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By-elections: Watchdogs Raise Concern In Constituencies Won By ZANU PF

By-elections: Watchdogs Raise Concern In Constituencies Won By ZANU PF

Independent election watchdogs have raised concerns over the credibility of the Mutasa South and Murewa South by-election results amid fears that villagers might have been coerced to vote against their will.

ZANU PF grabbed the two constituencies that were previously held by the opposition.

In total, the ruling party won nine seats out of the 28 vacant parliamentary seats while the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) got 19 in the by-elections held on March 26.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba yesterday applauded the commission’s staff for handling elections well.

However, a preliminary statement on the by-elections released by the Election Resource Centre (ERC) and Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) said verifying the Mutasa South and Murewa South poll results was not possible. The statement read:

It is not possible to verify the results for Mutasa South. While the average turnout for Mutasa South was approximately 35%, all of these polling stations had a turnout of over 50%. At the same time, over 90% of votes were cast for Zanu PF while for the constituency as a whole Zanu PF received only slightly over 50% of the vote.

These are indicators of community coercion and that voters were not able to freely participate in the elections. Given that the official margin of victory was only 549 votes, this community coercion undermines the credibility of the Mutasa South election and the legitimacy of the outcome.

For Murewa South, the average turnout was approximately 49%, but for these polling stations turnout was 60% and above. For both constituencies, the vote share for Zanu PF was over 90% – much higher than for other polling stations. This pattern calls into question where voters were able to freely participate in the process and if the results truly reflect their preferences.

The election observers also raised concerns over the high number of assisted voters in constituencies won by the ruling Zanu PF party.

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R'G 1 month ago

looks like i was not the only one who noticed such turnouts for zanu

Chimubhodho 1 month ago


Ini zvangu 1 month ago

The analysis shows that the results for Mutasa South do not balance. Simpuru. How can the polling stations have a turnout of 50% when the average turnout for the constuency is 35%. Simply put it means that where the records show that 35 people voted, the results however say that 50 people voted. where did the 15 come from question mark ngaaaa! Pane nyaya apa.

rotary mukanyerevhu 1 month ago

masaisai emahara mukana wekuti tidyidzane tivakane kwete kurwa. zivai nemoyo


Vybz Kartel 1 month ago

Mine majeras ne Zanu pf

Cross Gerani 1 month ago

i do not see any jealousy makafanana pfungwa dzakabonyonyoka nekudodonyeka mose. nsosaka makaoneka kuti munoda zvemahara apa maakutozviitira ****

vukurai 1 month ago

muchapfidza takapedza basa kare kuunza hutongi here ZANU pf zvamuchose.murikuvukurei nhai tumbwanana

Vybz Musorobhangu Kartel 1 month ago

I knew it. Zanu pf cannot win a damn thang

vukurai. 1 month ago

you are dead wrong ZANU pf is a natural born Victor and when it " loses" it will be due to voting errors of the electorate

CHAWABVUNZA 1 month ago


Kyiv 1 month ago

Haurevi nhema

Hameno 1 month ago

Dai zvakauya kuno kuhighfield mutipe Mari muone tichikuvhoterai Mari tinotora asi pekuiswa ✓ to paziva hatirasike

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Where were you when they were where they were pushing people to vote for ZanuPf?
Why didn't you stop them by reporting to the nation so we know before?

Jonathan Moyo said V11 forms are only important when you disagree on V23B, from there you go to V23A and lastly V11. am so surprised that opposition parties in Zim have lawyers but were chasing after V11 forms until Jonso explained to the nation the purpose of those forms mmmn pakaipa shua kuita nharo dzisina base, no concrete no welded mesh no black plastic no home 😂

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Vote rigging is in the DNA of Zanu no wonder why yu find more than 20 assisted voters at one polling station some very young yet zimbabwe has better literacy in africa even better than America b4 Mrs Clinton started the literacy campaign.
what yu delivered shld make yu likeable not buying pple to vote for yu . VOTE BUYING IS SOOOO RETROGRESSIVE TO DEVELOPMENT.PPLE SHLD DESIST FROM SELLING DEVELOPMENT FOR 30 PIECES OF SILVER TO LAZY Zanu PF thugs

Dzvamu 1 month ago

Chisingaperi choshura. Next year zanu will be clobbered by CCC. Anosupporter zanu inyaya yekubenefitter pacorruption nothing more. There are no jobs, scarce electricity, high lnflation translating to meaningless salaries, more people sunk into poverty surely how can one support zanu under these circumstances?

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Vote rigging is in the DNA of Zanu no wonder why yu find more than 20 assisted voters some very young yet zimbabwe has better literacy in africa even better than America b4 Mrs Clinton started the literacy campaign.


Zanu of will always be our home thank u ED

Mudhla mbeva 1 month ago

The Opposition must just work hard if they want to convince people to vote for them . Peolple want to see development in these so called ccc strongholds.Not to wait for complains from election watchdogs

Chakwesha 1 month ago

True CCC should show us their true change through those that won

DA TRUTH 1 month ago

Zvagara tinovhota tichiti hatigoni kunyora army camps me police unenge wakatariswa nevaya vanopiwa ma PRADO VANOHORA MA US DOLLARS.kkkk hapana chitsva vanozikanwa kuti I opposition kumusha vanonzi miti hatigonikunyora kkk.Bit kungotaura hapana chazvinochinja .Dexter Nduna akaita sei pa case yake kana Zec ichigona basa yakadiii kugadzirisa iyoyi nyaya 😁 and tichawona worse next year . Zvishoma izvi zvema kanzuru izvi pa presidium post heads will roll youngest will be plucked out mark my words .

Maparamuro 1 month ago

And yet Biti is always winning that Harare east even in Morris depot

ZimCitizen 1 month ago

Assisted means coerced or bribed. Mukore uno kuchine vanhu vasingagoni ku voter vega here? Remember that ndiko kwayidzingwa ma polling agents e opposition, the rest is obvious.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

These allegations without proof only contribute to voter apathy. Even in Harare people vote for zanupf, look at the margin in St Mary's and other urban areas. If there is coercion its happening in urban and rural and if it's vote buying both major parties are guilty.
Next time please collect the V11 and show us the discrepancies where voter turnout does not tally with the actual outcome

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