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Cash-Strapped Chipinge Town Buys Top Vehicles For Council Bosses

Cash-Strapped Chipinge Town Buys Top Vehicles For Council Bosses

Cash-strapped Chipinge Town (CTC), which is owed $243 million by ratepayers, has acquired three top-of-the-range vehicles for its executives.

This comes at a time the local authority is struggling to ensure efficient service delivery for residents.

Just over a week ago, CTC took delivery of a Nissan Navara single cab worth US$29 000 which was allocated to the Engineering Department.

Three double-cab vehicles for the executives are expected in the near future.

The vehicles were purchased using the council’s internal funds.

However, Chipinge residents want the council to also prioritise the acquisition of service delivery vehicles.

Amato Rungano of Chipinge Town Residents Association (CTCA) said:

While it is not in dispute that heads of departments need to have vehicles as part of their package, council should also prioritise the acquisition of service delivery vehicles.

We need skip bins, road compactors as well as street lights. As residents, we take great exception to delays in acquiring these important vehicles considering the poor service delivery and the state of our roads.

Improving service delivery will encourage ratepayers to settle their outstanding bills.

This will also see the council improving its revenue collection efficiency as residents will be seeing value for their money.

ln defending the local authority’s latest purchases, council chairman, Councillor Lovemore Mkwapati said provisions for the executive’s vehicles were made in the 2022 financial budget.

He said the decision to buy the vehicles for senior managers is meant to arrest the brain drain haunting the council. Said Mkwapati:

We are continuously losing senior managers because of poor remuneration.

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Dhuterere 1 week ago

guys let's not just blame council management engineers havagari pasina those benefits so who's car do you expect them to use for council duties and the single cab was bought for the engineering department they need to attend burst pipes and sewer blockages do you expect them to go on food let's be civilized

Crocodile 1 week ago

@chawabvunza. Suicide yeyi ipapa pangotengwa Nissan navaya 3 chete ko convoy yemaprado asi hayina kumbodarika nekwenyu here asi nyika yese pane pasina pothole here

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Truly speaking local authorities must remunerate their executives and see that they drive good cars. However councils must balance with service delivery.



Chawabvunza 1 week ago

This is a CCC council with misplaced priorities. Voting for CCC in the next election is pure suicide


VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

Kana munhu Ada Zanu take siyanai yaye


true 1 week ago

I will not vote for ccc coz as an employee of NGO it will result in the termination of my contract vana votambura

vote zanu pf

vote employment

vote food on table

please all NGOs members lets unity & give zanu pf our votes in great numbers

VYBZ KARTEL 1 week ago

iwe ukunyepa haushande old people's home Republic yakati haidi Na BGO hauzvizivi ****aaaaa

relax and vote for CCC

▫️ 1 week ago

Chishuri chine manzvori wazvihwaaa

TawundiKiraki 1 week ago

Tangayi kubvunza avo vari kufamba nema convoy emaPrado, and Hiring private jets from overseas to go for a rally in Bulawayo.

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