ clients but also to non-CBZ clients without domiciliary accounts. In a statement, the bank said:

To access this service, there are no bureaucratic processes to be followed but customers simply need to produce their national ID or passport in order to send or redeem money.

The charge for sending money is 2 per cent of funds being remitted, with a minimum of US$2 and maximum of US$15; these rates are the lowest in the market.

Over the years, CBZ Bank has partnered with money remittance agents like Western Union, MoneyGram, Mukuru, Express links, Hello Paisa and WorldRemit that CBZ Bank to promote remittance inflow into the country. The bank said:

Accordingly, the services offered by these International Money Transfer Operators remain in place reiterating the Bank’s recognition of the significant role remittance inflows play in driving economic growth.

More: The Herald

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Mvuuu 1 month ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago


GD6 1 month ago

$2 to $15 explain

Chiurai 1 month ago

Moda kuti munhu ari ku mufakose aende kwamachipisa CBZKunosira munhu ari ku Glen norah 20 US. Munhu ari ku Glen norah ozouya kwamachipisa kuzotora 20 yake ko vanongofoneranazve.

Mukuru unongoenda pedyo ipapo petsoka mumwe achifamba wo netsoka.

Itai mushe imi. Text message ndoo yaakuda kuchaja 2 % itai flat fee ye 2 USA

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