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By-elections Update: ZEC Thanks Staff For "A Job Well Done"

By-elections Update: ZEC Thanks Staff For

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has said it appreciates its staff for “a job well done” in the 26 March by-elections. The by-elections were meant to fill 28 National Assembly and 121 Lo al Government seats that fell vacant through recalls and deaths. In a statement, seen by Pindula News, ZEC chair, Justice Chiguma said: 

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission wishes to express its appreciation for a job well done by its members, staff and all stakeholders during the just ended 26th of March 2022 by-elections. The Commission takes great pride in the successful conclusion of the process despite spirited attempts by some detractors to cast aspersions on it.

The 26th of March 2022 National Assembly and Local Authority by-elections were unique in that this was the first time the country was concurrently conducting a huge number of by-elections accumulated from delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. On behalf of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, I would like to recognise the extended working hours that all stakeholders, Commissioners and staff of the Commission, including seconded staff, put in ensuring that the conduct of these elections was a success. The by-elections are a precursor to the 2023 Harmonised Elections, and a lot was at stake. The Commission has taken note of the commitment, dedication, focus and professionalism exhibited throughout the electoral process by all players and appreciates how they dealt with all the challenges that came their way in their respective areas of operation. The commitment and zealous approach towards duty by all players is the reason behind the impressive accomplishment of duty.

The Commission believes that collectively we have set a benchmark for the 2023 Harmonised Elections and is hopeful that all of us will draw inspiration from what we have accomplished and are poised for better performance come 2023. On behalf of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, I thank you once again for the job well done.

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er 1 month ago

mickey tee this paroding story abt Mwonzora resignation was posted on ****s Day away with very cold jokes

i will gun you down dont ever try to reply
my number is 0772 470 470 if u want to know more abt me i
had been a rifle sniper since 1996 when i was in Airforce of Zimbabwe

Cross 1 month ago

chirungu chonetsa vakawanda weduwee

DABTRUTH 1 month ago

Sorry mziriwegazi you are on the wrong platform my bro pliz try the Herald paper or Sunday mail paper yo future contribution will be mostly welcomed.My bro don't lose heart.We all at Pindula news platform we love you take care my dear bro.Tataaaa.chiriyooooo

Cde Muziriwegazi 1 month ago

@DA TRUTH. I was responding Boy who said sanctions are not satanic because they were imposed because human rights. That is a lie That was why compared with other examples. That comment was relevant, unless you are not a democratic person. Kkkkkki. Get real.

zimboy 1 month ago

what we want is transparency..... no job well done until there is transparency esp on d voters roll

zimboy 1 month ago

the way zanu lost time...i think they shld not even comment on these by-elections results

Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

What job well done by zec when the voters roll was in shambles and is lacking credibility in it this is nonsense these silly biased people who alloe Zanu to control it


pumura 1 month ago

chigumba and jasper mangwana muri mbavha

siyawareva 1 month ago

God will punish you. mark my words

Chic 1 month ago

Don't hesitate to announce CCC victory in 2023. If you do we won't hesitate to vote you President of you so wishes after long reign of the CCC.

Cde Mziriwegazi 1 month ago

Those who say sanctions on Zimbabwe were imposed because of human rights issues are wrong .It was because of Zimbabwe's land reform which correctly humiliated Boers who occupied, not owned, the land. There are human rights issues in other African countries but no sanctions are imposed why? We had Gurukurahundi , but why were the sanctions not imposed. Does that mean human beings were not involved. The truth must be said. There are democracy issues in other African countries where elections are disputed, e.g in Uganda. But no Zidera on Uganda, WHY? The West is silent. Why? Stooges who support sanctions on Zimbabwe are foolish and myopic. They are unpatriotic foolish fools who should stop supporting satanic sanctions. The sanctions on Zimbabwe are also being used to scare blacks in SA to claim their land from satanic Boers. Until when, will black S .Africans will remain captured on the land issue? Cry Azania!

Mthwakazi republic president 1 month ago

whoever is responsible for that message claiming that i was a sellout and that i killed my people i would like to tell you that what you are doing is irrelevent ,****,childish ,this is beyond your silly name stealing games,do whatever you want but i promise you that you wont gaim anything as i will continue to spread my message
Mthwakazi is not tribalistic,we are matebeleistic ,we dont discriminate the shona that live in our country,as long as they speak ndebele and only speak shona in private,any shona who denounces his shona origin is welcome ,we accept them


You again.......

DA TRUTH 1 month ago

Uuuu let's wait and see Mwonzora gone uuuuuu .

👽 1 month ago

Not even a word about the lady who died in Bindura

shhhit 1 month ago

noise wena woman in a wolf clothing

tentin 1 month ago

lets cast the net wide. Let's swell our ranks. It not a question of courting Mwonzora, but it's a question of courting his followers. Together we stand, divided we fall. Every vote counts.

Baloyi 1 month ago

people will still be unconvinced

siyawareva 1 month ago

guese who lost this time!!!!!! u think nyika ndeyenyu

Boy 1 month ago

Sanctions are not Satanic but you are a big failure Why you're given sanctions because you wrongly do something inhuman
foolish looters

Cde Mzvinavhu (Prof) 1 month ago

Yes, it was a job well done by ZEC. This was despite unnecessary attacks those who always fear losing. Some politicians who work unpatriotically fail to read people's against them, especially those from political parties that support satanic sanctions. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuu!

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