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Car Batteries, Radios, Driver’s Licenses, Bank Cards Thief Jailed

Car Batteries, Radios, Driver’s Licenses, Bank Cards Thief Jailed

A 40-year-old thief who broke into 16 different premises including a police base in Saimona, Chiwaridzo Primary School and houses in Bindura stealing cash, car batteries and property was sentenced to four years in jail.

Shame Hanyande Kahondo (40) pleaded guilty to 16 counts of theft and unlawful entry in aggravated circumstances before Bindura provincial magistrate Mr Tinashe Ndokera.

He was sentenced to four years while a year was suspended on the condition of good behaviour.

Prosecuting, Mr Carson Kundiona told the court that between March 2021 to January 17 this year Kahondo went to various houses and premises at night.

At ZRP Chin’unu base in Saimona he broke the door open on March 30, 2021, and stole a black horse bicycle worth US$200.

He went to White Cliff farm office in Concession on December 23 last year, broke the office door and stole a moisture testing machine, a computer and a printer among other things worth US$2 670.

At Chiwaridzo Primary School, Kahondo stole a car radio, satchel, battery on three different occasions.

Kahondo stole car batteries, car radios, speakers, driver’s licenses and bank cards.

On January 19 this year police received a tip-off and they searched Kahondo and found him in possession of some of the stolen property.

He led the police to the recovery of some of the property from people he had sold to.

The complainants positively identified their property.

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Ba Bee 5 months ago

Yaaaa kkkkk stealing even at the police post kkkkk you will be bàck soon boy vakunzira tsitsi,4years,1year suspended so 3 years yaaaa paunodzoka uzozivawo kutora Mari inotenga kana pa rbz chaipo kkkkkk coz kubira porisi racho here boy

Dread 5 months ago

4 years pa 16 counts aaaa dzishoma idzo dai makati 13 years

BuJuH 5 months ago

4yrs dzekuba bhaiskoro n battries ko ve$5Billion varipi uye vanozopiwa akawanda sei

Ghetto yut 5 months ago

Dai pasina tip off yemero maisamubata

PRIDE N 5 months ago

Mukubata misoro🤦 yeyi hwaii😅😅😅
Mbva inopihwa zvakapetwa kaviri🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♀️

Dury 5 months ago

Its not 4 years yi 3 coz 1 year is suspended fo good behavior.Bt 16 counts ? stealing even from the police kkkkk

Thando 5 months ago

Amacala angu16 ligwebe inkunzi yesela 4 yrs lizwana lamasela?


Bright 5 months ago

Haa kana 9yrs chaidzo

Hameno 5 months ago

Zvaendwa ngazvigare ikoko

Chikandamina 5 months ago

4 ishoma 6 yrs ndozvo.

😭 5 months ago

4 years 🙆🏽‍♂️

😭 5 months ago

4 years 🙆🏽‍♂️

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