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Calls For NOIC CEO Lifestyle Audit Intensify Amid Reports He Abused US$143 000

Calls For NOIC CEO Lifestyle Audit Intensify Amid Reports He Abused US$143 000

Calls for a lifestyle audit for the chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Oil Infrastructure Company (NOIC), Wilfred Matukeni, have intensified amid reports he is getting a monthly salary of US$20 000.

The calls come after Zimbabwe Allied and Petroleum Workers Union (ZIPAWU) secretary-general, Panganai Chiota, filed a report with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) against Matukeni.

The union alleged that Matukeni is pocketing a US$20 000 monthly salary from the parastatal in a market “where even the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe does not earn close to that”.

ZIPAWU contends that the NOIC CEO mishandled funds worth US$143 000 which were meant for outstanding payments of 42 workers, who were later fired when they demanded accountability.

In an additional dossier submitted to ZACC and the Office of the President and Cabinet detailing the companies owned by Matukeni, ZIPAWU wrote:

We write to submit further information on top of our letter dated May 3 2022. Mr Matukeni’s logistics company, which we suspect to be fraudulently benefitting from NOIC, is called Bauxim Logistics, founded on September 1, 2015.

The active directors are Hazvineyi Matukeni and Revai Chingombe.

Furthermore, the schools which are owned by Mr Wilfred Matukeni are actually three, to include, Nattie College in Southerton , Nattie Junior School in Borrowdale and Nattie Preschool in Borrowdale, hence named Nattie Group of Schools, where Hazvineyi Matukeni is a director.

NOIC responded by dismissing an employee, Samuel Hova, who also doubles as the ZIPAWU president, at one of its subsidiaries, on allegations of soiling the company’s reputation.

Chiota told soon after submitting the additional documents that the dismissal was a ploy to sow fear in the workers.

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CID Serious Fraud 1 month ago

We are investigating how three former NOIC employees are purporting to represent the union ZIPAWU. ZIPAWU was formed well after the three had left employment.

Zinja 1 month ago

Kana aine zvikoro zvitatu, arikuitei pabasa. Ngaaende anoita zvezvikoro zvake. Kurambira pabasa kunoratidza kuti ari kuba.

1 month ago

BOSS VEDAH 1 month ago

"As Long You'have Money To Bribe Officer's In Zimbabwe Nothing is Impossible"

Watch the space for more.

Tateguru 1 month ago

Batai munhu Zacc

cute 1 month ago

kana mazogara nattie xul iri pasoutherton kuseri munhu anemari uyu

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

This gentleman may avoid arrest due to his good salary plus what his companies produce as profit. However, he should tell the investigators how he established each business.





Malcolm 1 month ago

Kuba kusvikira munhu aita zvikoro zvitatu.This is just a tip.f the iceberg.

Law Student 1 month ago

1) The board approves the CEOs salary
2) Lifestyle audit haina kutipa but this dude has multiple sources of income: a logistics company and several schools

Zuze 1 month ago

What the law student has missed is;-
1. There hasn't been a functional board for a number of years at NOIC.
2. A ministry official (now part of the investigation) has had operational oversight ALONE for quite some time.
3. Lifestyle audit will take into account all sources of income AND assess how he managed to raise capital to start all those businesses too.
4. Conflict of interest will be part of the audit if his personal business intrudes into NOIC activities. For example did he recuse himself when his personal business was contracted to NOIC?

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