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Calls Increase For Transparency In Procurement Processes In Govt

Calls Increase For Transparency In Procurement Processes In Govt

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ) has called for transparent procurement processes in government to curb the abuse of public funds, NewsDay Zimbabwe reports.

In a statement this Monday to commemorate Africa Anti-Corruption Day, running under the theme Strategies and Mechanisms for the Transparent Management of COVID-19 Funds, TIZ said all those who abused COVID-19 funds must be prosecuted and all stolen resources recovered.

Auditor-General Mildred Chiri recently released a report which exposed government ministries, agencies and departments for failing to account for $89 022 103 COVID-19 allowances meant for vulnerable communities. Read Chiri’s report:

The audit could not confirm whether the allowances had reached all the intended beneficiaries as reconciliation and confirmation reports were not prepared.

TIZ enjoins African states to address corruption in the delivery of basic services especially housing, water, sanitation, education, health, humanitarian responses and judicial systems. Corruption in basic service delivery tends to mostly affect the poorest of citizens who depend on these public services, and particularly disadvantages persons living with disabilities, women and children.

If corruption is not addressed urgently, it will block efforts to rebuild after the devastating pandemic and the region’s hopes of charting a path to a stronger future. Fairly and transparently managing large-scale COVID-19 recovery should be prioritised.

African Parliamentarians Network against Corruption Zimbabwe chapter chairperson Temba Mliswa said the findings by the Public Accounts Committee on corruption pertaining to the use of the COVID-19 funds were disturbing.

He also said the Office of the President and Cabinet should be monitoring the use of funds adding, “Somebody is sleeping on duty.”

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Ini Zvangu 3 weeks ago

$89 million not accounted for. Add Prisca NSSA funds, Pomona dhiri, Harare water pumps, Belarus fire tenders and Command everything thru statutory instruments, just to name a few, and you have Zimbabwe under the New dispensation. Nyika ingararame pakadaro - Hameno🤔

Zanu Pf official (themindset) 3 weeks ago

Those who think there is corruption in Zimbabwe are regime change agents bent on reversing the gains of the colonial regime liberation struggle they didn't go to war
We are trying our best to achieve vision 2030 sit back and relax

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Hondo ipi yaunotaura wakarwa wega Kasi ???Taivako usataura ngano nyorwa pano hatina kurwira kutinvanhu 3 vagute nerimwe tuma wuyu tunotau4a nonsense 😡.Takarwa yerusunuguko trained in Russia .... Demolishen and Intelligence .Operated in Zimbabwe by then Rhodisia .Worked with lookout Masukhu.My commander was Dumiso Dabengwa saka usati tyisidzira .Went to Mozambique tikanetsana na Dhlakama for yrs .Worked pa 41 Infantry battalion Masvingo for yrs .Went to Somalia UN peacekeeping.Went to Angola , DRC ,,,now resting somewhere in Zimbabwe Hondo yamunotaura makarwa mega kasi .I fired many bullets than most of you vanouya kuzorauka pano .I talk with pain, ndakasiya vana ku DRC ve Zimbabwe vakafira mahara for nothing .Stop kurotomoka nhema .

Crankshaft pulley 3 weeks ago

Western forces with imperialist agendas waiziva😂😀 and sanctions
Wachidya zvekuondonga nyika

Twabam 3 weeks ago

Mildred Chiri akanyatsomira pai

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Liberation my foot, its from frying pan into fire now the burning is worse than of Smith aah 😂

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Honestly I thought kubvisa Smith was the Noble of all Noble ideas to hit this country now I see the mistake I did .Smith was truely a Zimbabwean man .He built developed this country.1Nguva ya Smith.1.Kana uine michato waipuwa imba mutown .2.Basa ranga rakawandisa kudarika vanhu.3.Baba vakafa vachishanda vaitora mwana wacho otonoshanda paishanda baba.Pay yaitenga mombe me bhasikoro .Asinga Shandi airambidzwa kugaramutown ,vanhu vaihoreswa chikafu mahara saka anga akashata chaiko Smith nhaiii haaaa 🤷🤷🤷

CHIPOKO 3 weeks ago


Univesal Transparency 3 weeks ago

Government sources goods and services from the private sector. The private sector offers bribes to secure government contracts.
Are the procurement processes in NGOs transparent?


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