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Cancer Patient Petitions Parliament To Enact National Cancer Act

Cancer Patient Petitions Parliament To Enact National Cancer Act

A cancer patient on Tuesday petitioned Parliament to pass a law that will address cancer as an emergency national health burden.

Nyasha Mpame submitted the petition while appearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health led by Ruth Labode (MDC Alliance). She said:

There is apathy in research and investment into cancer and a national cancer Act will provide for the appointment of a cancer board, which can assist in collaborations with the Ministry of Health and Child Care, private players and other stakeholders in implementing cancer programmes, facilitating and funding research into cancer treatments, including in alternative medicine.

There are only two public hospitals with the capacity to offer radiotherapy cancer treatment in the country, that is, Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare and Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

However, the radiotherapy cancer machines at the two institutions are reportedly breaking down constantly. Said Mpame:

Compel the Ministry of Health and Child Care to have the radiotherapy machines at Mpilo and Parirenyatwa hospitals repaired urgently and to have a permanent maintenance solution by year-end.

Invite and receive representations from relevant stakeholders and interested parties to contribute towards the achievement of a permanent solution not only with regard to the radiotherapy machines at the two public hospitals but in other areas of cancer care in Zimbabwe.

Oblige the Ministry of Health and Child Care to implement the National Cancer Prevention and Control Strategy for Zimbabwe.

According to the Zimbabwe Cancer Registry 2017 annual report released in 2020, the latest data available, the country recorded 7 659 new cancer cases in 2017.

Of these cases, 42.7% were male, and female 57.3% were female.

According to the report, cervix uteri accounted for 20% of the recorded cases, followed by prostate cancer 10%, breast cancer 8%, Kaposi’s sarcoma 5%, non-Hodgkin lymphoma 5%, colo-rectal 4% and liver 3%.

Meanwhile, Mpame implored authorities to decentralise cancer treatment services to all parts of the country.

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g 1 month ago

it's a noble idea but hapana anokunzwa because ivo vanorapwa kunze

Gwedu 1 month ago

Well done,this one needs support. ED and his office must not politicize this critical issue. Health, education, judiciary and security must not be politicized, it affects generations.

pk 1 month ago

good idea kwete kungoti nanga nanga nema measles kumapositori cancer muchitadza kuita something

Captain Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

Wishful thinking! 90% of the country are disease banking and the few that are able to access health facilities go to private institutions or outside the country! So why waste resources that can be channeled to other uses? It is high time we be realistic

Benzi iro 1 month ago

uri right here iwe@captain? is there anything more important than an individual's health kwana

Bia nca 1 month ago

Chokwadi there is nothing more important

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